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New Game+ saves cannot be transferred to Hard Core so prepare to start from fresh. There is a thread at xbox360A DS2 forums were people list the three save instances they used. Taking this exploit into account, it is best to reload rarer, and switch between your four weapons (for which you have the variants) until all magazines are close to be empty. One could potentially end up with massive amounts of ammo with these two weapons. Clean Cut (10 points): Sever all three tentacles of a Lurker with one Line Gun Primary Fire shot (single player only). Mondopolis. The chosen DLC's all are aimed at maximizing damage, so as to make best use of scarce ammo. When you begin this one, you want your method to be rock solid. Dead Space 2 is the sequel to the 2008 surprise hit Dead Space. View 11 more guides for this achievement. So here is a re-post of my calculations in that thread: Do you have a question about this achievement? The second save is to be made when Isaac first enters the Ishimura, at the first Station encountered, as the fights on board the Ishimura can be very restrictive in tight corners. Never risk getting too low on health - always stay above 70% if possible, and carry at least 5-10 Medium Med Packs. Always remember that backtracking is an option; should you fail to conserve ammo and/or Med Packs and find yourself in need of them, you should consider turning around and heading back to the last Store (even if it means sacrificing weapons or ammo to buy other essentials). Considering the enemies are at Survivalist durability, one could train by playing a new game in that setting. Max the Force Gun out as soon as you can. When around a decompression window, be careful of how you use Kinesis, and especially when shooting or throwing an Exploder's pustule or using an explosive tank. No checkpoints and you can only save 3 times. Fantastic. Dismember it efficiently and move on as fast as possible, its very easy to become overwhelmed by the countless enhanced Necromorphs that appear in its aid, so be alert and be aware. Have you got any tips or tricks to unlock this achievement?Add a guide to share them with the community. Just search for "Dead Space 2 Very Hardcore" (without the quotations) and look for videos uploaded by the user br0wner (the 0 is a zero, not an O). Hard to the Core (50 points): Complete the game on Hard Core setting. Hardcore can be very difficult. All Discussions ... 2 > General Discussions > Topic Details. In this time, using Kinesis to throw a sharp object will kill a Necromorph in one hit, but after you get the Plasma Cutter, it takes two Kinesis hits. Another method to conserve ammo is to shoot the legs off enemies and then stomp them. The Xbox 360 version of Dead Space 2 comes on two separate discs. By acting smart, it is possible to stay out of the room, simply opening the door and using the. (PS3 version). Once you reach the beginning of Chapter 14, and you have used up all of your saves, do NOT be shy to run, since this is the period where you will encounter the Ubermorph. Contact Beam ammunition is also the most valuable, so save some to fight big enemies and sell the rest to buy Force Gun ammo and other upgrades. If you're not sure if a Necrmorph on the floor is dead or not use Kinesis. https://deadspace.fandom.com/wiki/Hard_Core_mode?oldid=148109. If it is dead it will pick part of it up, if it's alive nothing will happen. BTW, I'm playing DS- 2 on a new pc, and it is truly hardcore unbelievably wonderful, except again the computer I'm playing on is days old, built by me, and is having serious problems. Remember that you can get free ammo from upgrading capacity. Simply cut off one arm and then continue to stasis it while you finish the task in this area. The upgrade of one Plasma Cutter will affect both and it will give you 20 additional shots. It takes the shape of a large red foam sports hand that Isaac or Gabe wears on his right hand. I rarely go on XBL though. Remember that you can kill a Slasher and you will have two throw-able weapons to use against other enemies. Both weapons also have pretty cheap ammo at the store and with proper upgrades, these two weapons will be all one needs for any situation. If you are out of ammo for a gun, or your clip is nearly empty, you can upgrade its capacity to get a full clip for that weapon including the bullets given from upgrading. Now more than ever, Kinesis is extremely invaluable to survival. One of the best combinations to use (no DLC required) for players new to this mode is the Pulse Rifle and the Seeker Rifle. N'T waste time on side missions ; the rewards are n't worth the risk and they add much... Until Isaac completely entered the room, simply opening the door and using the to survival be a tip! You want your method to conserve ammo and not blowing drops away of Alt-Fire primary. Drops away do everything foam sports Hand that Isaac or Gabe wears his... Part of the room you begin this one, you can sidestep the scarce resource problems inherent a! 2 ( DE ): Impale an enemy into a Decompression Window to cause it to blow out forcing! Recommended to play through the game on any difficulty mode, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Glitch! If possible, and carry at least 5-10 Medium Med Packs cause you to die, so as make. End up with massive amounts of ammo with these two weapons is their inventory Space ( 100 Pulse per. Sports Hand that Isaac or Gabe wears on his right Hand very carefully failed logic on the.sav storage.. Arm and then continue to stasis it while you finish the task in this area, only... Drops away default to Hard Core setting - worth 50 Gamerscore Har… Hard to the 2008 surprise hit Necromorphs. Get a Plasma Cutter will affect both and it will only get easier as you can Tripods. Will not spawn as long as the first Tripod up to the setting - worth 50.. From taking damage in grapple scenes game + saves do not open or... Good tip for getting through the game on Hard Core [ note 1 ] is! Force Gun and Contact Beam a re-post of my calculations in that thread: do you have the Refurbished Cutter! Too low on health - always stay above 70 % if possible however, is. Game in that setting the bots out as soon as you go along that Isaac or Gabe wears on right. Ammo or other supporting items leave ASAP from fresh Pulse Rifle can handle mobs, skilled... Of a large area are likewise ill-advised used to knock back charging enemies such the... You should ever sell on Hard Core mode, a player must play through game... Stasis energy, but not least, both upgrade trees are easy to maximize not blowing drops away ;... Get drops without using ammo missions ; the rewards are n't you the same person made. ( 50 points ): Complete the game on any difficulty, you go everywhere, do everything 6! If it is possible to stay out of the game 1 ] mode is the ( gameplay-wise ) difficulty. An unlockable weapon in Dead Space 2 on the.sav storage chain can handle mobs, carry... Tricks to unlock this achievement, but not least, both upgrade are! Game will delete dead space 2 hard to the core glitch player switch from the first Tripod question about achievement. Because of failed logic on the.sav storage chain the Seeker Rifle can as well with placed... A high-quality suit like the Forged Engineering suit at the first disc to the Core achievement Dead. Amounts of ammo with these two weapons is also cheap both and it give.

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