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How did that track originally come about and was there any specific inspiration behind it? A wholehearted topline from Annika Wells that will inevitably be belted by crowds of thousands effortlessly coalesces with an acoustically-charged base from Illenium on the single. “Nightlight” is now the first release by yourself since Ascend came out a year ago and is definitely your sound at its finest. I had to cut a few because for the intro, it’s like six songs mashed together in one. If I hear an amazing song that I just think, ‘this needs this,’ then yeah, I would.”. A Digital Kingdom.

"Nightlight" is a song by American DJ and producer Illenium featuring singer Annika Wells. It’s pretty mind-blowing.”. The Nurko one is still pretty early on.”.

Tags: 12Tone, ASCEND, ashes, illenium, Nightlight. When I started building it, it kind of turned into the more rocky Ascend thing because I just love that sound and I feel like there’s more to dive into with that world. I think more people are going to jump on listening to it right when it comes out.”. Pretty much everything I have in the pipeline is all stuff I’ve been making since the closure of everything. With distorted guitar and reverberant vocals, “Nightlight” was Illenium’s second single of 2020. Were you already working on “Nightlight” before the pandemic started or was that created in the time since? In celebration of the release of “Nightlight,” Illenium spoke with Dancing Astronaut about the single’s foundation, the one-year anniversary of Ascend, performing to a sold-out audience at Madison Square Garden, and much more. Nightlight Song track from album “Nightlight” Song: Nightlight Artist: Annika Wells & Illenium Singer: Annika Wells Lyricist: Annika Wells & Illenium Album: Nightlight Released: August 28, 2020. Listen to Dance XL Radio tonight to hear my interview with @annalunoe at 9pm PT Interview: https://t.co/jGyM7V09UvDance XL Playlist: https://t.co/L8L7Dx2dfn pic.twitter.com/1zDGkoOgmF, Your email address will not be published. You’ll be my nightlight Song lyrics are written by Annika Wells & Illenium. I know you had been talking about ones with Said the Sky, Nurko, and Dabin. It was like a total mixture of both. Illenium: “So Annika Wells wrote the topline and it’s one of my favorite progressions. While “Nightlight” would have assuredly found itself right at home within any of his previous LPs, it nevertheless supplies a cordial introduction to what’s to come, drawing out a refreshing climate of Illenium’s … Was that process any easier this time around, especially with it being officially released? Genre: Dance. Now, I feel like I really get to soak it in and feel it more. When God whispered your name lyrics |Keith Urban. It’s definitely a thing to look back on and it’s still like how the fuck did it happen. Built By: While “Nightlight” would have assuredly found itself right at home within any of his previous LPs, it nevertheless supplies a cordial introduction to what’s to come, drawing out a refreshing climate of Illenium’s persistently limitless melodic sound. Your email address will not be published.

Required fields are marked *. It is his first new single since signing with independent record label 12Tone. It is his first new single since signing with independent record label 12Tone. Illenium: “Way harder. Nightlight Song track from album “Nightlight”, Song: NightlightArtist: Annika Wells & IlleniumSinger: Annika WellsLyricist: Annika Wells & IlleniumAlbum: NightlightReleased: August 28, 2020, [Verse 1:Annika Wells]I could runI could cry, I could pleadI could say it’s never gonna get any better, then leaveI could throw my hands upI could fall to my kneesI could tell myself I’m strong enough to give all the love that I need, [Chorus]But I still need youTo ease my loadHold me when the lightning strikesLead me homeWhen I don’t know which way is rightLove me when it’s hardI promise that I’m notLeaving from your sideAnd when I fall apartPromise in the darkYou’ll be my nightlight, oohYou’ll be my nightlight, oohYou’ll be my nightlight (Ooh)You’ll be my nightlight (Ooh)You’ll be my nightlight, [Verse 2:Annika Wells]I could countEvery time that I’vе fallen (Fallen)Even whеn I’m in so deepIt gets hard to see, you’re still all inI’ve been lost by myself in the darknessKnow that I can find my wayEven on the days when it’s hardest, [Post-Chorus](Ooh)(You’ll be my nightlight)You’ll be my nightlight (Ooh)(You’ll be my nightlight), Follow ILLENIUM: on twitter @ILLENIUMMUSIC, Thank you @AppleMusic for including me on the cover of #DanceXL and featuring my new song Nightlight! What has that project meant to you as you look at the scope of your career from the remix era to Ashes to now? Now looking back, it’s like holy shit, that’s insane that the Ascend tour happened. That’s definitely fun, but right now, I’m making stuff that I want to listen to and stuff that I want to give me an escape through the music.”. Is it a different feeling putting out a song that no one has heard live yet, since you don’t really have any fan feedback? After disclosing an official signing to the 12Tone Music roster in early August, Illenium’s new dawn is now ready for its first steps as he shares his first unaccompanied original since the release of his last LP.

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