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Think about how people search for information related to your topic and include those key phrases. Read through the full list of available Apple Podcast category options to figure out which selections are right for you. To increase downloads, list your podcast across as many directories as possible. The cover art requirements for Apple Podcasts and Spotify are: Note: Even if artwork is within these requirements, Podnews recently discovered filenames with more than one period (like cover_art.001.jpeg) will cause an error with Apple Podcasts. Most podcasters aspire to grow a following with thousands of listeners. If a podcast should be consumed in a specific order, these tags will orient a listener with which comes first, second, third, etc. Don’t be afraid of white space.

We explain the technical aspects in more detail and will help you gain the confidence to publish your first episode.

This guide will highlight each piece, why it’s important in starting your own podcast, and how to confidently make each decision. The demographics, interests, and location plus how your future podcast will help them solve a problem. The sweet spot is generally -20dB to -18dB so adjust the volume levels until your normal speaking voice registers in this range. It’s built to run right within your browser so all you and your guest have to do is click an invite link and start chatting. The design is crucial but first it needs to satisfy a few strict settings. Move away from noises you can’t control the window near the noisy neighbor. Learn more at The Benefits of Consistently Publishing Podcast Episodes. A podcast intro is the time to make a great first impression that convinces someone to invest their time listening. All you have to do is record the content and we’ll do the rest. Here are our top recommendations: Affordable DAW that’s as easy to use as Audacity but has more advanced features.

and configure the audio input settings to your microphone. Another perk of Audacity is it’s an all-in-one tool. And turn off the noises you can control like your cellphone. Concise names typically pack a stronger punch because they stay extremely relevant to their topic. Listen to each clip back and listen for times when the quality is distorted. Depending on the podcast’s topic and format, each script is different. By the end, you’ll gain the confidence to start your own podcast and share your voice with the world.

And no topic is off limits. Most importantly, practice the script either while you’re recording or before you even hit the mic. Then use a USB cord to connect the pre-amp to your computer. There are future monetization opportunities by generating business leads, creating partnerships with wellness retreats, and building relationships with like-minded advertisers. When choosing your podcast hosting provider, think about these 5 key functions: Built for and by real podcasters, Castos is a hosting provider designed for new creators in mind! If someone plays five episodes in a row, they won’t need to touch the volume and they’ll all sound the same. Making a podcast involves multiple moving parts working in harmony.

Try plugging in the microphone first, the turn the program back on. Its features let you record, add sound effects and music, and edit audio files with multiple mastering options. Sow, Grow, Repeat - Gardening tips from writers and experts. If you want to manually tell Google Podcasts to recognize a podcast’s RSS feed or to troubleshoot why a show isn’t showing up, follow their documentation.

Hosted by BJC Executive Director Amanda Tyler, these episodes are available for a deeper dive into the topic, and we have provided discussion guides for those interested in using these in a group setting. Keep your hands off the mic: Put the microphone in a stand to ensure it’s properly positioned for the whole recording session. However, a higher bitrate creates a larger audio file that takes longer for someone to download or stream it. Our top two choices are Zencastr and SquadCast. Zencastr is a web-based tool with free and paid plans. Episode 1: Christian leaders on Christian nationalism. The best way to commit to your show in the long term is to remember why you’re starting in the first place. Don’t let episode titles be an afterthought, they’re equally as important as the podcast’s name. Apple Podcasts allows 4,000 characters for a podcast’s description. An official date is decided and the time leading up to launch is full of promotional efforts to generate buzz. Follow our comprehensive tutorial with screenshots to upload a podcast to Apple Podcasts. Learn about guests on upcoming shows and suggest questions I might like to put to them. Consider if the frequency creates too much content that you audience can’t catch up or isn’t enough that they lose interest. We talk to Eboo Patel about the difference in religious and civic pluralism, the origins of the term “Judeo-Christian nation,” connections between anti-Muslim bigotry and anti-Catholic bigotry, and how we can create a “potluck nation,” where everyone brings their unique contributions to the table. Most podcasters reach their first 100 subscribers and struggle to find the momentum to keep growing. With the foundational elements of your podcast figured out, you’re ready to hit the record button. We believe in keeping the integrity of your recording exactly as you want it. To make a podcast, you’ll need some equipment, software, and a bit of knowledge on how to use them. Why should I host my podcast with Castos? Milwaukee, WI; 208 members; Public group? Your podcast’s RSS feed is what will connect you to your audience so it’s important to choose a podcast hosting service that fits your needs. Next set the recording settings to capture higher quality sound. This is where most hosts ask for reviews and for people to subscribe. Castos creates compliant podcast web pages that are accessible to Google’s bots. Include names of well-known guests but skip including the show’s name each time. Open your DAW software (Audacity, Adobe Audition, etc.) Episode 9: Religious freedom, church-state law and Christian nationalism, Guests: Rabbi David Saperstein, Melissa Rogers, Holly Hollman. We also recommend submitting to doubleTwist, iPodder, and Castbox. Watch our full tutorial on how to record audio using Audacity: If Audacity doesn’t fit your needs, there are options with additional bells and whistles. Front-load the most important words because titles can get cut off across different listening apps. Calls-to-action (CTAs): ask the audience to perform an action after listening to the episode. Guests: Dr. Steven Green and Dr. Bill Leonard. Guest introductions: introduce your guest’s name and credentials, providing context around why listeners should care about their expertise. And remember many podcasters start with shorter episodes that progressively get longer as they gain a following. Dr. Jeffrey Haggray (American Baptist Home Mission Societies). Learn more at How To Create Podcast Intros and Outros. There are only upsides to allowing loyal fans listen to your show on their preferred app. Gain access to 25+ lessons immediately after signing up so you can go at your own pace. Miss a publish date and you risk losing audience members because they can’t reliably count on your show. What happens when bills influenced by Christian nationalism appear in state legislatures? With Castos, you don’t need to be a web developer to get your website started. This will help it pick up less air noises as you speak. The tutorial covers these important editing techniques: Audio files, especially podcasts, need to be exported with specific settings to enhance the listening experience. The editing and production process of making a process is often the biggest hurdle for new podcasters. Our advice is to continue publishing high quality content. Many popular podcasts mix together a few styles over different episodes or through recurring segments. If it’s reading above -6dB, adjust the volume level down. Investigation into the disappearance of Jennifer Kesse. You can create your own unique structure or use one of the five most popular podcast formats. Required fields are marked *, One Reply to “How To Start A Podcast: Your 2020 Step-By-Step Guide”.
Altering audio files can feel daunting for a newcomer so test out our favorite tips during your first session: Editing should enhance your show rather than used as a crutch–investing resources in planning each episode allows you to spend less time editing and more time creating captivating content. Depending on your ability level and budget, try these tools: Learn more at Compliment Your Podcast With Quality Cover Art. In this comprehensive guide, we’re going to walk through the nitty-gritty details of how to start your own podcast. A loud pen click or clap will send a spike in the audio level, making it easy to spot the areas you want to remove.

Having detailed notes lets you focus on the mechanics of recording, like enunciating, removing filler words, and controlling your voice’s volume. Make sure it doesn’t feel like a mouthful and comes out clearly each time.

Organized by Merideth. Our podcast editing service is staffed by a team of seasoned engineers, talented show note writers, and producers to take care of everything.

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