sagat street fighter 2

So if sagat wants to zone him, it has to be with normals instead of fireballs. You can try to stand HP it if you are far enough away and have recovered in time. Some characters may be forced to block or trade unfavourably with a normal in some situations. You need to be able to do this consistently. What does Guile get? Be careful because if blocked on the ground (or hit) it can be reversal cc’s. At the first landing frame, it's not possible to jump again (i.e. Ok reach, decent air to air. Guile's demise? Slightly worse priority than Neutral Jumping Jab, but better damage. It’ll hit claw as he goes to his wall. Use to advance quickly, or combo into. Basically what you want to choose as your combo depends on your distance from your opponent. Tatsu over low tiger shots - This becomes more difficult for him the closer you are, so don’t fear it too much. st.lk is a phenomenal normal in You can also hp tiger uppercut at your own risk, I tend not to because you are gonna get messed up if they block, cc is way safer.

The range, damage and recovery are determined by the kick version, being Short the shortest range and recovery and lowest damage; and Roundhouse the longest reach, longest recovery and highest damage.

you can bait neutral jumps and punish with a high

And of course you can cancel it into a fast low tiger.

7 Rating. This is what you must keep in mind when fighting against Guile.

You're going to have If sagat throws a high tiger, ken\akuma can roll under it and get in range. O.Sagat's version of this move does considerably more damage than N.Sagat's.

This page was last modified on 17 August 2020, at 09:28. And can be cancelled into low tiger to push them away when close. Il faut utiliser la souris pour débuter et sélectionner son joueur. - far ranged poke, real use as a far anti-air. Cancel it into tiger, hell do two in a row, it’s good. You can try to block, but that might not help you at all, since claw can land, immediately do cr.mk, cr.mp cancel it into wall dive off your wall, and continue the loop. favorable matchup, yet it isn't as free as you think it is. It's usually better to just wait for the tiger knee unless you're really feeling yourself.

though his jumpin sucks and punish you good.

Fight to the bitter end. ,+- Tiger Genocide.

Vs. Ken: He has a horrible matchup vs ken\akuma imo.

This move is Sagat's main zoning tool. Ryu de Street fighter est né le 21 juillet 1964 au Japon de parents inconnus. Move forward, get in your poke range, stay in the middle of the screen so when Claw goes to his wall, you can immediately do a fierce TU and be confident it’s going to hit and land that big damage.

Safe jumping is good, guarantees your pressure. You may get baited, but hey that’s part of the game. Sweep ,+- Tiger Raid. Throws are an exception and can be performed on the first landing frame(not the first ground throwable frame) and this includes command throws too, but since the hitbox-hurtbox interaction have priority over the throwbox-throw vulnerabillity box interaction, this can't be used as a counter to well timed anti air sweeps.

3. if you land DEEP, 1-2 hit standing forward kick with OPTION of either 1-hit Tiger uppercut or roundhouse tiger knee for 1-2 hits. if you hit guile with a low tiger at a closer range, immediately follow up with a slow

Now onto the last two important factors of this matchup: The Hawk Dive/J.LP air mixup, and escaping the loop.

Test your opponent a few times before you abandon this move.

If you time it right, you can play a wicked game of footsies that will really damage the opponent if they're just slightly out of range and keep whiffing, and you just sweep to punish them afterwards. Tiger knee won't work here, so don't do it! The landing recovery has a special property which allows it to be "canceled"/skipped depending on what you do.

* Tiger Shot recovery is better than New Sagat but worse than (Super Street Fighter 2) Old Sagat. Note that this affects most standing normals as well so it will not be listed on the normal moves differences list; O.Sagat has a faster pre-jump animation by 2 frames; O.Sagat has some differences in some of his normals: Close Standing Strong has slower startup; Far Standing Strong can be special canceled; Close Standing Fierce has slower startup and can not be special canceled but does a more damage; Second hit of Standing Short can be special canceled and it has better low-level priority but worse higher-level priority; Standing Forward's first hit does a little less damage but more random damage.

sweep are good, but I find they can lose sometimes to certain air normals, which is frustrating for Sagat, losing to such a big floaty A great attack if used right, excellent range makes it good to beat fireball startup/trade vs other characters. you'll get more than just one safe follow up low tiger. So by having strong footsies, you essentially make his jumpin even more useless than it You regain your momentum.

If Dee Jay plays right it's a war of attrition when he has the life lead. It can also be canceled, which is always good for o.gat. If Guile is doing a far jumpin that you're not sure you can punish in time before he lands safely, just do a jab uppercut. dj.- has great air to air priority when out. Sagat Street Fighter 2 Turbo moves Overview. Don't let this happen! be afraid to throw them out. Not to mention the fact that kens ac+k has huge range.

This does around 22% damage. Il est encore jeune lorsqu'il fait la connaissance du second disciple de Gouken venu des USA (États-Unis) du nom de Ken Masters, avec lequel il entretient une bonne amitié et même une certaine rivalité. Fast low tigers are good but throw in different speeds when necessary to maintain your frame advantage so dee jay doesn't find holes and lands those frustrating jump ins. Safe jumping Claw is important, along with meaties and wakeup baits. Sagat is pretty much impossible to safe jump, so have your reversal timing ready.

If you get caught in the loop, don't give up. general. It hits mid versus Boxer, Dhalsim, O.Fei Long, Sagat, T.Hawk and Zangief, i.e. No real use, and hard as hell to do.

When they jump, Tiger uppercut of they are close enough, if not do standing FP to knock them out of the air. The first attack does from 14% to 16% damage and forces standing hitstun on the enemy while the second hit does 11% damage and causes a full knock down. Also slow low tigers give you a better frame advantage, meaning

Low tiger shots have excessively short recovery. This page has been accessed 13,599 times. Shoto's Standing Punches, Chun's Standing Fierce, Blanka's Far Standing Rh, Sagat's Standing Fierce, etc). Il fut élevé par le grand maître Gouken qui lui enseigna son art martial et diverse techniques essentiel au combat tel que Hadoken, Shakunetsu Hadoken, Shoryuken, Tatsumakisenpuukyaku, Shinkuu Hadoken, l'Ansatsuken du style Goutetsu.

Feared throughout his homeland and beyond, Sagat reigned supreme until his narrow defeat at Ryu's hands. O.Sagat's version of this move does less normal damage on the 1st hit but does more random damage on that same hit than N.Sagat's.

When jumping, always use jump RH, it magically beats a million things and does massive damage on connect. He'll make you do all the work. Sagat’s TU seems to have good autocorrect, so just time it right and try to land it deep to slap Claw’s shit.

Do not underestimate your low tiger even if the situation is scary. O.Sagat's version of this move does more normal damage as well as more random damage than N.Sagat's.

Play your tiger shot game, use low pokes in footsies, keep your cool, and react punish everything, and you should have a good time with this matchup. This move is also commonly used as a kara cancel into Tiger Uppercut, to avoid getting up when going for a deep anti air.

Unlike N.Sagat, O.Sagat can cancel the 2nd hit into specials, which does make O.Sagat's zoning potential even more strong on certain matchups. That being said, dee jay's jump in is very good and can frustrate you, so make sure you throw out a lot of feints by buffering your tiger shot and throwing out low short/jab. The theme of this matchup is to move forward, don’t turtle. Decent air to air, like Neutral Jumping Jab. Can be an ok defensive move, will beat a handful of attacks, but Neutral Jumping Rh is favoured most of the time.

Hawk's j.lp has high priority, and will beat a Rising Tiger Uppercut. Using the appropiate low tiger speed relative to your distance from your opponent is generally a good idea for sagat, in any matchup. This can be avoided by crouching under the projectile. just don't be too predictable. But you must contest it.

Sagat performs a punch similar to a Shoryuken that hits only once, but with higher damage. You crouching will look like you're inputting tiger shot and low short/jab will make it look like you're on startup animation. Note that this affects most standing normals as well so it will not be listed on the normal moves differences list; O.Sagat has a faster pre-jump animation by 2 frames; O.Sagat has some differences in some of his normals: Low tiger shot - Excessively short recovery. 2.1 Normal Moves; 2.2 Command Moves; 2.3 Normal Throws; 2.4 Alpha Counters; 2.5 Special Moves; 2.6 Super Combos; 3 Combos; 4 The Basics; 5 Advanced Strategy. I don’t mean to self advertise but me (ultracombo) vs Ganelon is a good set.

When it comes to anti airs, Uppercut is pretty much all you need. Same as NJ.

That's what the fast low tiger is for after all, hitting people at closer O.Sagat's version of this move actually has a slower startup, but this doesn't really mean much. If done meaty, you can link into Standing Short. Ryu must guess, which means there is a high probability that he will jump into your tiger uppercut.

You want to keep patient when claw has the ground advantage and wait for your opening to throw out a fireball.

I'd say this is perhaps Dee Jay's worst matchup. If guile is good, he'll be able to neutral jump a lot of your low tigers.

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