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The concept is forced perspective, sort of like sidewalk chalk — you can’t make things pop up at you. Scott: That wasn’t our first time in a basketball arena. CJ: We have some tools that give us some of the initial data. CJ: I see a lot of potential in taking other surfaces, not just hard surfaces but soft surfaces like smoke and clouds and water and things like that where we can control some of the properties of these soft materials and find a way to come up with the content that makes it look like you’re doing more than just projecting on it. I think there’s a lot of visual opportunity there. a sample of the gobo projection we provide.

“It was hard to promote ourselves as part of SAIC, but it was a great firm and I learned a lot,” he says.

CJ was the creative drive behind the Cavs project and many similar projects.

At that time, people had a very compartmentalized thought of how video projection could work.

What was the first project that blew everyone’s mind? “It was definitely the team that sold me on this,” CJ continues. Here’s what they had to say. Once a customer uses it, they can’t go back — it gives them an opportunity to grow. picture this behind your main table or in multiple walls throughout your venue.

Quince Imaging, in partnership with the Cleveland Cavaliers' Q-TV team and Think Media Studios, projected full court video in anticipation of the halftime ceremony… Cleveland Cavaliers PreGame Court Projection on Vimeo The servers can also bring in information from the motors that are tracking objects across the stage.

Latin America: +1.786.671.3545. On a three- or four-day conference they get a different look every day. Tell us a little bit about some technologies that you’re considering for use in the next couple of years. There’s a lot of innovation in that realm. They decided to deploy it. Quince Imaging Makes Projection Mapping the Norm for NBA and NHL Teams ... Quince Imaging & Lightware Make Projection Mapping Norm for NBA & NHL, Atlanta Hawks basketball team scores with 3D projection. Quince Imaging Makes Projection Mapping the Norm for NBA and NHL Teams with the Help of Lightware Hardware. Including traditional widescreen or visual screens in with mapped elements is where we’re going within the corporate market. He honed his industry knowledge building displays and visual systems for top-secret underground command centers. Scott: We’re constantly brainstorming what to do next. And that’s the trick. Discrete tracking is a little more challenging, but we’re still actively working on it.

Book professionals. Suite 200  Not only is it mathematically accurate, but we can also put the client’s content on a surface and say this is what it’s going to look like. The other half of my time, I was sending these projectors all over the world and operating them at special events, and ironically, in sports arenas,” Scott says. Co-owner and CFO/COO Scott Williams and Projection Designer CJ Davis graciously accepted our request to visit their office in Herndon, VA. As we begin to get to know Quince Imaging, Scott tells us their main focus has been taking standard products and designing them into specialty display applications with custom-built network infrastructure. @quebuenadj @djtankenvivo. How do you process object data?

When we determine where the projectors are going to go, we survey the arena, we get a CAD/vector drawing of the court, and translate that into a map of where we’ll put our graphics and video. “You can’t go into it with just a great idea — it needs to be based in reality…you need to have that center-brain mentality,” he says. by Angela Grant | May 7, 2018 | Press Release, by Scott Williams | Mar 13, 2018 | Thought Leadership, by Angela Grant | Feb 25, 2018 | Thought Leadership, by Angela Grant | Feb 20, 2018 | Specialty Installations, Dual-Sport Projection System slated for permanent installation at Capital One Arena, Dual-Sport Projection System captivates at Capital One Arena, Projection System Options for University and Professional Arenas, Sony PlayStation Sponsors Golden State Warriors Halftime with Immersive Advertisement, Quince Imaging Joins AJ Digital Collective, NFL Virtual Draft “Inner Circle” Fan Experience, Quince Imaging Provides Technical Systems Architecture for the Virtual NFL Draft, Quince Imaging Supports Overhaul of Historic Conmy Hall with 144’ LED Wall, Quince Imaging Collaborates with Universities to Honor Graduating Class of 2020. And we just figured out how to do it and got out in front of the whole wave of projection mapping, and it’s been fun and interesting.”, “CJ has been a big lever in enabling us to really go into this frontier,” adds Scott. Continually experimenting with techniques and technology in specialty event displays, Quince has most recently focused their resources on a particular niche: projection image mapping.

CJ: It’s all about the data. Scott traveled all over the world designing and installing such systems. CJ: We’ve done a lot of proof-of-concepts for tracking and interactivity. Non-discrete tracking is deployable today fairly easily, even in the sports arena. “We count on that kind of baseline training to give some of the creative guys an understanding of [the] technical side and give the younger technical people a broader, more consumptive approach to what they really need to know.

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