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Maximum gusts* of up to 93 km/h have been recorded during the passage of a Sumatra squall. Northeast Monsoon Advisory The Northeast Monsoon is likely to set in around late November 2017 and last till February 2018. During the Southwest Monsoon season, with prevailing winds over Singapore blowing from the southeast, the nights can be warm and humid with the night-time minimum temperature hovering around 28°C on some days. While Singapore does not have four distinct seasons found in the temperate countries, it does experience monsoons. This section explains the characteristics of the monsoon seasons and the inter-monsoon …

endobj During the season, tropical cyclones in the Western Pacific Ocean and/or the South China Sea can bring heavy rainfall over parts of the northern ASEAN region, mostly over the Philippines and Vietnam, and the rain bands from these tropical cyclones can have an indirect influence on the weather over the equatorial Southeast Asia region, including Singapore. In addition to thundery showers from Sumatra squalls in the coming months, Singapore can expect localised short-duration thundery showers mostly in the late morning and afternoon due to strong solar heating of land areas.

On average, Singapore experiences 2 to 4 monsoon surges each year. Hail stones form in an intense thunderstorm (cumulonimbus) cloud when raindrops freeze at high levels and then grow steadily in size as they are recycled through powerful updrafts and downdrafts, or strong vertical winds. Each event can last between 1 and 5 days where widespread continuous moderate to heavy rain affects the island. This brought intense thundery showers in the afternoon over Singapore. Based on long-term climatological records, the rainfall and temperature statistics[1] for June, July and August at our climate station are shown in Table 1. Northeast monsoon , are the monsoon that come from south . Intra-cloud lightning is the most common while inter-cloud lighting is the least common. There are, however, very few books written specifically to explain the weather systems we experience here in Singapore. This could lead to an increase in burning activities, and the smoke from these fires can be carried over to Singapore by the prevailing winds. This slight haziness typically clears in the later part of the morning when there is mixing of the air with slight strengthening of the winds. Apart from heavy rain and strong winds, the most common phenomena associated with thunderstorms are lightning and thunder. Surges that occur during the dry phase of the Northeast Monsoon typically bring strong winds but there are no accompanying showers. This downdraft in turn spreads out upon reaching the ground, resulting in gusty winds that can cause damage to the surrounding area if the downdraft is intense and strong.

Three stages of a thunderstorm development. On average, an individual cumulonimbus cloud takes about an hour to grow and dissipate, and produces less than thirty minutes of thunder and lightning. Inter-cloud lightning is often a precursor to cloud-to-ground lightning. The daily minimum temperature on most days ranged between 23°C and 24°C, and the lowest minimum temperature recorded in the month was 21.4°C on 17 November 2018 at Jurong West. They have a similar appearance to tornados but they are generally weaker and not as destructive as their land counterparts. Wetter weather can generally be expected during the monsoon season. I like it very much a great piece of information is also given here. Rain is common in the wake of a Sumatra squall and during a monsoon surge. The showers can be continuous and prolonged, lasting from 2 to several days.

Thanks for visiting my Blog…………& for the information. Most lightning strokes occur within 5-6 km of a thunderstorm cloud. Northeast Monsoon conditions with prevailing northeast winds have set in over S’pore. 8       In the first half of November 2018, the light wind conditions coupled with strong solar heating of land areas were conducive for the development of thunderstorm clouds. %PDF-1.5

This is the traditional rainy season in the southern ASEAN region, and comprises two phases, a wet phase (December – January) and a dry phase (February – March). Around September, with the sun retreating south, the northern landmass of the Indian subcontinent begins to cool off rapidly, and air pressure begins to build over northern India. On some days during the season, a surge of strong northeasterly winds blowing southward over the South China Sea could bring occasionally windy conditions with frequent spells of widespread rain showers over Singapore and the surrounding vicinity. [1] Based on 30-yr climatological reference period (1981- 2010), Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources. Surges that occur during the dry phase of the Northeast Monsoon typically bring strong winds but there are no accompanying showers. There are three types of lightning: intra-cloud lighting, inter-cloud lightning, and cloud-to-ground lightning. The rumble of thunder is caused by the noise passing through layers of the atmosphere at different temperatures.

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