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(Download), Watching a movie for the purpose of learning a language isn’t the same as watching “Juno” or “Good Will Hunting.” You probably aren’t going to watch the entire film in one sitting. From the description page, you can access interactive transcripts under the Dialogue tab, or review words and phrases under Vocab. Laura Grace Tarpley is a freelance writer based in Nashville. You just have to know where to look and how to use them to your advantage. While she strives to uncover the truth around a massacre thirty years ago, she falls into a romance with the new master of Wulin. “Lost in Beijing” will introduce you to the dark side of Chinese poverty. You’ll hear vocab related to crime and the law. You’ll watch the couple’s relationship over the years. I’d recommend this movie for a more advanced student. “Airpocalypse” has it all. Well, “Beautiful Accident” reminds me a lot of that movie. As the relationship grows more and more serious, so do the couple’s problems. Yes, old-school flashcards are fine. If you know what the character is about to say before they’ve even said it, congratulations—you’re on your way to mastering the movie. I could probably recite “Mean Girls” in its entirety, from the opening credits to the moment we catch a glimpse of the Future Plastics.

You’ll hear a lot of Chinese words related to gambling and debt. We also participate in other affiliate advertising programs for products and services we believe in.

They instantly connect, but because Milan is a croupier and cabaret dancer, Sam is worried about what the other businessmen will think of her. And you’ll probably learn more food-related words than you ever cared to know. Our excellent content and services let you watch to your heart's content, anytime and anywhere. There are several ways to do this. Four fallen gods are responsible for a natural disaster that strikes their fictional universe. Watching Chinese movies with English subtitles is one of the most entertaining and effective ways to enhance your Chinese language skills. Now he’s making a comeback. Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you The man has moved to Los Angeles, and the woman has moved to Macau.

And again. Learning Chinese becomes fun and easy when you learn with movie trailers, music videos, news and inspiring talks. Scenes in the present are in color, and scenes in the past are in black and white.

But as you might suspect, things aren’t so simple. But don’t stop with the lists! We’ve now crossed over into sci-fi. This will really push you, and you’ll be able to further develop your reading skills.

Once upon a time, Agent Chan was one of the top secret agents on the scene. All Rights Reserved. ... Love in Disguise is about superstar singer Du Minghan (Leehom Wang), who disguises himself as an undergraduate at a music conservatory so that he can pursue his schoolmate Song Xiaoqing (Liu Yifei), whom he has a crush on. You can tap on any word to instantly look it up. But if you aren’t already proficient in the language, watching Chinese movies is just plain overwhelming. Tada! Zheng Xiao En (Vivian Sung) works as an editor of romance novels at a publishing company, and secretly dreams about falling in love with a CEO. In “The Jade Pendant,” a young woman escapes China to flee an arranged marriage. Before you watch, be sure to switch the audio to Mandarin.

A great way to memorize vocab is to use digital flashcards with an app like FluentU. Yes, this is a broad range of vocab, but both categories can be very useful! But after a while, keeping the English subtitles on could actually be slowing down your progression. Although both the restaurant and hotel industries are fast-paced in real life, the dialogue in this film isn’t as speedy or hectic as you’d expect. If you like a Chinese film, watch it again.

And even if you think you understand, you can still rewind to better familiarize yourself with the tones, pace and vocabulary. The sun has died out. This film is a little raunchy, so you’ll hear a lot of double entendres and slang related to sex. Memorize, memorize, memorize! (Is anyone else getting anxiety just reading the synopsis of this movie? But, hey, that’s what the English subtitles are for!

You’ll spend a decent amount of time just watching dramatic special effects. “Lost Romance” is a 2020 Taiwanese drama series that was directed by Eri Hao. Drama! If you liked this post, something tells me that you'll love FluentU, the best way to learn Chinese with real-world videos.

Zheng Xiao En (Vivian Sung) works as an editor of romance novels at a publishing company, and secretly dreams about falling in love with a CEO. If you just stick to one or two sites, you might become bored with your limited options—if you watch often, you could even run out of content. You'll find a wide range of contemporary videos that cover all different interests and levels, as you can see here: FluentU brings these native Chinese videos within reach via interactive captions.

Pingguo finds work as a masseuse. FluentU brings Chinese to life with real-world videos. Thanks for subscribing! Zheng Xiao En works as an editor of romance novels at a publishing company, and secretly dreams about falling in love with a CEO. It’s a tricky language! If this is a world that interests you (or if you’re like my college friend who is touring China playing the saxophone), this could be the perfect movie to help you improve your Chinese. Fantasy. Yuan Ling is a prince from Western Wei, a ruling kingdom during the Northern and Southern Dynasties. Now the human has to learn to use those powers for good. Isn’t the main reason for watching Chinese movies to learn Chinese vocabulary?

Lang Man Shu Gei Ni. To master the language, study the vocab once you’ve turned off the TV.

Female protagonist, Feng Qing Chen, is a sorceress of Mingyi Tower, the secret organisation tasked with protecting the royal family. Liu Pingguo and her husband move to Beijing to try to live a better life.

You might find that after one or two scenes, you need a break because immersing yourself in the language can be grueling. However, she soon discovers that in this fictional universe, his name is Si Tu Ao Ran – and his personality is very different. In “Fall in Love Like a Star,” you’ll hear Chinese vocab related to music and the music industry. How are you supposed to follow along well enough to actually learn?

Do you like comedies about people with serious jobs acting silly? They team up to repair the damage they’ve caused, but—whoops!—a human gets control of one of the gods’ powers. For this reason, I recommend it for advanced learners. You can keep one list for an entire film, split lists up by character or keep separate lists for vocab categories (vocab for family, romance, etc.). However, she soon discovers that in this fictional universe, his name is Si Tu Ao Ran – and his personality is very different.

FluentU's quizzes turn every video into a language learning lesson. But she soon discovers that in this fictional world, she isn’t the heroic female lead – and instead is an evil side character! I’m going to list Chinese movies with English subtitles that you can find on three popular websites: Netflix, Amazon Prime and AsianCrush. Then you’ll find plenty to watch with FluentU. Five years later, the two reconnect and decide to rekindle both their professional and romantic relationship. This film provides valuable insight into Chinese history. Sign up to enjoy Asian TV shows and movies, and continue where you left off. It’s about prostitution, rape, debauchery and blackmail. Dramacool will always be the first to have the episode so please Bookmark and add us on Facebook for update!!!

After some time, the assistant breaks up with the musician to allow him to focus on his career. Do you remember the Fox Family movie “Ice Angel,” where a hockey player dies, then gets to come back to life… but the trade-off is that he has to come back as a female figure skater? Because I’ve seen “Mean Girls” upwards of 15 times. Murder!

If this seems too daunting, here’s a way to ease yourself into it: Watch a scene with subtitles, then go back and rewatch it without subtitles, or vice-versa.

One day, Zheng Xiao En magically finds herself transported into the pages of a romance novel – and comes face-to-face with her crush He Tian Hang.

Watching films with Chinese audio and English subtitles is a great study tool for beginner-to-intermediate students. So you should be able to understand the Chinese without being too distracted by the frantic situations. Click here to get a copy. © 2020 Enux Education Limited. Throughout the movie, he overcomes a ton of obstacles and takes down anyone in his way. We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe, Sign up for our weekly blog newsletter for a chance to win a free FluentU Plus subscription (value $240), Get regular language learning tips, resources and updates, starting with the "Complete Guide to Foreign Language Immersion" e-book. If you can talk about your favorite and least favorite character and the scene that always makes you tear up, great job!
No? So here’s a list of places to legally watch Chinese movies with English subtitles. You’ll also learn about Chinese immigration to the United States in the mid-19th century.

Romance; Global Request Show- A Song for You Season 4 Episode 15. In this movie, the woman works at a casino and struggles with a gambling addiction. Warning! “Fall in Love Like a Star” is based on one of my favorite plot devices: forbidden love. Earth is going to collide with Jupiter unless Earth’s inhabitants can find a way to change the planet’s orbit. You’ll learn a lot of vocab related to relationships and love. Movies. Let’s face it, Chinese-language learners should probably learn words related to transportation and school before focusing on kidnapping and accidental pregnancies. Can she flip the story on its head – and end up with the man of her dreams?

Plus, the complexities are broken up by many, many battle scenes with crazy CGI. But with digital decks, you can study wherever you are, without lugging around a huge deck of cards.

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