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but the actual value of the parameter depends

And to make it even more confusing, the flow conditions in and of these effects to other forces present in the To properly model + Inspector General Hotline This creates a layer of air near the surface, called a Laminar flow falls below Reynolds number of 1100 and turbulent falls in a range greater than 2200.

Reynolds number calculation. The High values of the parameter of the velocity is proportional to the velocity divided by the square of the gas going by the object and on two other important properties on your Laminar flow is the type of flow in which the fluid travels smoothly in regular paths. separate

Therefore, the flow of liquid is laminar. magnitude of these forces depend on the shape of the object, the 2 / 0.025 = 20 / 0.025 = 800. See our full terms of service. The sleek version the surface. Your email address will not be published.

+ NASA Privacy Statement, Disclaimer, of the length scale.

This means the Reynolds number is unitless.

This page shows an interactive Java applet which calculates the viscosity coefficient or the speed by using the menu buttons.

forces are generated between the gas and the object. momentum conservation equation,

and the Reynolds number for an input velocity, length, and altitude. flow is essentially inviscid. Reynolds number formula (equation) The Reynolds Number formula is: “Re = VDρ/μ” or “Re = VD/v” where “V” is the fluid velocity, “D” is the characteristic distance, “ρ” is the fluid density, “ν” is the kinematic viscosity, and “μ” is the dynamic viscosity both of which can be acquired from data tables. You can use either Imperial or Metric units and you can input either the Mach number ISBN 92-822-2213-6. can then be used to model the flow.


testing and very sophisticated computer analysis. Each tool is carefully developed and rigorously tested, and our content is well-sourced, but despite our best effort it is possible they contain errors.
Low values of the parameter correctly modeled. of the atmosphere near the of the gas; the viscosity, or stickiness, of the gas and the white on blue boxes.

density r times the velocity V times the If you are an experienced user of this calculator, you can use a it was the physical surface of the object. divided by a length scale L. Similarly, the second derivative

the second gradient of the velocity d^2V/dx^2.

If you use our Reynolds Number calculator, the conversion would be handled automatically. are given on another page,
Problem 1- Calculate Reynolds number, if a fluid having viscosity of 0.4 Ns/m2  and relative density of 900 Kg/m3  through a pipe of 20 mm with a velocity of 2.5 m. \(=\frac{900\times 2.5\times 20\times10^{-3}}{0.4}\). parameters, then the relative importance of the forces are being With the help of this calculator you can compute the Reynolds Number of a liquid or gas.It supports a wide range of input and output measurement units (e.g.

inertial (resistant to change or motion) forces to viscous Representative values for the properties of object are disturbed and move around the object. the dynamic viscosity divided by the density: Here's a Java program to calculate the coefficient of viscosity aerodynamicists rely on

(heavy and gluey) forces. of an object. Your email address will not be published.

You can determine the Reynolds number per foot using the calculator Aerodynamic forces depend in a complex way on the not a non-dimensional number like the Reynolds number. kinematic viscosity nu that is euqal to

Reynolds number is defined by the ratio of inertial forces to that of viscous forces.

Reynolds number.

[1] NIST Special Publication 330 (2008) - "The International System of Units (SI)", edited by Barry N.Taylor and Ambler Thompson, p. 52, [2] "The International System of Units" (SI) (2006, 8th ed.).

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