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Adventures of our favorite Pokemon characters.

Eye Color Pikachu is his best known Pokémon. After Serena became Kalos queen, and Ash left for the Alola region, they haven't seen each other since they parted ways. Emilia Hawthorn and her Glameow find themselves living in the middle of Lumiose City after Emilia's father's job forces them leave their lifelong home in Floaroma Town in the Sinnoh region. I own nothing except my OCs and the story. Share via … He is also a protagonist in the reoccurring seasons and games. Browse through and read pokemon ash x serena fanfiction stories and books .

Flyinium Z: He also got the Flying crystal on Ten Carat Hill.

AmourShipping FanFic Shorts (Ash and Serena)

Pokémon belongs to Nintendo.

Unexpected Pokemon Interview by Charminghex99.
After a fateful run in with a boy and his Pikachu, Emilia decides to join Ash and his friends on their... After receiving mysterious letters Ash and Pikachu set out to find the meaning behind them, on their small journey through Kanto they met up with two old friends Brock and Misty who have decided to travel with Ash to find the meaning of the letters, he also regained his old Pokemon Pidgeot, Butterfr... You were what everyone calls....Different.

Share via Email Report Story Send. Others call you a freak, weirdo, not normal, creepy, and some have also called you a Pokemon wannabe. by Sayuri-02 Follow. He thought that until he met you. Pokemon Fanfiction Ash Betrayed Aura Theme Naming: Erika's employees are all named after flowers. It's been 10 years since Ash and Serena travelled together.

Add to library 16 Discussion 2. Of course, that wouldn't be possible without the help of her "loyal" pokémon, that despite the hardships, will be alw... Adventures of our favorite Pokemon characters. Vowing to prove to Serena that Lux is not weaker, worse, or even just 'the other twin', Lux trains hard. Ash's Girlfriend 3.1K 26 20. by Sayuri-02.

Pikachu is the only Pokémon to appear in each and every game/episode/season, making him the only one to own a Pokémon that appears everywhere. Ash also owns a group of Pokémon that are good for battling or walking around with him. 11 Ash Red is the protagonist of Conflict Story. Ash and Serena are twins in Conflict Story.

So hard in fact, that her abilities start to make Serena jealo... Meet Emilia Bell Smith, a girl who strives to win the most important performing title in the beautiful Kalos region by winning the Master Class and becoming Kalos Queen! This is an Amourshipping(Ashxserena) high school typical romantic drama story.........high school stories are the best.......you will love it, Shutter Speed! Hometown

You had no friends and everywhere you went you were called nothing but a freak.

Follow her and her Pokemon on her journey through Kalos as she meets new people, explores new places, makes new friends, and maybe even falls in love. Though you are none of those things. Ash Betrayal |Pokemon Fanfic| [Under Editing] Fanfiction.

Ash and Serena are lifelong twins and rivals. My Pokemon life: Chapter 1 - A strange start, My Pokemon life: Chapter 4 - Killing Reality, https://pokemonfanon.fandom.com/wiki/Ash_Red?oldid=359978. Chapter 1_Betrayal|Edited| 5.6K 72 56. by Sayuri-02.

To Ash Ketchum that ment nothing. Meet Aurora, the fifteen year old sister of Steven Stone, and also the champion of the Sinnoh region. Lux is Serena's twin sister.

Ash at first reluctant, enjoys it after awhile. What if Ash gets betrayed by his rivals and friends What if Mother Delia Betrayed him. Age Chapter 3_Ash Past 3.1K 43 1. by Sayuri-02.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I don’t find that Pokemon fanfics involving anime characters tend to be the greatest. They are also good friends of Lillie and Ed. Ash is based on Red, Calem from Pokémon X and Y, Ash from the main anime. What if Ash becomes dark with hatred. Share. Normalium Z: Ash got Normalium Z when he cleared Ilima’s trial.

#ashketchum. All images used I most likely got from Pinteres... A Pokémon story like no other, when our heroes of Kalos meet the Champion and Kalos Queen Dash, they don’t know this is the beginning of an adventure filled with friendship, performances, battles, rivalries, and so much more! Share. Ever since you were young, you've always wanted to go on an adventure with any Pokemon.

She's ready to find her own destiny, to start her own story, to figure out what she's good at, to find out things she's never known about herself and she'll have help finding out those things with a little Eevee and ne... Meet the Ketchum Twins, well... Not really twins; one is adopted when her parents past away, so the Ketchum Family adopted her being a really close friend almost like family.
Love. Region The only ... You are (Y/N), a girl who works at a Pokemon daycare and you are considered the Shiny Masters.

What if Ash gets betrayed by his rivals and friends What if Mother Delia Betrayed him.

What if Ash becomes dark with hatred.


Browse through and read pokemon ash x serena fanfiction stories and books.

Ash Betrayal |Pokemon Fanfic| [Under Editing] Fanfiction.

#ashketchum. But because of Ash's urgent message to Serena, they have now met up, and the adventure continues... Y/n is ready to start her journey but without her sister, Serena. Gender Kanto He is also a protagonist in the reoccurring seasons and games.

Ash stood out atop a high cliff, looking out to the south.

Send to Friend. Meowth then touches Ash all over, and ever spot he touches, he becomes more meowth like in that area.

Sign up Log in. When you're given a shiny Eevee, you get to see some extraordinary things.

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