one of my macbook keys isn't working


universal Access Segmentation faults upon running larger programs after period of machine learning training. It started with “t” and the spread to the right. My ‘y’ key was only working intermittently and now I can write YAYYYYYYY!!! Followed your work around and It’s fixed! You are very welcome and thanks for such a lovely post , Hi I also have an older MacBook Pro (Mac OSX 10.5.8) with the i and u keys not working . Love my MacBook pro2011 and didn’t want to think about replacing it! Thanks for your post – it’s helpful to know all the different solutions that have worked for others. thanks, So sorry to hear that you’re having such a rough time with your keyboard . Keys ‘W’ to ‘O’ do not respond anymore and so I now use an onscreen keyboard. Thanks for your post Barry, and glad our solution worked for you! If so, can you tell me what options are available to you? Any other suggestions? Nonetheless, this settings tweak seems to have broke something loose and now I can type. No need now, many thanks! Thanks anyway! Even reformatting wont help. Glad our fix worked for you Eric, and thanks for your post! I use my macbook pro a lot but because of my unresponsive keys I use a exterior keyboard most of the time. Try these steps to fix issues with your Apple wireless mouse, keyboard, or trackpad. What happens if you get over 20 on a death save?

Thanks for your feedback! For the repeating letters, it might be that your keyboard needs a little spring clean – check out the solution at the bottom of the page here to see if that fixes the problem, although you may need to find cleaning instructions to fit your particular keyboard: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/1333288?tstart=0, Awesome dear hats of to u

Anyway, happy to know you made it work for you. You can charge these devices by connecting them to a Mac or a USB power adapter using a Lightning to USB Cable. You can delete applications manually in one of two ways: using the Launchpad and the Finder. Sam, You’re most welcome Sam. People are good. I have no idea if you’re still looking at this but this doesnt work for me. lol. If it does, the SMC reset has worked. Ha! If the battery level of any device is low, recharge the device. Thank you so much that worked perfectly, please add it to apple forum with the solution.

Thanks. Thanks for your post roger, and glad our solution helped! Reset PRAM, toggled keyboard mouse settings repeatedly, no help. Oh my god. Note: this fix will only work on MacBooks that include 3D Touch. Glad this solution worked for you Virendra! after removing U.S, and adding again it fixed. Have you any additional ideas as to what I can try? If you resolve the issue with the “t”, please do post an update below on how you fixed it. Amazing. Thanks for your post, and sorry to hear that our fix hasn’t worked for you. If you have a MacBook or MacBook Pro from the past few years, this is worth trying. Maybe we should all learn to whisper electronic nothings into our macbooks’ microphone. This totally fixed it. Your solution didnt work….any other advice?? my macbook keys from “E” to “O” stop working. Thanks for your kind post Jordan, and so glad to hear our solution worked for you! Thanks for your post Bill – glad this solution worked for you!

That worked! After five frustrating calls to Apple help with no resolution of my problem I came across the exact description of the problem and it’s cure. I hope this helps, and that your keys become fully functional again soon! open up system preferences.

I have tried several suggestions including yours. Wait for 30 seconds or so and Power On your laptop. It was driving me crazy and I was beyond “irritation” (this last, a word that typed like this—”an”—before your fix. Sorry to hear about your new Macbook. If the unthinkable happens and you’re still experiencing issues, you might need to contact Apple Support or visit an authorized service provider for repairs — but hopefully, that’s not the case.

Glad we’ve been able to help so many people , Thanks for your feedback and glad our solution helped!

Track your battery, hidden files, and anything that affects your Mac. I’m glad our solution helped, and if you do come across a more permanent solution for your situation please do let me know.

(Keyboards with no numeric keypad or Num Lock key include: Apple Wireless Keyboard (2007), the built-in keyboard on MacBook (Late 2007) or newer, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro (Early 2008), or newer.) Apple is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the US and other countries. I was totally freaking out about how much it would cost to fix my keyboard. Any advice? Function keys and Enter key on built-in keyboard of 13" rMBP mysteriously remapped. I think you'll find it checked. I found myself desperately googling “MacBook Pro keys stop working” and the simple solution you posted 5+ years ago worked! Thanks for your post Wyatt, glad our solution worked for you! I tried your method and frustratingly it didn’t work for me—at first it seemed to, but quickly stopped working again.

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