portal 2 walkthrough

Now both players will now need to switch their portals--Blue should shoot the two inclines from the balcony they are on; Orange will need to pass through the grill and put their portals on the other two inclines. Step back into your orange portal at arrive at the top again. Once at the top, Blue should move their blue portal above Orange's portal on the wall. Face back towards the main area and place your orange portal to get back there. Search the small broken shaft on the right and fire your other portal to gain access to the lower catwalks.

Blue will want to set portals to reach the jump pad on the right. Put your blue portal up there and head across the walk way. Once the lift is high enough Blue should leap through their portals and arrive on the other side of the crushers. Terms of Use and This will keep the sphere in place, unlocking the gate to the exit elevator. Orange should move their portal to its previous location and use the jump pad to reach the bridge. The first test simply introduces the relationship between cubes and buttons. Because you still lack a portal gun, you will need to hit switches to turn on blue portals. Next shoot your orange portal on either on the small white panels behind you. Quick, easy-to-follow video tutorials for each separate level that you'll come across in the Multiplayer Co-op. Wait for the walls to smash together before moving ahead. Return back into the center and press the middle button to place the last blue portal. Once reaching the third level, turn back around and place your blue portal on the wall directly below you so that the ground also becomes covered in gel. Move a few levels down the tower and peer down the elevator shaft. Visit our corporate site. When you enter this chamber, you'll be in a shallow pit. This will launch the cube next to the second node. If placed correctly you'll land right near the main door way. On the above level place an orange portal on the tilted platform on the right side of the laser. Orange will need to place their red portal on the white wall sticking out overhead. Shot your orange portal repeatedly over the far wall on the right to flood the area with gel and destroy the multitude of turrets blocking your path. Walk onto the other side of the bridge--passed the laser wall, and hit the bottom node again to reach the cube control switch. Replace your blue portal over the light beam tunnel generator and your orange portal on the left wall under the orange gel tube. Orange should wait until the sphere hits the laser beam, and then fire their orange portal at the funnel source. Fire your blue portal at the wall ahead and quickly turn the corner. Hit the switch, catch the flying cube, and pass it down to Orange. Use the sections on the right to navigate to the level of which you require, and play the video.

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