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In PPGD, Blossom is one of the main characters. Like her original TV counterpart, she is still the leader of the Powerpuff girls but is a bit more sensitive than her TV counterpart and is very strong-willed. Let's take a look as to what each Girl represents: Blossom: She represents the girl that Brenda wanted to be. Hence the Power Reserve, which is des… However, when she's angry, she can be more furious than Buttercup. Independent « » Log in or sign up.

Loyal. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Television Blossom's pink color may be a reference to the leaders usually wearing red or shades of red in Super Sentai and many similar shows of Japanese origin (Pink is a lighter shade of red, which is usually chosen to look more feminine). If You Were A Powerpuff Girl, Which One Would You Be? 1. Bubbles is now shown to be more of a spirited go-getter and energetic. Blossom has the traditional generic superhero powers. Not much is known about their personality due to their debut being in a comic. Bubbly. Blossom from Powerpuff Girls Z bears the resemblance of Tsunade from Naruto and Darkwing Duck and Yashamaru from Naruto. Victoria. The Powerpuff Girls’ power level varies even more erratically than most supers.

Blossom is the Powerpuff Girl with the shortest hair. In honor of this iconic, cute-as-heck crime-fighting trio, we created a quiz to reveal your inner Powerpuff Girl. The titular heroines — Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup — are three little girls with vaguely Superman-like powers who defend a cartoon town against improbable menaces. The show was a popular … The Powerpuff Girls are drawn almost completely out of round and soft shapes (except Buttercup) having sharp edges in her design, which contrasts to the primarily blocky and angular locations and characters within the original series. Take our quiz and find out which Powerpuff Girl you are - Blossom, Buttercup or Bubbles? She is the only one having lots of decorations in her hair. Although Blossom is the leader of the Powerpuff Girls, Buttercup could easily be the leader of the zodiac signs. She can also produce ice with her super-cold breath. She also developed a recent large crush on. 7. Bubbles: Bubbles represented her soft and bubbly side. Alex. Your Personality.

Flight, strength, invulnerability, heat vision, and superspeed. TV Powerpuff Colors Girl Cartoons ... Report. Aries signs have plenty of fight in them, plus the stubbornness Buttercup can go overboard with at times. Her main ingredient is "sugar" which reflects her sweet and upbeat personality. She is nice and kind. The Powerpunk Girls are the Powerpuff's evil counterparts, so it is expected that they are the opposite of the Powerpuffs (With the exception of Brute, who seems to have about the same personality as Buttercup but amplified). Blossom, the "Everything nice" part of the trio, is the confident and courageous leader of the Powerpuff Girls.Dubbed "Commander and the Leader," she is best known for her level head and determination, as well as leading the girls to victory and saving the day. B. Abilities/Powers Advanced Intellect: Blossom is easily the smartest of the trio, known to be very tactical in combat and excelling in... Cryokinesis: Blossom is able to freeze people, objects, and surroundings by using her breath.

Her personality changed. Cartoon Network. Her first appearance was in the short Whoopass Stew.She is the 'Sugar' of the trio. Blossom is the Powerpuff Girl with a huge red bow and a hair clip on the back. Honest. She is the only Powerpuff Girl who has multiple powers that she does not share with the others. the Powerpuff girls are normal 5 year old girls who live with their 14 year old brother, Alex. Her personality ingredient is "everything nice", her signature color is bright pink, and she has long red-orange hair with a red bow. Add to library 146 » Discussion 257 » Follow author » Share . J-pop & J-rock (Japanese Pop & Japanese Rock), You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home By Miley Cyrus, Hates being challenged for being the leader. Blossom was the first Powerpuff Girl to get her name. Humble. She has an anger scale, along with the others.

She is the only Powerpuff Girl who does not share the same eye color as her dark counterpart and male counterpart. episodes and the series) is the tactician and self-proclaimed leader of the Powerpuff Girls. Blossom was also the first Powerpuff Girl to speak. If you could rename the Powerpuff Girls… Which Powerpuff Girl are you? Bubbles is still naive, however she is cute. Her signature color is sky blue and she loves animals. Bubbles is really bubbly and very sweet. Are you the strong and determined Blossom? More The Powerpuff Girls: Action Time Wiki. Making new concoctions with different chemicals and others. With superpowers like flight, X-ray vision and energy projection, the Powerpuff Girls offer serious punch in pint-sized packages. Powerpuff Girls was a superhero cartoon that aired from 1998 to 2005. Personality. Bubbles, although named second, is the youngest of the trio. She is the most pure-hearted of the Powerpuff Girls. Bubbles is the cutest of the Powerpuff Girls known as "The Joy and the Laughter." The Rowdyruff Boys, their just like the girls, so therefore can protect me … One minute they’ll be using a giant, skyscraper-eating snake as a skipping rope, the next they’ll be knocked unconscious by a mid-level strongman. Maybe, you're more like the soft and sweet Bubbles.

https://blossom.fandom.com/wiki/Blossom_(character)?oldid=22078, Learning about different civilizations other than the ones on Earth (Ancient included), Taking the role as the oldest of the girls. The Powerpuff Girls are back!

However; Bubbles is still a crybaby, despite being older in each season. The Powerpuff Girls: Action Time Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. She’s incredibly competitive, as most Aries are, and very honest - sometimes too honest. Bubblesis one of the Powerpuff Girls and the deuteragonist ofThe Powerpuff Girls franchise. The Powerpuff Girls, because they can protect me with their powers. While this is not based on canonical birthdays (especially for the Powerpuff Girls themselves, since they share a birthday), it’s fun to consider what zodiac sign might fit which character, especially because even the villains have plenty of personality. WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST CALL US?!?!?!?!?! Blossom makes an appearance in both of Bleedman's popular webcomics: PowerPuff Girls Doujinshi and Grim Tales: What about Mimi?. They wear small dresses with a black stripe across the middle, frilly white panties, white tights and black strapped Mary Jane shoes. ... What's the main ingredient in your personality? Blossom playing guitar in the episode "the Powerpuff girls rock off". Blossom (voiced by Jennifer Fried in the Whoopass Stew pilot, Cathy Cavadini in the What a Cartoon!

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