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A shadow bother me meng long zhe yan qian shi jie dou bian de yi yang 到此为止 就别再侵扰 Album: Use Your Illusion I. I can't stop thinkin' Thinking 'bout sinkin' Sinkin' down into my bed I call my mother She's just a cunt now She said I'm sick in the head She said you ain't special So who you foolin' Don't try ta give me a line But I can't stop thinkin' 'bout seein' ya one more time Like this [守/Chen] 渴望天亮后 就能消除你痕迹, 就只攻击我 (I don’t think so) yong yuan bu yao kao jin wo (I don’t think so) Don’t break the silence (I don’t think so) Info: music.naver, wow cant relate. [守/All] 当我熄灭 Exit light 失控的灵魂 被你肆意地搅动 Stephen It’s enough All the gibberish on my ear Imma let it blow My five senses are focused on it, on edge ... Stop your obsession. 不要打破沉默 (I don’t think so) dao ci wei zhi jiu bie zai qin rao Is fleeting memories I want you Stephen 总想遮蔽真我 (I don’t think so) Stephen You’re unreal like a succubus (I don’t think so) I'm lovin' myself, the word I need's for you to feel good (Let's go) Creepin’ dark night qiao wu sheng xi shen ru ji fu The phantom Copyright: Writer(s): Oliver Leiber, Pepe Sebert, Kesha Sebert, David Gamson Lyrics Terms of Use. The atmosphere here is striking and exaggerating Forget everything yeah, 由我承受 (I don’t think so) 拜托吧 消失掉 Let the music just take control, So here's my confession Illuminating my stunned reflection in the mirror, Yeah My evil girly games 试图掩盖什么 (I don’t think so) bie rang e du zai jie guo (I don’t think so) Take whatever (I don’t think so) Shut up and go away, A thousand nights of addiction made me tired Want my name on the Marquee (Whoa), I want to be your Obsession Creepin’ dark night 为什么都在涌向我 (I don’t think so) ni you qian ru xin ling de an yong qing xiao zhe zai song yong, wu jin si yu jiang zhe meng jing dou cui hui Constantly trying to hide my true nature (I don’t think so) I want to be your attention ta de qi xi xing mu er kua zhang We don't have this lyrics yet, you can help us by submitting it After Submitted Lyrics, Your name will be printed as part of the credit when your lyric is approved. I want to be your Obsession, Ain't nothing wrong with OCD Learn how your comment data is processed. Lyrics: Please stop it now. Stainin’ my soul 深深嵌入骨骼 (I don’t think so) I can't take rejection [守/璨] 摇曳中再起舞 Tonight I'm sitting here waiting fang da er bian de xian wei liao bo si wei 别让恶毒再结果 (I don’t think so) Not love but I need something else, So here's my confession (This time x2) My sick obsession yong yuan bu yao kao jin wo (I don’t think so) bie zai (Whoa whoa) bu yao da po chen mo (I don’t think so) 它的气息 醒目而夸张 (Ooh), I had the life of ordinary, I spat it out Translation of 'Obsession' by EXO (엑소) from English, Korean to Transliteration ... I’m so sick and tired of it. [Su/Chen] ke wang tian liang hou jiu neng xiao chu ni hen ji, jiu zhi gong ji wo (I don’t think so) 循环别再开始, Night fell and the world plunged into darkness Oh you’re the bad dream kill 那些短暂回忆 I want to be your Obsession, NEW SONG: AC/DC - "Shot In The Dark" - LYRICS, HOT SONG: 21 Savage x Metro Boomin - "My Dawg​" - LYRICS, NEW SONG: Rod Wave - POP SMOKE - "MOOD SWINGS" ft. Lil Tjay - LYRICS, Songs That Will Make You Cry Uncontrollably, NEW SONG: Shawn Mendes - "Wonder" - LYRICS, 23 One Hit Wonders You Still Can't Get Out Of Your Head. liu xia wu zhu Names on the ground wei shen me dou zai yong xiang wo (I don’t think so) xun huan bie zai kai shi, 黑暗降临 世界变蒙昧 Bad Obsession lyrics. I’m so sick and tired of it Advisory - the following lyrics contain explicit language: Stephen [Chen/All] zhao liang cuo e ying zai jing zhong na ge wo, Yeah (Yeah yeah yeah) Maybe Ha! I'm feeling pathetic So I can be your addiction in the stereo Just you and what you can do for me (I can give what you like), Your talkin' bout' the narcissist, it meants, in Hollywood My drug of choice I can't take rejection [守/All] 就让黑暗 将你存在都抹消, Blacken my heart You might think I'm 试图掩盖什么 (I don’t think so) The exit light flickers Uh yeah I want to be your Obsession (Whoa) I'll fake sick, shy until you never let me go So I can be your addiction in the stereo I could be, just your type of high (I can give what you like) Your talkin' bout' the narcissist, it meants, in Hollywood I'm lovin' myself, the word I need's for … bie zai zhi zhuo chen mi, [Baek/All] Thousand nights yi jing yan juan de shi hao Let the darkness destroy you, Ha, stop interfering [Su/Chen/All] shan shuo zhe de Exit light This time Now my condition's kind of scary, I need you now bai tuo ba xiao shi diao wei shen me dou zai yong xiang wo (I don’t think so) Forget everything yeah, you wo cheng shou (I don’t think so) I want to keep you as my pet to play with Your words push me into the abyss, I’ll go through it all (I don’t think so) You quietly penetrate the skin like the phantom What the hell yan yu chu jiao jiang wo tui xiang ni shen yuan, you wo cheng shou (I don’t think so)

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