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But this one is less certain than Diluc. In order to update the values below, go to the character's page and update the Character Infobox template parameters. This is the official community for Genshin Impact (原神), the latest open-world action RPG developed by miHoYo. This one is so obvious I legit can only think of Tails when he speaks. There's a bug where Qiqi will continually moan only in english while flying for example. That is uncomfortable. Genshin Impacts gives players the choice to set their text & voice languages however they want.

Instead, I would like to see if we can figure it out or get some good guesses in. So, it literally bugs me how we don't have a cast list for the English VAs. I'm always the person who thinks they know who the VA is and then double check it. There's some slight differences, mostly in her pronounciation that have me doubting. i DO NOT need to LIKE every single voice because you cannot chose how someones voice sounds to begin with. I know her character is supposed to be like that, so her eng dub is similar. Then a lot of people will get defensive about liking the dub. If anything it‘s outstanding among dubs. I could be wrong but Xingqiu sounds a lot like Erika Harlacher. The JP dub is so weebified. Either way, here's a few guesses from a limited pool of roles I've heard these actors in: Venti - This is most definitely Colleen O'Shaughnessey based on Tails from Sonic the hedgehog. But in each and every dub i just cannot stand amber lmfao. Fuck yeah! what you gonna do about that because THATS SIMPLY HOW YOUR VOICE IS. Venti - Def sounds like Erika Harlacher. Maybe one of these days I'll figure out who she reminds me of... May come back and add some more to this post, idk.

Keqing - Jeannie Tirado based on Fem Byleth from FE:3H. Every 2nd character has a squeaky, airy, loli voice - I can't stand that shit anymore,,. Li Ding is 100% voiced by Billy Kametz. Cherami has good lows to her voice and I really don't think it matches. Reality is it is entirely preference and neither the elitism of sub people or the complaining of dub people ever is less tiring or much of an interesting debate. There is still no confirmed information about the English cast for Genshin Impact's voice actors/actresses. Also, I hate that you brought up Joe Zieja for Diluc because I frequently have issues distinguishing between him and Sean Chiplock lol. Enjoy what you like, this game is really good in term of voice acting.
i go even further. Obviously, I've watched too many Eng dubs and Jap with subtitles... but as I age and want to do more stuff in the background or let my brain turn off for "Reading" I really think the eng dub is good... the VAs worked very hard to sound distinct. again not 100% sure. I'm not saying that Japanese one is bad or not fitting, it's great, but for some reason English voices, for me at least, are better fit for characters. You can even have your text and voice at different languages if you want to. I can definitely hear Caroline and Justine (Persona 5) in her voice.

Japanese dub usually has a professional feel to it but sometimes it becomes a bit too much. According to MAL I spent on anime around 5 months of watching time, basically 5 months worth time of anime episodes.

The old lady at the toy booth also sounded like Carrie doing an "old lady" voice lol. Paimon sounds a bit deranged, but it's better than the Alvin and the chipmunks levels of squeak in the Japanese version. They're both very unique voices, which is something we need more of and I welcome happily. Overall, I really enjoy the Eng dubs, Paimon's EN voice is better than JP imo (but they are both annoying XD). https://youtu.be/JMfiQ5EYazc Watch this video at 11:18 (or basically anywhere Velvet speaks, this just happened to be where I skipped to) and you can definitely tell it's the same voice actress as Xingqiu. Problem is, I've actually absorbed very little English dubbed material, as most of the things I'm interested in are Japanese only. And I was confused at to why they both had the same voice actor and then it dawned on me that I did it again and the npc was voices by Joe Zieja. Like usually I'm pretty confident if a character is voiced by her. It's always been like that, though this rule applies especially here from what I've seen. Childe - sounds like Griffin Burns (side character Xu also sounds like he is voiced by Griffin Burns), Xingqiu - sorta sounds like Cristina Vee Cristina Vee was confirmed and many had guess she voiced Bennet as well and she was confirmed that she does, Li Ding (side character) - Billy "I am Ferdinand Von Aegir" Kametz lol, Zhongli - sounds like Keith Silverstein as I am forever haunted by "Do you get to the cloud district very often?" English Voice Actors. Don't get me wrong. If I have any other guesses, I'll edit it in. The As are so distinct, I first heard her voice in Seven Deadly Sins. It’s definitely not bad. not 100% sure but those battle grunts, man. This is the official community for Genshin Impact (原神), the latest open-world action RPG developed by miHoYo. xD. The way she ends her sentences and puts emphasis on certain words gives me Lysithea vibes. personally prefer the chinese dub. But, amber is very hard to pinpoint for me so who knows. These incorporate the playable characters, which ought to be more than 30 when that the game formally delivers in the not so distant future.
We will update this page as soon as possible when more reliable info about the English cast becomes available. And thats kinda the same with ingame voices for me. I honestly didn't think it sounded like him at all. I tried. Keep in mind that it's all preference, but the Eng dub is objectively really good. However, it's pretty hit or miss on many characters, for example, my fav Qiqi's English VA sound way too old, while JP's VA is just perfect.

Cookies help us deliver our Services. Paimon - Uuuuh see, she reminds me of Megan Lee based on Ylgr from Fire Emblem Heroes... but her emotional range is MUCH better than what Megan does as Ylgr, so I'm not too confident on this one. Honestly, that was before I started noting down NPCs and I forgot. I really don't think Erika Harlacher is Xingqiu. Though I wonder why she wasn't used for one of the playable characters (unless thats coming up for a future character), Razor is voiced by Todd Haberkorn. from Skyrim. Kelly Baskin has been confirmed. But, I looked him up and he's Def been in things I've seen and I think you're definitely right on that. Genshin Impact Wiki Front Page.

Like moments really remind me of her and then other times I get really thrown off. Problem is, I've actually absorbed very little English dubbed material, as most of the things I'm interested in are Japanese only. xD. xD. But ACTUALLY I LEGIT JUST HAD AN EPIPHANY AS I WAS WRITING THIS!! Naofumi is one of my favorite fictional characters and Billy absolutely nailed that performance, so I've loved him ever since, You think so? Unfortunately, I have not found a list of them yet. Yesterday, as I was playing Trails of Cold Steel 1 in preperation for the 4 game coming out there was a scene where both Rean played by Sean Chiplock and an NPC were talking. Its the only game that i liked its English dub, but since im a weeb im gonna use the Japanese dub. I also think that Ying'er sounds like Carrie Keranen. Yeah its definitely her, it sounds like her Misato voice from the Evangelion netflix dub.

Like, Paimon voice in jap dub is kinda squeaky and my ears hurt for listening too much of it, I like her seiyuu though. But, definitely wanna see some other opinions on the VAs. She is currently representing Genshin Impact and is on the Genshin Impact app, website, and social media icons. It really is the same thing over and over again with every single game from that region with voice acting and this will likely continue on forever as long as people like arguing and complaining. For Amber, I don't really hear it.

i cant. Everyone sounds pretty toned down and less squeaky. The tables below list the voice actors/actresses for each character (some are NPCs). As a anime fan myself, I prefer sub over dub, but holy hell the dub in this game is really good. The English dub has a ton of well known, veteran, prominent voice actors in it. I am very positive it's Cristina Vee. But, then again I could be wrong lol, I thought Amber sound like Cristina Vee (I recognize that Tara Strong-like tone in my ears). Barbara eng dub is lovely, I really love her voice, which beside being gentle and expressive, reminds me a lot of Nyanners voice, who I really enjoy watching. And I think you might be closer on the mark with Claudia Lenz for Xiangling.

Alright, so I'm not claiming any of these to be great guesses, but I do know I have a very good ear for recognizing voices, speech patterns and audio cues in general, so I trust my guesses somewhat. It COULD very well be Claudia Lenz based on her Genny from Fire Emblem Heroes. Like sometimes the battle sounds are a bit annoying from some characters.

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