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23-210a Danny Antonucci His toy oven, which has cookies cooking in it, is broken and the cookies are burning so the Eds attempt to fix it. This scares Rolf and his animals, and Rolf runs for his life as his animals stampede.

"Shoo Ed" "Rent-a-Ed" is the 19th episode of Season 2 and the 45th episode of Ed, Edd n Eddy . Nous partageons également des informations sur votre utilisation de notre site avec nos partenaires de médias sociaux, de publicité et d'analyse.

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They are now surrounded completely by the other kids.

Directed by Danny Antonucci.

When Jonny sticks Plank in his shirt collar, there is a coloring goof. Eddy sends Jimmy downstairs so he doesn't get in the way.

Ed Edd n Eddy S02E10 Rent-a-Ed_Shoo Ed. Of course, this isn't good news for the Eds, either, as Ed sees the beasts coming and grabs his friends so they can duck into Jonny's cage. With Jonny in Ed's arms and money in Eddy's hand, the Eds set out for their next target.

Jonny hears the noise and asks is everything ok in there.

Nous utilisons des cookies pour personnaliser le contenu et les publicités, pour fournir des fonctionnalités de médias sociaux et pour analyser notre trafic. Kevin refuses the deal initially, but when Jonny destroys his bike and uses the parts to make himself into the "bike pixie", Kevin is all too willing to give in to Eddy's demand. Ed, in a fit of random thinking, throws the oven into the wall, and gets Jimmy's oven opened up, but the extremely overcooked and burnt cookies fall out and burn through the floor, causing them to fall onto the ground floor. Ed climbs on top of the slide to preform a death-defying dive, despite Edd pleading with him not to do so. Ed then suddenly comes in and breaks off the support beam (he was tied to the support beam as a towel rack by Eddy to keep him from making any more trouble) to give Rolf a new towel, causing Jonny's house to collapse in a steamy explosion.

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"Shoo Ed". Ed was shown with four toes instead of the usual three.

Eventually, Kevin gets completely fed up with his pestering, and suggests that they hang with him someplace far away.

The Eds set up a service to repair kids' broken things./Kevin pays the Eds to distract Jonny 2x4 while he escapes his company - giving Eddy a business idea. In this episode, the Eds start an unofficial repair service , which is plagued by the recklessness of Ed . Please try again later. Jonny's first targets are Sarah and Jimmy, who are watching a birdhouse for swallows.

Eddy then thanks the kids for being a great audience before the iris-in.

Things take a turn for the interesting, however, when Jonny arrives with Kevin in hot pursuit. Sarah and Jimmy pass Jonny's house and notices their sign. ", Eddy's tongue alternates between blue and green. The Kids fearfully watch as Ed plummets towards the teeter-totter and, upon landing, breaks it. When he finds what he needs, he turns to go, but runs smack into Jonny and Plank, who quickly begin to annoy him by asking him if he's lost something and suggesting things he might want. "Rent-a-Ed"

Eddy yells at him to put his towel back on because he is scaring their customers away. Eddy wants Ed to try another trick, but the kids don't seem to be interested in what they are doing at all. Jonny starts out with poking Jimmy, but soon moves into the birdhouse, and uses his anchovy breath as a deadly weapon. Log in. Jonny reluctantly agrees, but then hears Plank telling him what the Eds did, so Eddy quickly covers his mouth and leaves. Eddy watches the ongoings interestedly, and when Kevin says that he'd give anything to get rid of Jonny, Eddy jumps in, saying they'll take care of Jonny for a quarter.

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Jonny then enters with Plank and they are both furious that their house was destroyed. Then things start to get worse; the machine begins to emit smoke.

With the tables turned, Jonny takes a look at his prey and decides to extort them.

When Sarah yells "GOT IT, MISTER? While Rolf is distracted by the pigs, Eddy shows up and whispers something in Jonny's ear before heading back to his friends and telling them to take cover. After putting Jonny's sink back together incorrectly, Ed accidentally pulls out a heat radiator, asking if he can make a birdhouse with it.

Untitled#109 - Original #Drawing - Black #Ink - A4, Untitled#108 - Original #Drawing - Black #Ink - A4, Best of May Eddy launches into a spiel about how they can get rid of Jonny for just a quarter, and when Sarah tries to refuse the offer, Jimmy asks her to think of the swallows. The nude Rolf scares off all the Eds' other customers (except for Kevin, who walks away laughing). "Shoo Ed" is the 20th episode of Season 2 and the 46th episode of Ed, Edd n Eddy. Rolf then decides to turn up the steam and his towel accidentally falls off, leaving him naked.

The Eds then arrive at their first customer's house, Jimmy's, As Ed's Repair Service. In the stampede there are initially 2 pigs, a, Ed's line "Jonny has left the building," is a reference to the famous line ", When Ed brings Jonny down from the ceiling, the final robot battle music from. "Ed, Edd n Eddy" Rent-a-Ed/Shoo Ed (TV Episode 2000) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

When Ed brings Jonny down from the ceiling, Ed's mouth doesn't move when he laughs. He asks the Eds to get some soap from his kitchen (with Plank) but while they are in Jonny's Kitchen, finding the soap, Ed stupidly pulls out Jonny's sink.

Eddy quickly comes out and tells him Ed found a leak in the faucet pipes and says they'll fix it up for an extra quarter. This is a reference to the, Ed also shouts out "Hi-dee-ho!" They enter and are greeted by Eddy and Edd who takes them to their facial bar.

He uses Plank as a shield and Jimmy as a sword.

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Edd tells Eddy that they need to pay someone to fix the broken teeter-totter. "Rent-a-Ed" In the Latin Spanish dub, Ed sings a verse of "Me caí de la nube" by Cornelio Reyna. They try to escape, but Jimmy is thrown into Eddy's path causing him to fall backwards and crash into his friends.


Edd tells them they should turn the oven off first, Ed proceeds to so, but accidentally pulls of the on/off switch off of the machine.

Edd asks where Ed found the radiator and Ed points out where he got it. He then slashes at Ed which cuts the ropes binding him to the support beam. "Big" Jim Miller

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Suivez notre actualité et découvrez nos dernières réalisations et nos travaux en cours. "Scrambled Ed" Director(s): Writer(s): After Eddy instructs Ed to get Jonny, Sarah's nose disappears for a moment. Soon, Jonny reveals some of his more irritating quirks, such as cracking his joints, and Eddy realizes that he'll be super-rich.

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