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My only complaints are the lack of customization of our characters but other than that so far so good! It’s driving me nuts! During war spirit transformation, it will have an extra damage bonus to the boss that has reached restraint relationship. It is a little pay to win. p.s. Why are you allowing this? Season button adjustment 3. I would like more things I could do with my League/Guild. cancer game avoid at all costs. Still 5 stars, good game great to pass time but would not reccomend if you dont have at least 2-3 gb of ram , currently this game put me in a glitch where it will stay in load screen at 5% so devs if you read this csn you please look into this , im uninstalling then reinstalling to see if that fixes the problem but great opening graphics and really fun when it works progression doesnt start getting hard till about level 100-130. Easy and fast leveling up your characters. New additional system [Devil God] is added3.

[Class Change Helps Break Through] The fencer, magician… Free class change and rich developing journeys!
3. play it for a day u wont put the phone down. It's so bland. Shame! I really want to like this game. I actually really love the graphics. The only thing the company cares about is making money, so they spin up new servers daily and forget about the older servers. I have never seen worse.

But easy to get gear and levels most of the time. The game is cool, but when you have played it for a while you can clearly see this game is pay to win, can't get the nice stuff without paying for it, this is sad cause i like the game, but that ruined it for me. of Service and Privacy Policy, Don’t have an account? Labels are added to the peak centers after they are found or added, to show user the positions of the current peaks. Either fix this or I want my money back, I'm devastated, This game has good gameplay and good graphics but they really esagerate how much you level up and the purple gems that are used for everything are imposible to get unless you want to spend 15 dollars so put some in the gifts and the legendarys are pretty hard to find also plus the codes dont work as much as they say.

The community is awesome and its so cool to have people actually create wars between leagues of the same server when you are fighting the war of server v server. Translation system is coming! Optimization of Holy System Rank;3.

NewTotem function is added. Display optimization and bug fixing. Adjust the battle rewards of the big devil and the challenger camp. Minimum Origin Version Required: Origin 8.0 SR6. 1. uninstalling soon, there is nothing that makes me wanna come back and play more. Excellent Game, I love vertical games. Bottom line i can add a bunch of fluff but i wont. Great game but don't bother if you're free to play. Just a disgusting company. game is kinda interesting and joyful. In this game you don’t really have to worry about much, as everything is automated pretty much, but especially because of that, […] https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-iOkTkWPI4nPescIgQHOGyCun9q2HDKTLinks to other social media accounts. I would love this game so much more of it didn't crash during every event... Only started happening with latest event... New update screwed up the game for me. 5. 1. This game will eat your money, slander you when they over charge your financial institution and permanently ban you from the game, Crooks in Disguise!

I proposed to a friend in game worth 11$ and the option went away, reached out to the Devs and they said I cant even get my money back. Neither code advertised have ANY gear. If you want to keep your game going at least make it fair for all to win something decent for their money. Sick of garbage "devs" with their false advertising and cheap gameplay getting away with these scams. It auto grinds when offline for you but mainly some event rewards and exp only. Do it again and I put you down to one. i can go on and on. Though, not the kind that you can actually spend on things, currency used simply for a tiny temporary boost. Only those who have invested thousands of dollars to the game stay in hopes that the Devs will eventuality conduct mass merges, but in the end don't, thus leaving empty servers and people constantly leaving either the game all together or to newer servers. If they just told the truth, I wouldn't be upset. what can I say, the controls suck, sometimes I need to click the same button 10 times for it to respond, the graphics are ok, nothing special, the gameplay is completely the same as any other autoplay p2w mmorpg. Might also want to check into BlazingGhost server 740 likely using a cheat to ruin your game. But after that good graphics just that i think a kid will prefer this game not.. free android apps Raider Origin : Fresh and Relaxing Operation. Follow Me On Instagram: https://instagram.com/_rick_m_29Follow Me On Twitter: https://twitter.com/@2018RichieFollow Me On TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@jokester5591 We respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously. Theres just so much happening on the screen but i still have no clue what is going on. if you arent a whale paying thousands of dollars then youre going to be killed by them and locked out of getting better items. Smooth movement, smart feedback, and easy gameplay grant you relax and pleasure. New Dungeon Archdevil Rift, call your teammates to slay the Satan together.4. A daily updated directory of the manga. :). - YouTube

Super boring. Optimize game performance and details.

Carve of Holy Gear has opened, in which you can intensify your holy gears via some gears of common parts; 3.New activity has opened: Dreamland Exploration. I’ve been playing this game for almost a month now and I’m addicted to it but I’m currently having an issue! marriage is a bit confusing too on how to use it properly. Ive uninstalled and reinstalled once already, It really fun game, I play for 2-3 weeks but after that update the game all the time crushed and don't let me to connect to the game and play, I want to give it a 5, but you guys keep having advertisements on Facebook that are showing players getting like 25 or 30 million plus power in 2 hours from grinding when that is not true at all.
EDIT these scripted responses prove that they dont care, Honestly got really addicted to this game, but now there is a new update out the game won't launch and will just force close every time I go to launch if. I LOVE IT! 【Update Content】 1.There are more materials available for upgrading high-level mounts. NewTotem function is added. Add the interface of first guild competition after the server merge and adjust the event time to 21:30; 8. Optimize game performance and details. I have put alot of time into this game and constantly get my bosses reset because i keep crashing. Add a cross-server calendar to show the opening hours of cross-server gameplay. Class Change Helps Break Through. It auto grinds when offline for you but mainly some event rewards and exp only. I wish I could turn it off. New function: Quick upgrade of Seal/Divine; 7. Feedback or Complaints?

its beyond an idle game. WORLD/BOSS SCALING - This itself is a major issue. Now the rule of winning streak is more intuitive and easy to understand 2. Gear that does drop is always for the opposite class your currently playing and takes you a very long time to fully gear to the needed items for your class, unless you have an active server and people helping each other out, you will get far behind on the gear level. Welcome to the world of manga.

4.Add new season CG: Expedition of Heroes. Automatic cast of Mythical Being Soulgear which unlocks at peak100; 4. It devalues the rest of the experience of the game. Slay or be slayer, conquer or be conquered: who will be the leader of world? I just wish the VIP levels were more clearly laid out. I had to reboot my phone and all accounts binded show no previous characters. - Brand New Season Play - Expedition. Open time: 20:30 to 21:00 every Sunday. GAMEPLAY - Game play honestly is lacking, Stale and garbage. I had to make an alt account today just to force my main to grind offline for a while to get rid of some tickets! Reset of 2 hours too lonf for server of 30+ ppl.

Now the rule of winning streak is more intuitive and easy to understand2. New-added random portrait chips; 5. 1. 2.The Mindsmelt, Level-up. While myself being a top player on one server, you literally have to dump hundreds to thousands in this game to get either ahead or to retain your rank at #1. Wait for your update to be 5 stars! The game is filled with massive amounts of bugs. this isnt about a short boost its about not being able to complete with vip4 requirement. No.1 is only those who spend more than others in weekend gambling events.

Brand new cross server loot: Darkfire Lord gameplay is coming.

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