politicians should be paid minimum wage

All being a politician is about is attacking anybody who does not have exactly the same amount of money as the politician. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK ME FUCKING FUCK Ajhdjkhdf dsfpH LSG FGJHS HS S GJSJKFGJG JGSJJJ J SJ J JJ SGJ GJ GJ GJ JJ JSJS J JJ DJJ JKGJS KDJJKSGJ JG FJJS GKFJ KGJ KGDJ KGD JKG J GJSJ SGJ SJSG J JJ SJ J GJJ JSGD, Yes yes ye s ye sy eys e yes yes yes yes yesy eyesy eys ye ey eye eye eyody;G ye ye ye eye ey eye ey eye0q q[pu pqU F 'F ' 'fy 'fD S'a'd f E9 EFY F D'sdffd' 'f ' ifoyd fy ssiyo 'f s si sy s. If we don't pay our politicians, nominally, only the rich would be able to hold public office, as they would be the only ones who could afford it. CreateDebate is a social debate community built around ideas, discussion and democracy.

the only problem is that no smart person would work for minimum wage... i mean, what dumbass voluntarily does that? Maybe by finding ways to lower cost. That is why there are limits to the number of terms a person can serve.

This is a picutre of the "Presidental Pepper." They work for minimum wage because they have to.

In addition, your logic seems flawed: no smart person will run for office to work for minimum wage - can you prove to me, without doubt, that smart people are currently running for office? Their salary if not minimum wage should reflect that of the average citizens annual income intake note higher. In those cases, the federal rate applies and businesses have to pay workers at the least the $7.25 rate.

We could all live comfortably, even the shelf stockers at Wal-Mart. Politicians get around this by going from office to office and from state to state. Why would you assume there wouldnt be intelligent people who would enter politics for the passion of helping others. Thats obviously on the low end if you look at the track record for released financials of politicians. An ideal legislator or executive needs to have certain skills: a solid grasp of the law and public policy, managerial experience, good judgment, social intelligence, etc. ), they will no way want to live on $6.55/hour. Very specific in what kind of intelligence it measures. I sure love being able to bribe a politician with a couple hundred bucks! You end up costing jobs from people who are at the bottom rung of the economic ladder.” — Rep. Paul Ryan on Feb. 13, “A full day’s hard work should be enough to keep you and your family out of poverty. If pay is minimum wage, who is going to do it? You are right, they do it for the perks. And the erosion of the minimum wage has lowered pay and working standards for all of us." So I'm giving this one to you.

Though, I agree that it would make it significantly worse. Politicians would never allow themselves to live in poverty and they know that minimum wage is garbage. Exactly. No one, (or very few) would sacrifice everything, including their child's future, wife and other family's welfare to take office. Do you really think he's President for the money? Politicians need to live the life of a private in the military. They'd make decisions benefiting the rich, And the rich are more likely to be corrupt.

You don't think someone who works to improve your country deserves a good wage? but we would need to first get them in office, which no smart person will do. I don't think politicians should be paid minimum wage necessarily, but rather an average of what their constituents earn. “Wages” was the most searched term in the U.S. during Thursday’s presidential debate, according to Google Trends.

It still needs to be a viable job for qualified individuals. Point blank. It's a lot harder to refuse thousands of dollars in bribe money when you're living a tiny apartment vs living in a mansion. Workers who earn a minimum wage today are paid around 27 percent less than their counterparts almost 50 years ago. If such idea existed, working at McDonalds would be the best job in the U.S. Good job. On July 18, 2019, the U.S. House of Representatives passed an amended version of the Raise the Wage Act of 2019, which would gradually increase the federal minimum wage … Most states have set their own minimum wage above $7.25 per hour, as have many cities around the United States. They'd make decisions benefiting the rich, and the rich are more likely to be corrupt. George Washington received no salary for his role as Commander-in-Chief of the Army.

Politicians aren't that smart.

The problem is you can’t do that by mandating it in the minimum wage laws.

Here’s what’s going to happen: They’re going to have to lay people off.” — Gov. wage would probably become a living wage because the politicians would raise it. Any positive side you imagine would probably become null considering the fact that salaries are secondary income for most and those who actually need it would be too preoccupied with getting food on the table for their families rather than helping the country. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

In your ideal wage where everyone gets fairly compensated for their work, why do politician's get the short end? Watch how fast everything changes when politicians realize what life on minimum wage really is like. We don't pay our politicians, Nominally, Only the rich would be able to hold public office, As they would be the only ones who could afford it. How easy would it be to corrupt the government then? There may be some people who say no, and that perhaps ends the conversation with them. Previously, I wrote for The Times-Picayune | The New Orleans Advocate covering. It is considered a "public service" to become a politician since they are supposed to represent the public. Members of the Florida Legislature, for example, make a little over $30k per year.

Power paves the way for greed and with power they can set there own pay grades. Campaign donation and salary are different topics.

Again, do you really think they are in it for the money? They would make it a living wage some how. I think the corruption we see in the government would be greatly reduced if the politicians actually knew what they are playing with rather than watching it from afar. By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. We can't hold ourselves up as a top economic country globally while our Speaker of the House works nights and weekends slinging french fries. But from my knowledge, not only are they allowed to accept public donations which they may keep if not spent on their campaign. They are public servants yet make more than the public that they serve, It's wrong! Maybe when it pays next to nothing, we will get some people in office who aren't doing it for the money. EDIT to add this paragraph: The last questions there should be read as relating to the actual pay. Politicians as a prerequisite to serve should live at least a year on welfare cheques in community housing. It is most visible in the inner cities … I have never conducted research to see if politicians are truly smarter than janitors and wal-mart cashiers. To follow along, you may find it helpful to. If a person is mostly encouraged to ascend to politics and dictate the route of the country due to monetary benefits, One should be wary that they would and have been shown to prioritize their personal interest as opposed to the national interest of the country.

References to future payouts from book deals, etc., are beside the point. Perhaps it should be lower, Yes, More of a living wage, But it ultimately benefits society much, Much more than it hurts it to pay politicians. And to hope that you will find some philanthropist is leaving too much at the hands of chance.

At least maybe the minimum wage. It's god damn embarrassing. All we have is the IQ test, which kind of sucks. I'm with you on this one 100%.

Any questions or concerns? Why? That is just not correct. They are after all are supposed to be public servants. Cities like Seattle and New York have already done so with their $15/hour minimum wage mandates. That's ridiculous.

Maybe they would increase the minimum wage? In no other profession, will you grey your hair in 3 months due to the stress of it. That’s how many American workers make less than $15 per hour, according to the Leadership Conference Education Fund and Georgetown Center on Poverty and Inequality. Examples of excommunist countries in Eastern Europe, Zanuchia and Bolokoslavia, proves your idea works!

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