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I feel its necessary that I kill em You just a nigga I used to fuck with Give her dick, she come back; a frisbee (Right now)

Some of my old niggas crossed me (wooh)

Im not fucking with it. I can't come in 'less the choppas, they get in (Brr) I can't fuck with you, dawg, you might tell on somethin' Guess how much money I just spent (how much nigga?) Im cold enough cut the fan off think he all that It's 2020 And I ain't got time for no fake-ass shit, nigga I'm straight thuggin', pussy Moneybagg Yo:] X.O. She a bad bitch, eat the pussy like a spinach

Left a show, then I hopped in the booth (I did) She'll suck dick on the way to the dentist Advisory - the following lyrics contain explicit language: Aye real talk like don't even try to come around me and shit like you fuck with me. I put my dick inside you (Gang, gang) Ion fuck with you nomore We not the same at all (Never) Now my side bitch trynna buck me (hol up) No matter the pressure, I stand on both feet (Gang, gang)

Im like damn you done lost me (damn hol up) Rocks on my wrist and my ice cost a milli' My downfall what they wishin Im in the Yo with the bag on me 41 I got the bigger face (the bigger roley) Internet tough, he should've quit playin' I got all these niggas hatin (all of em) A-B-C-D-E-F-G, ridin' with a K (Brrt)

Back to the basics. Same bitch said im ugly (what?) She'll suck dick on the way to the dentist I'll cut off my feet before I flip-flop This Song will release on 17 September 2020. Im rockin zippers like I played in Thriller You can go and ask G, that my witness (Big homie) Woo, woo, why would I switch out a dime for a penny? Ill never tell the popo. Got the hookup on these drugs, think I'm Master P now Add it up grab a pen (ok lets get it) If you kill a rap nigga, 12 gonna rot you (Hey) I'm still on that hood shit, ridin' with a full clip (Hunnid) Spent 150 for some screw-ons Hittas gonna lay outside your house, post up, tailgate - "FRANCHISE" - LYRICS, Match These Taylor Swift Songs to Her Ex-Boyfriends, HOT SONG: Tory Lanez - "Most High" - LYRICS, The 18 Greatest Revenge Songs of All Time. I met her in June, she let me hit soon Out the bank, money sticky like glue (It is) Yea don't what you heard Im straight in appearance Now you a hot air balloon (Go), [Moneybagg Yo:] Translator, I'ma speak for 'em (Speaker) Steppin' on shit with no shoe on (Shoe on) Saw on the 'gram they handled your man (Damn) Fuck all that love. Call me Lil Boosie, I zoom (Scratch off) These niggas thought I was gone until I hopped out the Mazi like Im Bobo

I'm with some buffoons that walk up and face shit (Gang) I'm a young rich nigga, stacked to the ceilin' (Fact) (I don't know) Hoe tried to bash me like I'm nothing (damn) With guerillas, I'm still in the zoo (Crew) - "FRANCHISE" - LYRICS, 23 Boy Band Slow Jams That Made You Believe In Love, HOT SONG: Tory Lanez - "Most High" - LYRICS. He ain't stoppin' shit, I decide when I finish (Nope) Now I got the jug Lean in my soda, but I'll never go pop [Verse 1: Moneybagg Yo] Might get talked about, but I don't get touched (Nope) Gotta keep it in they face, they don't take much (Ho) I'm the boss, I'll never take a pay cut (Never) I got niggas that's gone, in jail or deceased Lets meet up and have a standoff Woo, woo, why would I switch out a dime for any? I can't hang no more, I'm busy (Busy) Moneybagg Yo Lyrics "Don't Kno" She like, "we gon' see each other today?" We've found 32 lyrics, 2 artists, and 0 albums matching MoneyBagg. I'm the topic, they're talkin', I'm trendin' (Trendin')

Lyrics to 'No Love' by MoneyBagg Yo. Hahaha, all my old hoes say I act new and shit Traphouse jumpin' like a Wendy's or a Denny's (Woo) I put on Dior to go buy some Louis I don't know your pack

These niggas petty, they pussy, they coochie Aye real talk like don't even try to come around me and shit like you fuck with me. Thinkin' it's a prop 'til I up it (Then), pull it (Bow) Lyrics to Said Sum by MoneyBagg Yo from the album - including song video, artist biography, translations and more! That's that shit you call fake love Don't come to me with no brudda brudda shit, nigga 30 round make em back up off me You know what I'm talking bout The gangsta way nigga only, Im from the streets so I'm cautious (cautious) Church on Saturday, 'bout this clarity, you gon' die 'bout these VVs (Brrt) Pussy, play, you gon' get fucked, we sucker free, so ain't shit sweet (Shit sweet) Don't put no K behind that, send one to the face, you did see Jesus (Brrt, brrt) Had to whack his ass regardless, give a fuck about no payment Really starting to hate love (hate it) [Verse 1] I ain't never leavin' my bitch, she a dime (Dime) Championship ring like a small face Patek (Win it)

Traphouse jumpin' like a Wendy's or a Denny's (Woo) I just broke a head I was rushin (that don't matter there) View MoneyBagg Yo song lyrics by popularity along with songs featured in, albums, videos and song meanings. He ain't stoppin' shit, I decide when I finish (Nope) I might come through like Im Weezy (what?

You niggas done turned into fags on me So quit all that joking lil nigga (stop all that shit lil nigga) They get on Twitter and type away I was walkin', I jumped in the coupe (Skrrt) Already knew they was finna hate [Verse 1: Moneybagg Yo & Summer Walker] Let me be your getaway (Yeah) Feel like a dream but we still awake (Yeah) Never got to say what you wanna do and where you want it at (Good) I just came to collect what they owe me, then I'm out this bitch (Gone) Fuck a bitch 'cause they come by the dozen (Uh) ), OVO (What?) Now my ex bitch wanna fuck me (bitch) FN ammo with the blue tip bullet (Clip) Im countin that shit up I was chargin' the shit out them people (Them federal days) I know they don't like a nigga

Hundred thousand in cash on me Just cause his bitch trynna face me (uh uh uh) No advice, like fuck your opinion (Fuck) I just spent a M on VVS', bought some alphabets (Uh). Now she MCM crushin (man crush Monday) Crushin bars in the slushy MoneyBagg Yo Lyrics - All the great songs and their lyrics from MoneyBagg Yo on Lyrics.com (Gang, gang) These niggas easy like Sunday morning I grabbed the 40 it wasn't handed to me (nah) That shit really fake love you know what I'm saying. [Interlude] Call a press conference, let me talk to 'em (What they say?) Tank top Fruity Loom (Right now) I can't escape it nah They like they understand me better when I speak it raw I'm thinking bout how deep it get from digging in my thoughts But then again I already know what come with being a boss I'm whispering in her ear. It ain't nomo love Lambo' truck and car parked at the mansion (Skrrt)

I'm back to the basics, nigga In a drop no ceilings My pockets in shape, I got 'em tip top (Feet) Fuck with me for beneficial reasons (whats that?) Im in the Yo with the mag on me She say she love me cause im genuine Bitches that dissed me trynna date me (wooh) Tavo, Danjoe, G. Been through it all with me Sat on the bench beside me so its a must they ball with me Shit don't even be what it look like. Choppa gang, .375, young nigga's hot as May (Big 30) Said Sum (Remix) Song Lyrics. One, two, three, let's go Why you still in the trap if you buzzin'? [Verse 2] This ain't no Friday come in like Worm You not the gang at all (Never) She a bad bitch, eat the pussy like a spinach I ain't your brother, your mama ain't had me, pussy-ass nigga Lookin' for me in the city, speak up, let us know It just be seeming perfect She'll suck dick on the way to the dentist I'm straight thuggin', pussy I can't come in 'less the robbers, they fit in Well where were you when I was feeling it See my charm like 40 (wooh) (Go), [Blac Youngsta:] Woo, woo, why would I switch out a dime for a penny? (Gang, gang) Talk so bad about her, I thought they weren't cool Ooh-ooh Weigh that dope on the scale like a Libra (Back then) It's 2020

Zoom, zoom, you don't want no X.O, want no X.O Racist-ass judge, he decide who get sentenced (Fuck 'em) Didn't have a ride I was stealing it I got em feeling some type of way (why?) Well where were you when I was dealing it You better not budge, HOT SONG: 21 Savage x Metro Boomin - "My Dawg​" - LYRICS, NEW SONG: Rod Wave - POP SMOKE - "MOOD SWINGS" ft. Lil Tjay - LYRICS, POPULAR SONG: Travis Scott feat. Had money before CMG (ask Randolph ask em) [Intro] I'll get you touched from afar, I got reach (Anywhere) Pull up in crack his head down the middle

Copyright: Writer(s): Demario White Lyrics Terms of Use. Ayy, go look up my name, I ain't tell on nothin' (No)

Ooh-ooh, oh

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