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Where in that link apart from the headline does it says it´s Rfactor Pro? The mod has got perfect car models and great physics. Presenting rFactor, the racing simulation series from Image Space Incorporated and now Studio 397. It has really good model, realistic sounds and high quality skins. Try out now. One of the best F1 2016 mod for rFactor. We support using rFactor Pro as a visual component in driving simulator. I only said they Rfactor pro. rFactor F1 is used by most F1-teams in their simulators, so why play a arcade-game when you can have much more fun with a REAL F1-Sim? It contains all cars, with drivers, and there is a trackpack of the 2002 season in the mod. Our hungarian modders did fantastic job. Here is the WCP's 2015 mod. rFpro provides driving simulation software and Digital-Twins for Autonomous Driving, ADAS and Vehicle Dynamics development, testing and validation. I've split the offtopic from the original f1 2012 thread. This mod was made by WCP modding team, which is the first Formula E mod for rFactor. This mod is same like the 2014/15 with new skins. LFT is a modding group specialised in create tracks por rFactor and (sometimes) AMS, created with the program Bob´s Track Builder pro. Check out the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (4 versions) new track! The most popular and the best Formula 1 2007 mod. This is the 1999 season in great quality. rFactor. Lista de mods para rFactor. Another LMT mod for the steering wheel drivers. Nice cars, FPS friendly mod. We need two machines to use rFactor Pro Visuals. It is recommened with steering wheel too beacuse of the physics. It has all the car with all of developments.

This mod was made by CTDP modding team, which is their first mod for rFactor. The best Formula 1 2010 mod. Special thanks for those, who supported me from the begginings! One of the best mod which has got a really good and realistic physics. I think the best mod of the year, the WCP modding team's 4th mod. Never heart of rfactor F1 but I do know they use rfactor pro, witch is different from rfactor. The figure below shows a high level setup required for running rFactor Pro Viusals with SimWB. It conatains all thing what you need, with good physics. Créditos a sus respectivos creadores. This mod is good for low quality. I know for a fact that Williams made their own software long before Rfactor was on the map. Recommended HUD: F1 2004-2008 Version 2.0. I made a green tyre mod for it, you can download here!

This is the final version of the mod. F1 MMG 2007 3.01. This mod was made by WCP modding team, which is one of their first mods. This mod was made by RH Junior Team, which is the predecessor of the RFT Modding Team. New skins, new textures, new sounds. Really good models, great sounds and that mod mod is really FPS friendly. Great additional included with realistic tracks and sounds.

One of the best F1 mods.

You will found tracks for F1, Formula E and more! I did a t-cam update, you find it at the downloads. It contains all teams with the drivers. The IMP did a great job again. Lista de mods para rFactor.

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