new 3ds xl vs 3ds xl

And by all accounts it looks to be the model that gamers, hardcore and casual, would most like. Younger children are still better off with the 2DS, thanks to its more robust build quality, but the 2DS XL breaths new life into the handheld family that we didn't see coming. Think not "used by somebody", but "saved by you". Also, titles like Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate – the latter of which launches alongside the console – have been developed to take advantage of the improved specifications. XL and LL are identical in every way except... - what 3DS games are allowed to be used (region locking) - the language used in the menus (english vs japanese) - which eshop you connect to (specific per region)

The 2DS XL will be released on 28 July 2017. Design.

But even in games that need powerful control over the camera, Dragon Hunter 4 Ultimate and Code Title: STEAM, the c-stick worked flawlessly.

See also: New 3DS vs 3DS.

While it may not be quite as portable as the standard model, the increased bulk of the New Nintendo 3DS XL brings benefits with it. I love it a lot over the xl. Hard to find new, but GameStop have like-new refurbished ones for 99$, which is a steal, They’re $79 now!

By way of instance, those latter versions feature another analog stick – that the “C-Stick” – to get extra control choices. 3. has an external memory slot. You'll be happier being able to see everything easier. The New Nintendo 3DS XL has slightly better battery life, bigger screens and – if you possess especially large hands – is easier to hold for prolonged periods of time. The 2DS has a 268MHz dual-core + 134MHz single-core processor - the same as the original 3DS and 3DS XL variants before Nintendo updated them. I own both types: an N3DS (Black Friday edition, will call it the "Smol" for this) and two N3DSXL units (MH4U and Galaxy Blue). All machines, as explained above, are capable of expansion through microSD. All of the models have 0.3-megapixel cameras front and rear, with dual-lens 3D cameras on the back, even on the 2DS versions.

Tell us what you think – email the Editor. I found that my N3DS is the perfect companion to a docked Switch.

With a 256GB i can carry all my 3DS games internally and DS games on a card.

England and Wales company registration number 5237480. The N3DS XL for the win.

For the XL, my grip was Japanese, but the rest were able to be bought in NA for much cheaper. We’ll always tell you what we find. i'm having a hard time finding new 3DS XL's new where I live so i'm thinking of getting the 2DS XL. Revised, bigger unit with a larger screen (4.88 inches) Bigger buttons and circle pad; Generally available in matte colors; SD Card and SDHC Card compatibility up to 2GB and 32GB respectively; New Nintendo 3DS/New 3DS XL. on 2d games, i bet you wont notice a difference. Since the original Nintendo DS, the company has essentially kept with a clamshell design - meaning it folds to protect the two screens at the top and bottom. I want to love my n3ds but the xl is just so much better. What kind of pockets do you have?

That area is currently earmarked for the “house” button, making sure that you will not jump out to the 3DS menu once you just intended to pause. This item cannot be redeemed on the Wii Shop.

Upgraded revision with slightly better technical specs; Addition of the C-Stick for more control options Required fields are marked *. New 3DS (not XL). No. These look like they may be poorly positioned at first glance, but they feel good in practice.

What do you guys think?

Some items like the Circle Pad and C-Stick are swappable between sizes as they're standard, but the face button clusters, L/R and ZL/ZR buttons, screens, volume sliders, and more are specific to the form factor.

While common sense might suggest that the standard New Nintendo 3DS is the one to go for, the XL model still offers a lot of benefits – and Nintendo clearly feels it’s a strong choice as it’s the only version of the new hardware that will be launched in North America – the standard model is currently exclusive to Europe and Japan.

Meanwhile, the lower, touch-enabled screen is 4.18-inches on the New 3DS XL and 3.33-inches on the standard New 3DS. It's much easier to find good accessories for the XL since the Smol one wasn't released as much outside of Japan. The size difference between the two is noticeable, but its not like the switch.

In my opinion the difference in screen resolution between the two isn't that noticeable. Your email address will not be published.

I have hacked two of my units to be sister systems (Smol and Galaxy Blue), so I can swap save data between them quickly and play games where I left off if I transfer the save data (hacked 3DS systems can decrypt the save files, stock systems can't do this) so I've had a lot of comparison time over the last year when I hacked them. Given the popularity of the standard 3DS XL over the 2011 launch model, is it a given that you should pick the larger of the two, or does the standard version – which has been given a slight size bump over the original 3DS and comes with collectable cover plates – a more acceptable middle-ground? Resolution of the game isn't better, only some texture have higher resolution, I agree all the rest, N3DSXL is the best 3DS. Super shocked by all the XL obsession in the comments. A much larger addition is that the “c-stick” – a little nub over the buttons on the ideal side of this hardware, functions as a second analog stick. It's amiibo capable too which is nice. The N2DSXL will satisfy all your requirements if you don't need 3D. I love it a lot over the xl. Battery life is another area where the XL’s larger size gives it an edge over its smaller sibling.

Megabits and Megabytes: What’s the difference? The 3DS XL is an improvement over the first version in virtually every conceivable manner.

By way of instance, players may use Splatoon Amiibos in Animal Crossing: New Leaf to deliver the colorfully mischievous squids’ product for their city’s campground. The XL models have 4.18-inch lower displays, the 2DS and 3DS gave 3.53-inch displays.

This item can be redeemed on eShop only.

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