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Beth Percha, [email protected]: GRADER: Yanou Cui, [email protected]: OFFICE HOURS: Tue+Thu 2-3 pm; or by appointment. This concentration can be effective preparation for graduate study in the sciences, for medical, law, and business schools, or for direct entry into the job market. Learn more about this academic unit’s areas of intellectual expertise, its history, and its undergraduate offerings. A physics faculty contact person will be arranged for students doing research under a faculty member in their cognate department. Most physics majors at U-M follow one (or more) of three paths after graduation: Students with any questions about courses or majors in Physics should speak with Physics department advisors. (1-3 credits). This preview shows pages 1-3. Mathematics through MATH 216 (or the equivalent); PHYSICS 135/141 and 235/241 or PHYSICS 140/141 and 240/241 (or PHYSICS 125/127 and 126/128, or PHYSICS 160/141 and 260/241); and PHYSICS 340/341. PHYSICS 351. or B.S. The Science and Society courses are chosen in consultation with and must be approved by the Residential College Science Program advisor. Advising. (73 Documents). Science and Society courses in physics used to satisfy requirement #2 must also be approved by the Physics Department.

(0-6 credits). It will also prepare you either for continued study in graduate or professional school, or for careers in industry, education, medicine, and finance. They may be used to satisfy the cognate requirement for the General Physics concentration (requirement #4). Effective Date of major: February 2, 2001-August 31, 2006. Teaching Certificate. Mathematics through MATH 216 (or the equivalent); PHYSICS 140/141 and 240/241 (or PHYSICS 125/136 and 126/236, or PHYSICS 135/136 and 235/236, or PHYSICS 160/161 and 260/261); and PHYSICS 340/341 and PHYSICS 351. (587 Documents), PHYSICS 240 - E&M Description: Methods of Theoretical Physics I --- This course is required for undergraduate physics majors and should be taken before the theoretical physics core courses. PHYSICS 351 - Fall 2015 Register Now Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 3.14.27 PM.png. Two additional Physics courses at the 400 level*. CONTACT INFO: Office: Randall 3464; e-mail: [email protected]; phone: 763-4325 : COURSE DESCRIPTION. by OC507393. Undergraduates concentrating in physics have several degree choices: A total of 60 credits of mathematics and natural science must be elected to receive the Bachelor of Science degree. Students interested in concentrating in Interdisciplinary Physics should have an understanding of mathematics through differential equations. (2-6 credits), Additional courses from the list: Physics 201, 250, 288. PHYSICS 351 Lecture 17: 351 17 functions of matrices and intro to complex anal 09-Mar-2017 10-24-23 Professor. (15 credits). A concentration plan must include: Physics and Society Option. Prerequisites to Concentration. Optics. Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university.

Kalenda and.

It is intended that the flexibility allowed by this program should be used in a well thought out and effective way. (130 Documents), PHYSICS 236 - Physics for the Life Sciences Laboratory II It can provide strong preparation for graduate study, especially when done in combination with other technical study, such as Mathematics, Astronomy, or Chemistry. This information may not, under any circumstances, be copied, modified, reused, or incorporated into any derivative works or compilations, without the prior written approval of Koofers, Inc. university-of-michigan-ann-arbor-umich/physics/351-meth-theoretical-i/. Prerequisites to Concentration. (587 Documents), PHYSICS 340 - Waves Heat Light Mathematics through Mathematics 216 (or the equivalent); Physics 140/141 and 240/241 (or Physics 125/127 and 126/128), and Physics 340/341. One of the Science and Society courses may be an Independent Study with a major experiential component (e.g., an internship in an organization that addresses issues related to science policy) and a required report analyzing the experience. At least 30 credits, including at least 24 in PHYSICS courses numbered 390 and above. A concentration plan must include: Honors Concentration. Mathematics through MATH 216 (or the equivalent); PHYSICS 140/141 and 240/241 (or PHYSICS 125/127 and 126/128, or PHYSICS 135/141 and 235/241, or PHYSICS 160/161 and 260/261); and PHYSICS 340/341. Because students pursuing the Interdisciplinary Physics degree have a wide variety of career goals, advising from a Physics concentration counselors is especially important.

Concentration Program. Completion of one of the following sequences: Physics 140/141 and 240/241. Two additional Physics courses at the 400 level*. This is a one semester course on analytical mechanics, the rigorous and mathematical treatment of classical mechanics. Math: Calculus I 115 4 Calculus II 116 4 Intro Differential Equations 216 4 Physics I 140 4 Elementary Lab I 141 1 240/ 4 241 1 Circuits 215 4 216 4 Programming and Data Structures 280 4 351 4 Digital Signal Processing 452 4 Engineering 101 (Intro Programming) or one Computer Programming course to be chosen in. It is intended that the flexibility allowed by this program should be used in a well thought out and effective way. Department.

It is permissible for concentrators to take the Science and Society courses in several departments. Concentration Program.

The application deadline is October 15.). PHYSICS 351.

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