norway spruce christmas tree

Seen by many as the only acceptable and traditional tree, for decades it was all that was available. The spruce budworm can also cause damage to buds and foliage, but less so than for white or red spruce.

Norway Spruce – Keep them well watered for good needle retention and enjoy this traditional Christmas tree which is dark green and has a strong fragrance along with a great conical shape. *Orders ship in 1-3 days. Cold hardy. Originally, a number of plants were established as ornamentals, with Christmas tree plantings being established more recently.

The layered branch structure with forked outer tips creates an ideal backdrop for your favorite ornaments, while deep green foliage reflects the vibrant color of …
Our Norway Spruce carefully mimics the cultivated look of the Picea abies, a European species known for its beautiful Christmas tree shape. It has escaped cultivation in several localities and is considered naturalized in some of these areas.

Although not native to the Western hemisphere, the species and a number of its varieties are commonly planted here, particularly in southeastern Canada and northeastern United States. In fact, so popular is the spruce that most artificial trees are made to resemble it!

This sturdy evergreen tree is extremely cold hardy growing in the coldest regions in the US down to a frigid growing zone 2.

One of the most important pests is the eastern spruce gall aphid, which lays eggs at the base of partially developed leaves near the tips of the twigs. Uses:The wood is strong for its weight, odorless, but slightly resinous and is of importance in the manufacture of pulp and paper. For an outdoor display tree, the Norway Spruce can not be beat, nothing oozes grandeur and tradition like a Norway Spruce, that’s why every year the Norwegian capital city, Oslo, provides the cities of London, Edinburgh and Washington D.C. with a Norway spruce, which is placed at the most central square of each city.
Growth during the first 10 years after field planting is relatively slow and 8 to 11 years are required to grow a 6-7 foot tree. For Christmas trees, overall color of Norway spruce is fair to excellent, but needle retention is considered poor unless the trees are cut fresh and kept properly watered. Cold hardy Sweet intoxicating scent!

The spruce budworm can also cause damage to buds and foliage, but less so than for white or red spruce. Although sometimes confused with true firs (Abies), spruces in general have 1) rectangular rather than flat needles, and 2) cones which hang down rather than stand erect on the stem. Dogs are also welcome too. National Tree Company 'Feel Real lit Artificial Christmas Tree Includes Pre-strung White Lights Norw…

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