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link to What to Do Before Planting Tomatoes (Growing Great Tomatoes), link to Best Gifts for Older Gardeners (20 Great Gardening Gifts). ‘The aromatic foliage smells of curry. So, why are tomato plants fuzzy and hairy? to read some of my most popular posts, check out the “Best of GreenUpSide” page here. Grow it for the fuzzy leaves and foliage color, which can range from gray-green to chartreuse to variegated shades of cream and green. In late summer it bears deep blue flowers. Tomato plants are fuzzy and hairy due to the thin hairs on the stem and leaves. When glandular trichomes release oil, they use metabolites produced by the plant. In fact, the advice is to bury them so that only 1/3 of the plant is above ground. These hairs are called trichomes, and they help a tomato plant to resist cold, drought, ultraviolet light, and insect or animals pests. Trichomes also release oils that give tomato plants their distinctive scent. These tiny hair-like structures serve many important purposes for tomato plants. From the team at Gardeners' World Magazine. “Most plant species have hair‐like epidermal structures below and/or above ground. Now you know why your tomato plants are fuzzy and hairy. Most do best in full sun. Just as some pests dislike the scent of mint or basil, other pests dislike the scent of tomatoes. Enjoy! When growing tomatoes, what you do before planting is just as important as what happens after planting. Gray mold often happens after a plant is wounded (cut, scraped, or bent), and it can develop in cool temperatures. Trichomes come to the rescue once again! We don’t think about it much, but plants have a lot to worry about. Honeywort, Cerinthe major ‘Purpurascens’, is a great hardy annual for filling gaps in a border. Tomato plants are fuzzy due to the thin hairs on the stem, leaves, and fruit. Your only option is to pull out the infected plants and try to prevent the disease from spreading to others. Create beautiful colour combinations for less with a 15 per cent saving on top of sale prices. These essential oils give tomato plants their own unique scent. Think about it: would you want to eat something that is hairy? This increases their chance of survival and helps them to produce more fruit. The same article also mentions that there are two types of trichomes: “Glandular trichomes produce a rich repertoire of secondary metabolites, whereas non-glandular trichomes create a physical barrier against biotic and abiotic stressors.”. Also, keep in mind that the stem and leaves of tomato plants are toxic not only to many pests, but to humans as well. I hope you found this article helpful. Enjoy! When frost threatens in the spring or fall, trichomes can protect tomato plants from cold weather. Is it just another weed? This is similar to how other essential oils in mint or basil plants have their own unique scents. Add interest to border displays using plants with silver or grey leaves. This scent warns pests not to eat the plant. This makes it that much more important to be able to survive dry conditions. Remember how we talked about glandular trichomes earlier? “Plant trichomes not only increase the thickness of the epidermis but also act as a physical barrier against external invasion [2]. The spores that cause powdery mildew do not need wet leaves or high humidity to take hold and multiply. Normally, plants lose water due to transpiration from their leaves. Late blight is caused by a fungus (Phytophthora infestans) that spreads by spores on the wind or when it survives the winter inside infected potato tubers in the soil. Seeing trichomes on your tomato plant is perfectly normal. “Trichome” comes from the Greek “trichos”, meaning “hair”. Licorice Plant (Helichrysum petiolare) How can you resist licorice plant? It looks like a fuzzy gray or brown lesion. Let’s take a closer look at some of the purposes of trichomes. The curry plant or Helichrysum italicum is a dwarf sub-shrub that bears clusters of small, bright yellow flowers throughout summer. The essential oils released by trichomes give tomato plants their distinctive smell. Trichomes are not just for appearance. Eating the hairs is an irritant to some animals, and the scent or flavor will repel some insects. prevent insects from feeding on the plant, discourage insects from laying eggs on the plant. Bookmark. It makes a good cut flower and self-seeds readily. Trichomes also help to repel pests, including both insects and animals. ~Jonathon. This means that the essential oils (containing metabolites) would: This article from Jstor supports the same idea: “Both glandular and non-glandular trichomes impeded caterpillars from searching for food.”. You can see pictures of late blight on tomatoes in this article from the University of Georgia Extension. Quote . Prune plants hard after flowering to enjoy the best possible display the following year. This prevents damage to the plant from animals that pass by and brush against the plant (or prevents them from taking a bite!) For example, in the summer heat, trichomes protect the plant from sunlight and help it to cool down. Late blight can affect both tomatoes and potatoes. In a sense, they make a plant’s skin thicker. If you are looking for a gift for an older gardener, you’ve come to the right place. For example, the following problems that affect tomato plants can give a fuzzy appearance on part of the plant: Let’s take a quick look at each of these problems and how you might identify them. That is, the environment and genetics of tomato plants can affect what they release in their essential oils. Tomato plants are fuzzy due to the thin hairs on the stem, leaves, and fruit. It makes a good specimen shrub and can be trimmed into a hedge. During late spring and early summer small, bell-shaped, purple flowers are produced in clusters. This means that having more or less trichomes will affect: There is also some evidence that trichome density (the number of trichomes per square inch of leaf or vine) depends on both genetics and on the environment. Get a BergHOFF cookware set for £183 + P&P. Tomato plants do need light for photosynthesis, and there is some evidence that trichomes assist with this process. However, too much light can damage the plant or its fruit. The trichomes on the underground part of the vine then become extra roots to help the plant grow. According to this article on NCBI: “Some of these secondary metabolites were shown to have antifeedant, oviposition deterrent, and in some cases toxic properties toward insects.”. In that case, you can get some ideas on how to protect your tomato plants from cold and frost in my article here. Powdery mildew can occur in the garden or in greenhouses. First, any trichomes that are buried underground become roots. Its tubular-shaped flowers have a fuzzy texture. Trichomes are an incredible and versatile tool used by tomato plants to help them survive. Santolina chamaecyparissus ‘Pretty Carol’ (pictured) is a small cultivar. Trichomes also help tomato plants to resist drought. Post #6938994. Trichomes help to protect the leaves, stems, and fruit of tomato plants from ultraviolet light. the trichomes of wild and cultivated tomato plants produce different secondary metabolites. For example, the trichomes on the stem and leaves deter pests from eating the “green” parts of the plant. They open into large purple thistle flowers which attract masses of bees. This little plant is about 6-8 inches tall, has fuzzy leaves and stem and has a little flower atop.

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