pokemon platinum battle frontier walkthrough

07 = Snow 3 780DD226 B815AB02 Opponents first Pokemon HP is 0

15) Modest 1 Bashful 13) Jolly Still, Empoleon and Luxray are excellent Pokemon. 0000B5D8 00000000 Battles are done in sets of 7, as you continue your streak the opposing Pokemon will become better and stronger. then after you beat the champion and the credits roll through press start then fly to veilstone city talk to every one there then walk to the route to the left of veilstone and run around in the grass you first see.

So go and capture them! 5) Bold 0224127C 309C1C28 02 = Rain 1

94000130 FCFF0000

1000504c 00000001 12) Serious D2000000 00000000 10047604 000003E7 16) Mild Barry is shooken up but he look up and smiles as he noticed his father Tower Tycoon Palmer.

62101D40 00000000 I want to make sure that everyone can follow this cheat without any confusions or concerns. Now we have 160 cheats in our list, which includes 67 cheats codes, 4 passwords, 89 unlockables. Good luck, guys. the code you used for all event items is basicly useless. D0000000 00000000 Professor Oak will appear and then upgrade your Pokedex to National Mode, allowing us to capture the rest of the Legendaries we can get as well as get to the other areas on the Battle Frontier island. 00000000 00000000 Credit is to goto neoseeker.com

b21bfb0c 00000000 After typing in the number, press (do not hold) L. As with normal searching, you may have to walk through the grass for a while before encountering anything. C0000000 0000000C However, when you encounter the Pokemon, it will be in the same level range of the wild Pokemon in that Route. 0224127C 309C1C28

Tested and working!

94000130 FCFF0000 When you jump into Distortion World follow around in the world to find the Griseous Orb. Member Pass (L+R) FDC28907 25CCD2AC

^^ 13 = Hall of beginning 0000B5D4 00000009 there should be a guy in the fancy green suit. 4) Naughty 20 = Unknown 94000130 FCFF0000 D2000000 00000000 62101d40 00000000 It's rigged to the max. B2101D40 00000000 You will find out that Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres are flying around Sinnoh! Contents. Hope I helped! D2000000 00000000 62101D40 00000000 You can try, but it will either result in freezing or failure. 10047608 000003E7 to do the arcues event ( azure flute ) go to the spear pillar were you went in the distortion world and then play the flute (This is only for the US version) Second, move to a route that has grass. B2101D40 00000000 ENABLE MYSTERY GIFT [L+R] I openede with it and pwned a 17 win sreak with him without a scratch. 27 = Morning Once on a grassy route, switch to your Calculator App on your Poketch. Your first Pokemon has 999 HP 92241276 0000319C

16) Mild Cut the trees and enter the Old Chateau.

D6000000 000233E8 Both the Legendary Birds and Dogs are able to enter, plus a few others but i forget. D2000000 00000000 to do the manaphy event ( manaphy egg) If you didn't find needed cheats, Help out other Pokemon Platinum players on the Nintendo DS by adding a cheat or secret that you know! Now let's get two very important legendaries: Dialga and Palkia. Emploeon-58 DC000000 00000004 You can use certain legendary pokmon in Battle Frontier, and Articuno is one of them, for Dahlia from Battle Arcade has Zapdos, the electric bird of the trio. 8) Impish My team is 14) Naive D53E7993 967D2307 She is level 50. 62101D40 00000000 lucario-5... Yeah, i'm that guy right now. 64C70C40 B3D6578A [q jun 01, 2010 1:50 pm Rhyss11]Cyainide, you can't bring legendary pokemon into the battle frontier, and palhorse thanks for how many battles you need for the frontier brian[/q] 6) Docile 14) Naive You could just use one at a time. In Battle Hall, you use only one Pokemon at a time. Battle Hall: 24000130 FEFD0000 Gives you any pokemon, Any level(1 - 100), any nature. 689ECFE0 82A0CB86 NOTE: Maybe this is to discourage drastic level differences in the game, but you cannot control the Pokemon's level.

If anyone has any questions, please ask. After beating the Champion, fly to Snowpoint City and take a ship to the Battle Frontier. 94000130 FCFF0000 first you must beat the elite four with only one pokemon. talk to him and he will give you the following codes that you wanted from above. You then hit your [L] trigger button, then clear. ****NOTE****

2000005C 00000001 IT HAS MAXED EVs/IVs DEBC0CD8 92F95736 To get the national pokedex, you have to see all 210 pokemon (don't worry you don'thave to catch em!) TESTED B2101D40 00000000 60. 0000B5D8 00000000

B2101D40 00000000 28 = Sunset This code uses the Poketech Calculator. must have national dex and pokeradar to do this trick.

24) Quirky, 999 Battle Points (Press L+R): just dont choose rock or steel because they are likely to have the ability sturdy (immume to 1 hit K-Os) hope it helps. 05 = Snow 1 16 = Dark cave 1 She will fly away and then be on the marking map. The Walkthrough have a rating 6 by 8 our users and has been commented 10 times. 9E77D3E5 5DA777BF Happy cheating!!! Hope I helped! They are all lv. First, you input the National Pokedex Number of the Pokemon you want, in this case, Charmander, which is 4.

10) Timid These codes WILL NOT WORK without this Knowing your type-match ups and the weaknesses of your te… First off, return to Sendoff Spring and head into Turnback Cave. -great ball

020F05C0 00000000 WOOHOO!!! TO ACTIVATE PRESS L+R OF YOU EMULATOR 19) Rash 24 = Dark Cave 2

92241276 0000319C X16

I have even experimented with the legendaries and with Spiritomb, who seems to be a problem-pokemon when it comes to cheats. And most important we have 138 other walkthroughs for Pokemon Platinum, read them all! Pokemon Platinum Walkthrough - Battle Hall walkthrough, tips and guide. 00004000 00000000 b2101d40 00000000 device.

D7000000 0207404C 621bfb0c 00000000 Once there, take on Volkner and Flint.

D2000000 00000000 D2000000 00000000 7) Relaxed However, Oak checks your pokedex a little different to Rowan; he checks the pokemon you've caught, not seen. 23) Careful Now fly to Canalave City and head into the nearby house next to the ship and you will see a boy thrashing about in his sleep due to a nightmare caused by Darkrai. 20) Calm 21) Gentle Like in Emerald, in the Battle Factory you do not use your own roster. I was taking on the battle matron Argenta with a L100 Arecues(i have action replay but I've only used one code,No frontier restrictions) She came at me with a L100 Regigigas and she won because Arceus only got to ATK once!!!!! 14) Naive My girlfriend is playing through all of the games to get to pokemon x. After you defeat them, Barry was going into the Battle Frontier before he is run into by another man. 0000B5D4 00000007 You will then run into a level 10 Charmander with Adamant nature. -quick ball C0000000 0000000A 22317837 D4E459C1 EEB0FDA5 0AB9A8B3

Action Replay device. Coronet from Oreburgh City. Azure Flute (L+R) d2000000 00000000 82413E98 FF91B194 3) Adamant NOTICE: Effect wears off after you enter a new place. 00020001 00000001 B2101D40 00000000 luxray-54 ITS SHINEY AND IS INFECTED WITH POKERUS!!! D2000000 00000000. B2101D40 00000000 In this video, we battle our way through the second facility of the Battle Frontier, the Battle Hall! F3E263F7 09088252 62101D40 00000000

100476C4 00000001

(Sorry. 3B22D8BC 956B44D2 Instructions:

621bfb0c 00000000

rapidash-55 15) Modest D2000000 00000000 000475E4 63636363

999x Master Balls [L+R] ps i would recomend yo to do this at night and catch it with a dusk ball also it will never wake up because it is in its 1000 year sleep or something good luck. Find more about Pokemon Pt at Walkthrough Wiki! 19) Rash That is where you'll see Cressilia. Impish 742B3167 A857A728

Game ID: CPUE-d074d1b3 The Lord of the Rings: War in the North cheats. 92241276 0000319C 4th. And personally I think that Metagross with Meteor Mash, Brick Break, Psychic and Earthquake is good, along with Salamence with Fly, Dragon Claw, Brick Break and Earthquake, and Sceptile with Leaf Blade, Brick Break, Earthquake and Aerial Ace is pretty good team to be owned,I migrated them from Emerald, and their PP is full, they are best because they have moves even against their own types and the types super effective them. E000B5D4 00000104 20) Calm 21) Gentle 0224127C 309C1C28 I got the codes from: 23) Careful All trademarks are property of their respective owner.We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Head to the southern shore of Sandgem Town and surf toward Route 221 and head to Pal Park and talk to Oak. D9000000 00111D10

Then go into your bag or party and the weather will change! 02241278 600800C0 ITS AWESOME. 0) Hardy -poke ball 0000B5D8 00000000

Ride up the waterfall here and go into the cave and grab the Adamant Orb and the Lustrous Orb here, as well as the Stone Plate. 23) Careful We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Pokemon Platinum on Nintendo DS platform.

10) Timid 10) Timid Wild Pokemon Modifier (Use Calculator Of Poketch) 06 = Snow 2 1 Hit Kills in Battle (Press SELECT) 42101DE8 02000000 11 = Diamond rain (Birthday-Event) D9000000 00111D10

D2000000 00000000 ~Umbreon100, This page contains Pokemon Platinum cheats list for Nintendo DS version. nice, i have a great pokemon to use for the battle hall: articuno lv 85 or above-make sure it has the moves sheer cold- learnt at lv 85 and mind reader usually known when captured: if not see the heart scale guy in pastoria.

D3000000 00000000

FCFF687B 3472D98D After Barry and Palmer run off, a man named Buck will talk to you and ask you to come to the Survival Area or Stark Mountain to train. D2000000 00000000 94000130 fcff0000 Home > Pokemon Platinum Walkthrough > Part 10: Battle Frontier.

D2000000 00000000

94000130 fff70000 Now, as with all Pokemon Modifier cheats, I will start with the beginning: first, make sure that this code is the only one in use on your Action Replay (Yes, you DO need one...). made using pokesav 5) Bold D0000000 00000000 00000001 E8FD0000 NOTE: The following codes work only when used with an

10047608 000003e7 d2000000 00000000, The following Action Replay code will give you 999x Rare Candies and all medicines. I wish the site would add a fix/edit cheats option or something, Specific Corrections/Modifications: She has a set team in here so your strategy needs to be augmented by the choice in the Roulette. 3) Adamant re: You're Best battle Frontier Team I'm gonna switch my Garchomp to jolly, you should ry garchomp, it owns, trust me. Cyainide, you can't bring legendary pokemon into the battle frontier, and palhorse thanks for how many battles you need for the frontier brian. the secret door is beside the yellow and black blinking thing which is right beside the TV on the first floor.

Finally, input in the nature you want, in this case, Adamant [3], then press select.

94000130 FFFB0000 Now we have 160 cheats in our list, which includes 67 cheats codes, 4 passwords, 89 unlockables. -dive ball If walkthrough is usable don't forgot thumbs up paleHorse91 and share this with your freinds. 21 = Snow 4 simple combination, mind reader then sheer cold. 000476A4 00000000 02241278 60080040 And to get Cressilia, go to Canalave City and go to Sailor Eldritch Talk to the boys mum and then talk to Sailor Eldritch.He will ask you if you will help his son.

This one includes the level and nature adjustment for all you picky people out there, so enjoy. Reply if you want to battle me, walk/run/bycicle anywhere and some other codes, All pokeballs (even cherish,master,and dive ball) x995, Get the National Dex and see 4 rare pokemon. 62101D40 00000000 Restore Health In Battle (Press START) 3) Adamant 12) Serious EARTHQUAKE This cheat deletes all the things in your pokeball poket, and replaces them.

22 = Ash rain 3 At night, touch the TV to let out Rotom and capture it!

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