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It was predictable. It was released uncut on VHS in 1987 and later on DVD in 1999. Upon its release on March 13, 1981, it grossed $7.8 million and received mixed to positive reviews from critics.

Gerardo leaves as Laurie recovers in an ambulance.

For an almost unheard of film the quality is surprisingly high. (Yes they went there with the puns.) Just like the funhouse manager referencing 'Tweezer', the people making this film deliver this stale message in the least intelligent way possible, as it is so in your face. Kate returns to the crime scene at the motel and discovers that the room belonged to Dollface. I usually prefer my horror with a little more intelligence behind it.

Director Andy Palmer delivers a very high quality product. Absolutely ludicrous but in the right way, if anyone says any different they've simply missed the point. The friends find themselves cornered when they discover the front gate to the park is chained shut.

Then the monster comes in and drools.

That's probably the most scary thing there is in Funhouse Massacre , the cringe-worthy jokes.

Examples of this are: the token black character filming the violence, everyone saying how 'real' the gore looks, and one extra seen walking around the funhouse, staring at his phone, unaware to everything around him.

I tend to love cheesy slasher flicks that don't take themselves too seriously so I was excited to check out "The Fun House Massacre". The teens arm themselves with the various funhouse props as weapons. "[7] Variety's review of the film was similarly mixed: "For all the elegance of photography, [the] pic has nothing in particular up its sleeves, and devotees of director Tobe Hooper’s The Texas Chain Saw Massacre will be particularly disappointed with the almost total lack of shocks and mayhem. The plot is inexcusably poor with scenarios that beggar belief in a film that has zero paranormal aspects.

This one is definitely for horror fans as it focuses on gore and fun rather than actual scares. And it's also surprisingly well made for a small film. If you're a fan or gore and cheesy horror comedies you might like this. Obviously, the body count starts spiraling out of control when they open it up to the public and these killers get back to doing what they love best. EFX Group) and a really strong ensemble cast, with some notable cult icons thrown in like Robert England, Clint Howard and Courtney Gains to name a few. I loved every second of this movie. Conclusively, this film is trash; and not B-Movie 'funny bad' trash either. Jeffrey Ramses was a chef who became known as "Animal the Cannibal" for serving victims to his customers. I review loads of movies in my Facebook group "Jaded Horror Hound" so I am not easily impressed, but I was really entertained and amused by this film. And guess what? Directed by Andy Palmer, this 2016 Horror Comedy film has a runtime of 90 mins and is rated 18. She stabs him with a dagger, and he kills her by pushing her head through an industrial exhaust fan.

I'm trying to think of a way to put this review that won't come across so snobby, but I'll just say that it's a horror movie for people who don't want to think, at all.

I commend the film for using physical effects the majority of the time, but these effects were often poorly executed and came across as people wearing makeup in a funhouse. That's it.

[9] Alex Keneas of Newsday also gave the film a positive review: "The Funhouse doesn't trade on gratuitous and graphic gore, but it doesn't have to. Laurie remains trapped inside the park while Morgan escapes and goes for help.

Released by Universal Pictures, the film was director Hooper's first major studio production after Eaten Alive (1977) and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974). [citation needed], A novelization of the screenplay was written by Dean Koontz, under the pseudonym Owen West. Richie dares the group to spend the night in "The Funhouse", which is actually a dark ride. After the park closes, the teenagers settle down inside the funhouse, at which point they witness the ride assistant, a silent man in a Frankenstein's Monster mask, engage Zena as a prostitute. The cops riddle Rocco with bullets. Weirdest of all, there seemed to be footage of non-actors at some Halloween event in real life put in throughout the film, filmed on a different camera, and with no diegetic sound in each of the shots, making for awkward jumps out of the film. Along with their friends Mikey and Randall, diner coworkers Morgan, Laurie, Christina, and Jacob leave work to go the Halloween haunt. They go to a Halloween Funhouse which has displays/exhibits/shows of all of them as they kill their actor doubles and assume their positions at the Funhouse.


He experiences premature ejaculation, but despite his request, Zena will not return her $100 fee. Netflix.

Liz, hysterical, falls through a trap door and is confronted by Gunther. Its Halloween. Clues lead Kate to conclude that whatever Dollface was planning involved the Statesville Mental Hospital inmates. Halloween Night – Journalist Miss Quinn comes to the Statesville Mental Hospital to interview Warden Kane.

The movie was following every trope and be funny but feels like a try hard.

This is the first time I've seen Shout Factory actually distribute a film.

It's hard to find anyone to really root for as no one but the antagonists are at all likeable or have anything close to a personality as those are replaced by stupid quirks. The plan was quite brilliant if you think about it.

But you know what? He has photographed a carnival - freak show, girly show, grifters and geeks -with a sense of style. If you want to sit there and jump for ninety minutes rather than watch an actual story unfold then go watch Paranormal Activity.

I'm just not one of them. It's Halloween night and a handful of inmates have escaped from an asylum and camp out at a haunted house attraction that just so happens to be based on their killing sprees. This movie had a few decent actors in it and that helped I guess. Lines would be awkwardly cut away from as soon as they were delivered; in one case the line was just cut off mid way!

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