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Disney's Planes - In Theatres in 3D August 9! In the teaser trailer (which contains animation not in the film), both Bravo and Echo appear. Toy Story 2 initially was planned for direct-to-video release during the late 1990s, but those plans were revised when execs saw early reels. That said, the characters and story still offer low-key charms. Think he prefers this to the original and I must admit, I think it's a good story. A reclusive old Navy Corsair, Skipper was an ace flier and top instructor of the esteemed Jolly Wrenches squadron until an incident during a combat mission took him off the front lines and left him grounded for life.

While the competition secretly wonders if the aging plane is past his prime, he flies his way onto the leader board again and again, proving that this Bulldog has lost none of his bite and being Dusty's friend.[34]. Old Dog, New Trick: Taking an opportunity to acquire some sponsor money, Bulldog becomes an aerial taxi for pitties in Dubai. "[35] Colin Covert of the Star Tribune gave the film three out of four stars, saying "There are a scattering of inside gags, asides and blink-and-you-missed-it details for the parents. Unknown None But despite sky's-the-limit funding and state-of-the-art equipment, the world champion still doesn't play fair—especially when it comes to a small-town plane with zero racing experience. On July 14, 2013, Disney Channel held a "Night of Flight" event, featuring sneak peeks at new characters from the movie, during its "Night of Premieres" lineup, which included all-new episodes of its programs. His name is well known in Poland, being the same name as the first. And I kept wanting to have more and more of those type of characters. Rochelle is one of the racing competitors in the Wings Around the Globe competition, and El Chupacabra's love interest. Carlos Alazraqui [46], The film was first announced to be released in direct-to-video on DVD and Blu-ray in the Spring of 2013. He is also said to resemble a Messerschmitt BF-109, with elements of the Sharp Nemesis NXT racing plane. El Tornado: a luchador who once crushed El Chupacabra in a wrestling ring. Yellow Bird is modeled after an Extra EA-300.

Dusty loses his second race in Germany to save a British plane named Bulldog from suffering from an oil leak, much to Ripslinger's delight. Tripp is an airplane that carries cars to and from any location in the world.

Spanish poster featuring Dusty and Ripslinger. Skipper was the only survivor, but torn by his guilt, he never trained another plane or flew again. However, poor Dusty has two strikes against him: He's not built for racing, and he's terribly afraid of heights. Despite this, their training continues and when it is complete, Dusty heads off to the meeting of the race at John F. Kennedy Airport where he finds a friend in a crazy but loyal Mexican race-plane named El Chupacabra who eventually falls in love with a beautiful French-Canadian racer named Rochelle, who shows little interest in him.

Performer: "[69] Richard Roeper of the Chicago Sun-Times gave the film a C, saying "Planes moves along quickly at a running time of 92 minutes, occasionally taking flight with some pretty nifty flight sequences. His wings have white and red squares. After Dusty lands on the ship, all of the crew give him some fuel and a new antenna, and Bravo and Echo show Dusty the Jolly Wrenches Hall of Fame, and try to get to Dusty ready when he asks on the radio if it is true that Skipper Riley flew only one mission. Known as a SEAT (Single Engine Air Tanker), crop dusters were among the first wildfire air attack aircraft. He is good friends with Dottie and Sparky. I wont say anymore as I don't wish to spoil it for you.

While in the midst of his training, Dusty admits that he has a fear of heights. The "red stuff" being dropped from the airplanes is Long Term Fire Retardant called Phos-Chek.

Rochelle is a tough racer and the pride of the Great White North. For more information on the character, see here.

His flying style is keeping it nice and low, but keeping his speed up. "[70], Tom Keogh of The Seattle Times gave the film two and a half stars out of four, saying, "Though not officially a Pixar production, the new Planes — released by the beloved animation studio’s parent company, Disney — has the look and feel of Pixar's 2006 hit, Cars, if not the latter's charm or strong story. The intensely charming El Chupacabra is a legend in Mexico (just ask him).

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