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It was stated in Operation: I.N.T.E.R.V.I.E.W.S., she became Supreme Leader of the Kids Next Door after Numbuh 362 stepped down from her position. Ulquiorra further explains that she is basically set to believe in her own mind that they are not the enemy and then she will follow them of her own free will. Carol • [18] The fight continues as Ichigo manages to hold his own against the Espada. Diamondhead • Numbuh 362 • Reginald Skarr • Pud'n • Freezelizard •

Nelliel detailed that it wasn't a reason, just an instinct, as he was a beast and she didn't recognize him as a warrior. To appease his craving for a good fight, he even defies a direct order from Aizen to patiently lie in wait for Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends when they try to infiltrate Las Noches in a bid to free Orihime Inoue.

Tuba, Lion-O •

EpicPonyArtists HQ Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Alan Keane • Cheese • Terra • This form resembles Nnoitra's standard Resurrección, In this form, Nnoitra telekinetically wields four scythes made of yellow-black Reiatsu. Hoss Delgado •

Hazel • Timmy Tantrum •

Nnoitra explained that he couldn't stand her and that she would obviously know that, so why would she keep following him around.

Nnoitra speaking to Nelliel after she rescued him.

Ice Bear •

When Kenpachi starts to laugh, he enrages Nnoitra who attempts to kick him, but Kenpachi grabs his ankle and apologizes for laughing. Jesse Cosay • However, in Operation: M.A.U.R.I.C.E., she is shown to have a crush on Numbuh 9 ever since she was younger and was the only one to have knowledge that Numbuh 9 wasn't decommissioned.

Jeff Randell • Agent Honeydew • If she is trapped then that is good, if she is not then that is okay as well, as either way she does not have the power to escape from Hueco Mundo or even the will to turn against them. Never has been. But her teenage sister Cree arouses Numbuh 1's suspicions of her being an enemy of the KND, …

Atticus • Kenpachi begins to take joy in the fact that Nnoitra can be cut and thus die. In Operation: M.A.U.R.I.C.E., she expressed her anger of becoming a teenager to a point where she yelled at Numbuh 3 when she questions her about her birthday. He, alongside the other Espada, sits silently while Aizen subdues Grimmjow with his Spiritual Pressure to keep him in line.[13]. Szayelaporro noted that he had not anticipated this and he had never seen anything like it before. Hi Five Ghost •

Marcus Conner • Belly Bag, Steven Universe • Diamondhead • His clothing consists of a modified Arrancar jacket with an overblown spoon-like hood and an opening starting at the neckline, showing most of his midsection, and closing at his waist. The two continue and Nnoitra manages only to rip off Kenpachi's eyepatch, leaving himself open to be cut across the chest. The General • Atomix • Zon, Finn • Monroe • After Cree traitorously left the KND, Numbuh 5 became the leader of Sector V, until she allowed Numbuh 1 to take over after she found and hacked his grades for his KND Entrance Exam. She is the oldest member of Sector V, the only girl besides Numbuh 3, and is the closest to Numbuh 1. Rigby • Chicken • Kim • (Special Underwire Protection Proportedly Outfits Rotten Teenagers)", Numbuhs 1 and 2 go to Numbuh 5's house to protect Numbuh 5 from enemy attacks when she falls sick. Orihime pleads with Nnoitra to stop, but he tells her to shut up.

Nnoitra restraining Orihime and keeping her quiet while she witnesses Tesra torturing Ichigo was toned down in the anime. Adorabat • Garnet • He tells him they are leaving as he has found a huge Reiatsu and that he is going to go crush it. Nnoitra Gilga (ノイトラ・ジルガ, Noitora Jiruga; Viz: Nnoitora Gilga) is an Arrancar and the Quinto (5th) Espada in Sōsuke Aizen's army. Numbuh 362 had no really important appearances until after the end of Season 2 where she took the position of Supreme Leader of the KND after Numbuh 274 "betrayed" the KND. Dee Dee • Chester • Bradley is then made an honorary member of the Kids Next Door and dubbed "Numbuh 6."

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