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Put it this way, we never play games in 3D on the old 3DS, but we find ourselves flicking up the 3D slider on the New 3DS more often than not. Although you won’t experience IPS viewing angles in 3D, you’re going to find the New 3DS is far more forgiving, giving you a little more leeway for the 3DS jiggling around. Neither console felt too heavy, though, so you shouldn't get any aching wrists if you're sitting down for a long session in the car, for example.

The original 3DS only has one pair of shoulder buttons, whereas the New 3DS has the addition of a second pair – the ZR and ZL buttons. Both consoles have their advantages, but for us, the New 3DS is by far the superior handheld.

link to 25 Rarest (And Most Expensive) PS Vita Games, link to 25 Rarest (And Most Expensive) Nintendo 3DS Games, It’s cheaper than some of the other models, 3D looks and works better on later models, Lacks some of the features of the New 3DS line of consoles, like the C-Stick and SNES Virtual Console, New 3DS is customizable with swappable faceplates, Stylus build quality is a downgrade from earlier models. However, it functions using the pressure of your thumb. The screens on the New 3DS are 1.2 times larger than the original, giving you more screen real estate, even if you opt for the New 3DS rather than the larger New 3DS XL. Unlike the matte finish of the New 3DS, the cover plates are very easily scratched, especially if you just chuck it in your bag – even without your keys in there. In fact, it’s a pretty great handheld with access to the 3DS library as well as the original DS catalog. Additionally, thanks to anti-reflective coating used on each later of the 3DS XL’s screens, screen glare was dramatically decreased.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'retrogamebuyer_com-banner-1','ezslot_12',108,'0','0'])); Lastly, the battery life on the original 3DS is easily the worst of the bunch, however, it still offers respectable performance.

}; With upgraded internals, bigger screens and a whole new set of controls, the New 3DS consoles are a big upgrade over their predecessors, but what's really changed?

DIMENSIONS A larger console means a bigger piece of kit to carry around with you, though, making it less portable than its compact brother.

The New 3DS XL, on the other hand, should be able to play 3DS games for 3.5 - 7 hours and DS games for 7 - 12 hours, making the New 3DS XL the better choice for long car journeys. When it comes to negatives, the only thing bad we can say about the XL is that it doesn’t feature some of the great add-ons that come with the New 3DS and New 3DS XL. Naturally, the New 3DS has a smaller 1,400mAh lithium ion battery compared to the New 3DS XL, which has a 1,700mAh lithium-ion battery.

In here you’ll find the Wi-Fi, Power Saving and new Automatic Brightness toggles.

The larger form factor makes this console slightly less portable than the original model, but it’s not too significant of a difference at the end of the day.

Of course, since the original 3DS was launched nearly four years ago, retailers are offering it at discounted prices. That means you'll be stuck with the basic version of the console if you buy one at launch, so it may be worth waiting until a special edition you like appears, or opt for the smaller New 3DS which you can customise to your liking if you're bothered about your console's appearance. I'm Bobby Anhalt. }; If you prefer the smaller form factor and swappable faceplates, go for the standard New 3DS. It’s far from perfect though. Each console also has five different brightness modes and an automatic brightness option, which will all affect how long the console lasts on a single charge. Nintendo is either assuming you’ll be upgrading from one of those handhelds, or will be willing to shell out extra dosh for one.

Larger members of the team certainly appreciated the extra room, but we felt the smaller New 3DS was a much better fit. Your email address will not be published. Instantly for us that was a win, and even for those who don’t get the SNES reference, it’s a nice touch to make the 3DS look a little more exciting. Whereas the New 3DS has a completely matt plastic chassis, the New 3DS XL only has a matt plastic interior. At the time of writing, there are only a few games that support the new C-Stick – Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. IAB_Category: 'IAB1', The Nintendo 3DS is one of the best-selling consoles of this generation, but now there are two new iterations joining the 3DS family - the New 3DS and New 3DS XL.

The Nintendo 3DS is a fantastic console for portable gaming with an incredible library of worthwhile titles. It makes 3DS a more comfortable viewing experience and helps make your games feel more immersive. This site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, the eBay Partner Network, and GameStop via Rakuten Marketing – affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com, eBay.com, and GameStop.com.

He adores video games and is passionate about sharing his knowledge, thoughts, and opinions on nostalgic retro titles. NEW 3DS VS NEW 3DS XL - SCREEN SIZE & DIMENSIONS SCREEN SIZE The main difference between each console is the size of its screens.


The original 3DS had a metal clad, extending stylus with plastic tips. Because it’s tracking your eye and head movement, the 3D isn’t quite ever spot on if you’re wearing glasses, unless your holding the 3DS perfectly still.

New 3DS vs New 3DS XL - what's the difference.

Other bundles are currently available from Nintendo for around £220, but these only consist of standard consoles, accessories and a copy of Majora's Mask 3D. The fan-pleasing SNES-themed ABXY buttons also have slightly different colouring on each console, as the New 3DS XL only has red, blue, green and yellow lettering.

ChannelID: '5f2bc16e3709e324807ce0c1', We've already mentioned that the New 3DS XL doesn't support cover plates, but that's not the only part of its design that separates it from its smaller cousin. That said, there isn’t that much of a price difference between them, so this is only a minor win for the console. scp.onload = function() { Having spent a lot of time with both consoles, we feel the New 3DS XL is a little too big for your average gamer, as even we couldn't comfortably reach all the buttons while still being able to grip it securely in our hands. The New 3DS XL is still a perfectly capable console, though, and is arguably better for those with larger hands or anyone who tends to play more games at home or in the car, thanks to its more immersive screens and longer-lasting battery. We never realised how slow the download speeds on the older 3DS were before the new 3DS came along, but the latest model is capable of downloading a full 3DS title in a matter of minutes – rather than an hour or so. Amiibo figures are sold separately from New 3DS consoles, but they offer unique gameplay experiences and unlockables with certain games. })(document, window); New Nintendo 3DS – £159.99 | $172Original Nintendo 3DS – £149.99 RRPDespite the fact that the New Nintendo 3DS comes with enhanced technology, including better 3D, battery life and a slightly bigger design, Nintendo is offering the new console for the same RRP as its predecessor. We’ve not noticed huge improvements with the UI and haven’t conducted any comparison timing tests to see if microsecond improvements are there yet. However, if you're someone who likes gaming on the move and values being able to customise your console to your liking, the New 3DS is the clear winner. We’ll guide you through the key points to consider in the battle of the 3DS handhelds, helping you to decide whether to splash out on an upgrade… The New Nintendo 3DS and the New Nintendo 3DS XL are both released in the UK on February 13.

It uses the same adaptor as the old 3DS, so you can use your old one if you're a current 3DS user, but new ones only cost around £7 from Argos. Both consoles should last around 3 days in sleep mode, though, so they should just about be able to make it through a weekend if you happen to forget your charger when you're away.

It certainly doesn’t feel as breakable as the original model. As an adult, I have paired my lifetime of knowledge along with a ton of research to try and collect all of the consoles and games I had growing up. Again, this isn’t a deal-breaker by any stretch, but it is something worth bringing up if you’re comparing the various models. However, other games such as Majora's Mask 3D didn't look half as impressive on the XL, as character models looked noticeably less crisp compared to the solid, pin sharp models on the New 3DS.

These retail for between £10.99 and £19.99 officially and can be swapped out with just a screwdriver.

Trusted Reviews may earn an affiliate commission when you purchase through links on our site. Growing up with arcade classics and consoles like the NES and Game Boy, I have loved video games ever since I was a kid. Need some games for your New 3DS? In our eyes, this makes the New 3DS a much more classy object to behold, as it's not only less toy-like compared to its big brother, but it also looks like a more stylish, modern piece of hardware. var scp = v.createElement("script"), That naming system will be familiar to those who have used or own a Wii U, or used the Classic Controller for Wii. To put that top display in perspective, that's practically the same size as your average smartphone. It also didn't provide nearly as much grip when gaming for long periods of time, as its glossy rear felt positively oily compared to the New 3DS's smoother matt chassis. Although Nintendo isn’t offering specific processor specs, the company claims the New 3DS’ processor is a considerable leap over the old iteration.

Please direct any questions or inquiries to [email protected] Simply put, the 3DS XL is everything a console revision should be. SEE ALSO: Skylanders Trap Team vs Disney Infinity 2.0.

Larger storage sizes in microSD cards will only cost you around £5 and we’d recommended grabbing yourself a 16GB or 32GB card if you’re looking to buy lots of digital titles.

One other thing to consider in terms of design is that, although the New 3DS uses the same charger as the Nintendo DSi, DSi XL and original 3DS, it doesn’t actually ship with one as standard.

However, the Power Button has now moved, rather awkwardly, to the bottom edge. Learn More.

For more information see our full Nintendo amiibo review.

Not only is it more attractive and more comfortable to hold, but its screens are also noticeably sharper, delivering a clearer, more defined gaming experience across the board.

This costs around £8 from Nintendo, but Zavvi's currently offering a New 3DS and charging cradle bundle for £155, saving you a few pounds over buying them separately.

Nintendo has promised that the processing improvements will mean a significant bump to games, too. However, according to Nintendo, the New 3DS should last between 3.5 - 6 hours when playing 3DS games and 6.5 - 10.5 hours when playing DS games.

scp.type = "text/javascript"; Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. The former game uses it as the attack control for your chosen battler, while you operate the camera with it in the latter.

The Nintendo 3DS is a fantastic console for portable gaming with an incredible library of worthwhile titles. This doesn’t happen with the New 3DS. One of the unique selling points about the New 3DS is its improved 3D.

To compare the hard numbers, the New 3DS XL's top screen has a pixel density of 171 pixels-per-inch whereas the New 3DS's top screen has a pixel density of 215 pixels-per-inch. FontSize: '', However, we’ve not seen anything to prove that so far, apart from a video of the Xenoblade Chronicles port. Our trusty old 3DS’s hinge has always been weak. If you want the larger screen, check out the New 3DS XL. What’s a small downside for the New 3DS is the fact you now can’t turn off your New 3DS’ Wi-Fi connection on the body itself to save a bit of battery.

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