physically feeling holy spirit

One cannot say that counseling and psychology deal only with emotional issues. Instead of God having substance, soul and spirit, these terms may be describing processes within a person.

As we do this, a door will be opened to the management of our inner life. The Spirit that he has made to dwell within us jealously desires us” (Jas 4:5).
There might not be anything more absurd to an atheist, than when a Christian says, “I’m feeling the Holy Ghost”.

For example, as we shall see, the management of the emotions is critical to the spiritual life. Second, emotions come with great intensity. A way of translating the phrase would be, “God as to quality is spirit.” Spirit implies self-awareness, reflection, and will.

Isa 1:14—“Your New Moons and appointed Feasts my soul hates.

He is said to speak expressly (1 Timothy 4:1), to send (Acts 10:20), to prevent (Acts 16:7), to command (Acts 11:12), to forbid (Acts 16:6), to call ministers of the gospel (Acts 13:2), to appoint them to their spheres of duty (Acts 20:28), to make intercession (Romans 8:26, 27), to be grieved and tempted (Ephesians 4:30; Acts 5:19), as well as to dwell in Christians as His temple (1 Corinthians 31:16; 6:19), and to comfort them (John 14:16, 17). When I had Professor James Barr as a supervisor at Oxford, in a private conversation with me he aptly pointed out that dictionaries do not give meanings to words, only contexts. First, emotions are closer to us than air. I did not want to lose that, I said.

Since those realities are so, they carry weighty implications for how Christians should teach and preach and counsel and lead. d. Unutterable Groaning. My soul delights in him.

In doing this Paul points out that a vast network of affliction is going on and the Spirit of God is involved in this symphony of expectant pain. We are made in the image of God, an image that includes a key component of emotions—in short, his emotional image.

God is the great scientist and he works within the bounds of natural laws. Paul related the believer’s emotional life to two members of the Trinity, the Father and the Spirit. But throughout the day and at any time, the believer may find himself or herself in need of addressing any of the first three.

In this fascinating chapter, spiritual life is described as that which bears the believers through the weakness and sorrow of a fallen world. And the first one should be going on all the time. Ephesians 4:25-32 contains Paul’s admonitions about effective and godly communication, and the abandonment of poor patterns of communication. One of our weaknesses is that we do not know how to pray. This is equivalent to the Hebrew termelh, halakh. Jesus outside a believer is not as effective as the Spirit of God inside a believer.

The why and how of that is explored. The nature of psychology is such that spiritual implications are everywhere within it.

In order to understand this, we first need to understand who we are and who the Holy Ghost is. The emotions, by whether they enhance our lives or else they afflict our lives, tell us where we are with God. This interplay between our identity (our instinctive, unconscious picture of ourselves), our imagination (how we picture reality and ourselves), and our conscience (our instinctive sense of values) creates the picture and the perspective that we carry into life. The totality of our personhood including our psychological make-up has been molded to be a reflection of the divine. The work of the Spirit of God is deeply emotional. This also has implications concerning the unitary nature of humanity.

God as the archetype of personhood is therefore the source of emotions. God does have the ability not only to think and to will, but also to feel.

This reckoning becomes the basis of our relationship to God as a Father. We are empowered by the Spirit. At the same time the charismatic often elevates emotional experiences to the level of definitive spiritual reality.

Deeply emotional sermons and a strongly felt response may just mean that the preacher has communicated clearly.

The hub, or the “navel” where nourishment was received from our earthly and heavenly parents.

In doing this we can transition from unbridled appetite to self-control. Individuals are created to be in relationships and the quality of those relationships will be felt in the soul.

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