scottish gaelic phrases and meanings

You can easily get by in Scotland with English, but locals are very happy when you try to speak this wonderful language, which is commonly believed to have been around in Scotland since the 4th century! Expert local knowledge, gifts and inspiration. In het Engels: “Get away – you’re talking nonsense!”, In het Nederlands: “Maak dat de kat wijs. From ‘braw’ to ‘wheesht’, we’ll equip you with the patter (that’s ‘the chat!’) to make the most of your next visit to Scotland! Weet je het verschil tussen je ‘bahookie’ en je ‘oxter’ niet? This phrase can be used when speaking to strangers. After a madainn mhath or feasgar math , this phrase is used to ask how someone is doing. Bijvoorbeeld: “Jist gie it a wee shoogle and it’ll come loose.”, In het Engels: “Just give it a small shake and it’ll come loose.”, In het Nederlands: “Schud het een klein beetje, dan komt het los.”. A less formal way of thanking someone is by saying tapadh leit. Phrase: de an t-ainm a tha' oirbh?Pronunciation: je un tenem a herev?

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This is Glasgow summarised in six letters. Phrase: feasgar mathPronunciation: fesker ma. Though almost everyone in Scotland can speak English, Gaelic is taught as a subject in some schools and remains spoken by around 50,000 people today. Of course, Scots is just one of three native languages spoken in Scotland today, the other two being English and Scottish Gaelic. Van de pluizige Schotse hooglanders tot de torenhogen bergen met hun hoofd in de wolken; er is altijd wel een ‘braw’ plaatje van Schotland. Here are a few phrases, mostly simple, some useful, some a bit whimsical, to help you communicate in Scottish Gaelic.

Het wordt gezien als een echte taal, waarvan we hieronder een paar begrippen uiteen hebben gezet. Bijvoorbeeld: “The wee yin fell right on his bahookie.”, In het Engels: “The little one fell on his bum.”, In het Nederlands: “De kleine viel op zijn achterste.”. Naast een paar mooie zinnen is de Schotse taal ook met ongewone scheldwoorden gevuld. In a sentence: “Dook yer haun in the watter an see if it’s cauld.”, In English: “Dunk your hand in the water and see if it’s cold.”. The popularity of this word owes a debt to the dulcet tones of a pair of bespectacled twins from Fife. Scots is a wonderfully illustrative language – you can practically see the word ‘shoogle’ wobbling as you read it.

Deze kunnen in vieren worden opgedeeld: Eilandschots (gesproken op Orkney en Shetland), Noordschots (gebabbeld van Aberdeen tot aan Angus), Centraalschots (geklessebest van overal van Glasgow tot Dumfries en Argyll), en Zuidschots (zoals in de gave Grensregio te horen). Als je in het gezelschap van een Shetlander een beetje bedeesd bent, hoor je misschien deze mooie Schotse uiting. Why not stay in a castle, a lighthouse or on a working farm? But that’s not all. From cuddly Highland coos to soaring, cloud-kissed summits, Scotland has no shortage of braw sights. You can find out more about which cookies we are using or switch them off in settings. (pronunciation: feyn). Aug 29, 2018 - Scottish Gaelic words and phrases.

I'm trying to improve my knowledge of Welsh at the moment, but if I wasn't doing that I'd love to study Scottish Gaelic. In a sentence: “Ma heidphones are aww fankled.”, In English: “My headphones are all tangled.”. Een passend eind voor onze tour van het Scots, stilte! In a sentence: “Dunna be blate; glaep yun down!”.

If you ever visit the Scottish Isles, particularly the Isle of Skye, Uist, Harris, or Oban, be sure to try out some of these phrases! Remember that “ch” always sounds like “Bach” or “Loch.” And always roll your “R”‘s. Alleen in Schotland klinkt ziek zijn zo vrolijk!

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