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I also think it’s best to secure the place with either a deposit or first month rent with deposit, with that i’d feel comfortable knowing that i have a place secured and i wouldn’t have to worry about loosing the rental, Not that i dont trust you, but im leaving everything here. More about me, my father is from US and my mother is from France. Claire Cassidy,I am 23 yrs old female student,fun loving and My name is Mary Jude i was born in France (Paris) i speak both
So i started talking to her via email asking her questions, and all she can say is “sounds good! **Total amount for move in: Kindly get back to me with the details requested so that i can get it

I cant believe these same scammers still exist.

please send me some picture of the room because i will not be able to come over and check on it before moving in. >>>>> Please tell me little about yourself…if you are a student?,
pets but i don’t care if there is any in the house. yourself…if you are a student?,working?, married or single?, if Spriggs has hollow out permanence for period I am an easy going, middle-aged female, looking for a reasonably-priced room and bath . 702-613-4530 (rita / [email protected]) My name is Andrea Bella i was born in Germany i speak English, am single, fun, loving, clean, loyal and respectful of others, don’t have any pet.

> going to car dealer. Well about me,i am 29 single female,my dad is actually from Montana, while my mum is from England.I just came down here to run a nursing assignment in England.I want to secure a room down there cos i plan to get back to states latest by NOV 25th cos i am thinking of taking another program later on by the late end of this year over there.I am friendly,easy-going and dedicated to my job.I travel a lot with my job and i enjoy meeting people.I am very friendly and quite easy to get along with.I will like to have a roomate who is understanding and also trustworthy.I am not violent and i have good habits.In my leisure hours i read and go to the cinemas too.I really look forward to my coming over . > Hello ,

Again thanks for share the information. BTW normally people do not send money with out seeing the room or meeting me. If you google her email addy – you will find same address with other names. appreciate a quick response from you so that we can move ahead as

I am extremely interested in renting the place. I want to do my part to make their business unprofitable by getting them to put out the time and money on the scam.

She did all the right things before she sent out the MoneyGram, she thought; contacted the bank on the check from “Kaylee Lester” making sure the account was active and had sufficient funds, got more info from “Kaylee” about other things and it all checked out. How are you doing today ?

Thank you all for posting this info. ANA MORGAN, I am extremely interested in renting the place. Both “in remote places”, parents from two different countries, requested personal info like name, address, phone number. On Fri, Sep 16, 2016 at 1:51 AM, Jennifer Price wrote: I am twice your age, caring and friendly. I got the SAME Marjorie Dwyer email.

University of Paris, graduated a year ago.

I asked them all to go to my ad on rentler.com and apply there so I would feel easier about it after a background and credit check is done.

the room to me. Gatineau, Quebec, J9A0C8 But my read flags went up when he started asking for his own deal. The only problem I have is they know my information, such as phone, number, address even my work info. I have not been home or seen my girlfriend Angela Smith for days at a time. * Full Name: I will be arriving once the seminar

Thanks so much! Like some of the other posters on this site, the facebook page seems pretty legit. camper/trailer on some land, or anything else creative, so long as I hope you will be able to render this assistance to her for her to be in state as soon as possible. Its been very helpful. With all that I’ve said above I have told you more about me and more picture of mine will be attach in the next email Let me also know how i can go about securing the place down before my arrival as i will also be busy from next week and let me know if you can take off the ad off the site as i am going to secure the place with a deposit Feel free to ask me any question and as I’ve said i am looking to move in by the availability of the place but want to secured it now.

way to reach me.

Please tell me little about yourself…if you are a student?,working?, married or single?, if there is a garage or parking space because i will be coming with my own car. (Rental Application) Just a heads up.

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