real vs fake christmas tree environmental impact

A plant is a renewable resource, 100-percent biodegradable and easily recycled,” Dungey told weather.com. weighs in on environmental impacts. If you’re in the market for a Christmas tree this holiday season, it turns out in most instances, whether you buy a farm-grown tree or an artificial one doesn’t change how much of an environmental impact you’ll have on the planet. But he warns that the environmental impact of a real tree — although less than that of an artificial one — still exists. While that may not sound eco-friendly, the A.C.T.A., which represents manufacturers, claims the environmental impact is lower than that of a real tree if you use the artificial tree for five or more years. An artificial tree must be used for at least seven years before it becomes the most environmentally friendly option. to supply this year’s White House Christmas tree. (Jason Wen), Here Are 6 Things You May Not Know About DST, Nothing Lasts Forever, Not Even a Twinkie, Set Your Clocks Back, Daylight Saving Time Begins, Cold or Flu? But manufacturing a recyclable tree has been challenging. Comments are welcome while open. There's not a huge difference in the environmental impact of buying a real or fake Christmas tree. What about the effect on wildlife and local water supplies, he asked, and the benefit of preserving farmland and jobs? Fake Christmas Trees: Which is Better for the Environment? For some people, this issue isn’t quite so gray, with real trees beating out fake ones every time. Democratic Republic of the Congo | Français, State of Vatican City (Holy See) | Italiano, 3 Things You Should Check Before Using the Fireplace, 4 Small Changes to Make Your Home Winter-Ready. Some cherish the scent of a real tree and the tradition of bringing it home, while others prefer the tidier and easier option of the plastic variety.

Jami Warner, the executive director of the A.C.T.A., was eager to avoid a direct confrontation on the issue of real versus artificial. Most of the artificial trees on the market are made of PVC and steel in China and shipped to the United States — and eventually sent to a landfill. Mr. O’Connor said that younger, more environmentally conscious consumers — the same ones who buy organic produce at the grocery store — are increasingly embracing real trees. He’s also on the board of the American Christmas Tree Association (ACTA), a nonprofit whose self-proclaimed goal is to educate the public about these holiday flora.

In western North Carolina, the farms tend to be smaller, like the one owned by Larry Smith, who has been growing trees for more than 40 years. The preference for real trees is strongest in the Northeast and along the West Coast, data from the A.C.T.A. “We’re focused on making our trees reusable as long as possible,” Mr. Harman said. They grow best on rolling hills that are often unsuitable for other crops and, of course, they are biodegradable. His business, Mountain Top Fraser Fir, was chosen to supply this year’s White House Christmas tree, a 19-foot specimen on display in the Blue Room. Environmental organization Sierra Club B.C. Christmas trees are crops grown on farms, like lettuce or corn. “There’s this wonderful family experience that’s just not parallel to dragging a dusty box out of the attic,” Mr. O’Connor said.

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