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it really just playes itself, is a good experience for me to try this game and good graphics. and also after the dodge/accu update, dodge still not work that much...thats what i see.. ;D. Firstly, the build is already at a lack of skill points, so there aren't really any points to get the dex training. For one, putting as many stat points on the diviner’s intelligence attribute makes for an efficient damage dealer all packed with various debuffs that can decelerate or immobilize mobs of monsters at a time. This is by far the most greedy game you will ever play, first off almost all the items are broken up into pieces to even be usable. It's not actually an open world game. Part of the main quest will have scene optimization.2. 99% of the game you have no control over, you simply follow the clicks and hope you dont run into a griefing player. If you are new to MU Origin 2 and have only recently started playing the game, then we strongly suggest that you read our beginner’s guide as it discusses important tips and strategies that can help you get a good start on the game and keep you on track towards raising your combat power faster to quickly progress on the game. It ridiculous how greedy the Devs seem to be with this. (In real something about 12xx is the right amount to calculate with.). With this build, it won’t be entirely easy to survive on your own on harder mobs and dungeons, but killing mobs in relatively easier areas will be fast. It increases your AP and dodge most. I have item's I can't use but have to ask for silly prices so people spend more money on the game. If you want to advance further you've got to empty your wallet. Unlike in the original MU Online where the archer class can either be built to be a killer or a healer, much of what you can do with archer in MU Origin 2 stands in-between the general build you can work on with the class. You may not be able to join in the activities with the leagues. The developers only care about money. Game is great until you reach level 300 and above. 301-307 LOCKHART RD.WAN CHAI HK, Other applications in the Action category, © 2015 Similar Play App Stats - Terms of Service Privacy Policy. As Substat I would recomment 60dodge/40ms and 50accuracy/40crit. It also helps that ranking is irrelevant to me. Skill build which I find extremely effective in Katar v Katar and It works great vs all. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Now instead of doing specific training missions, just like cleaning, climbing, hitting targets, etc, you got to do dungeons and missions. Money grab game with P2W players killing servers by chasing less fortunate f2p players away.. items won can only be sold to the server you belong to there is no cross server selling in markets. not me tho (not saying i use w/e he suggested). There is alot of content also hidden behind vip4. Even with the best bows and armor sets you can grab and equip on an archer, there will still be plenty of stat points to play with to customize your build. Max lvl is level 654...just ridiculous! (Much more than any cleric buffs.) It helps when you are offline and you don't have time it grinds for you so you don't have to rush when you have work.
This game is really fun and fast paced.

Drop rate is extremely low so if you want to dump like a year of your life. My char is lvl 300, guild leader is lvl 380..my power is almost 2 million, his power is 7 million from buying things. The auto assign function in the stats menu is not that bad but tinkering with it a bit should give you a better design especially if you have yet to acquire your desired armor set and weapon. You'll go stretches with nothing, then a few. On the other hand, raising your archer’s survivability in either PvP or PvE battles require more stat points allocated on agility, especially considering that stat points assigned on agility boosts the archer’s flee rate more than the other classes. If you ask for a refund cause they wrecked the game they ignore you and say there is nothing they can do about it. Your chances to do a critical hit now are: 2000 – 1500  = 500 ~ That means you have a chance to make a crit hit by: 25%.
That means the more critical rating you have, the more critical hits you do or the more hits you prevent to be critical. Added the worldview description, there are entrances in the cross-server, role, and season interface.3. And if you do buy during the event you still may not get anything as your DROP RATES are so HORRIBLE, I've spent $100 on this weekend's event and I haven't won a single rare. So if you want to be efficient in single battles or in team plays, for PvP or PvE, then there are suggested stat considerations we can present to help you work on the ultimate build for your chosen character. As Katar Raider you add 100% damage to your critical hits. Do not play this game. As a good choice for total beginners, the swordsman class exemplifies the most basic starting class in conventional RPGs. There are 4 character slots in an account so you can spend a bit of time with each class and focus on the one you enjoy playing the most. My suggestions for Statbuilds (each build is for full buffed PVP): Game Arena (Crystal Defender) or War (TG), STR: 25, DEX: 300, INT: 15, CON: 300, CHA: 200, SEN: 100. However a free player will NEVER come in the top 10, so the high tier rewards are hidden behind money. Well I've played for almost 6 months now and you guys put more effort into your "top up and carnival events" than you do actually making the game fun and enjoyable. The top up events they mention offer rewards you can acquire for less money than it costs to participate in the event (see bdias). Additionally, this is a considerable option if you tend to always play in a party and there aren’t enough damage dealers. Home Guides Raider: Origin Cheats: Tips & Guide to Get More Powerful. Updade? Edited by Denaomina, 27 May 2014 - 07:04 PM. If you have relevant ideas and tips you would like to share with us, we would love to hear from you so please don’t hesitate to write something in the comment area below. Works for me because I just put it aside while I work so that (extremely) slow evolution doesn't bother me that much. Great experience.. To make it easy: 1000 critical rating is a 50% chance to make a critical hit. Additionally, you can only carry a shield if you equip a one-handed weapon, which makes one-handed weapon wielders a little more versatile. You need to purchase diamonds for everything good on this game. Your dodge is more important than a higher M-Def. It just gives you slightly more M-Def and MP. Game Logins Not Working. They make a bunch of servers then when people stop spending on them they merge them with high powered servers who just run over everyone and won't let them compete in any events or kill any bosses. I would recommend a general amount of 250-280.

(skip screw attack instead - the points you have to invest in it are way better invested in 1stun + tons of passives). It's casual, you can communicate with people.

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