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Andorra Iraq Fuels/Energy/Lubricants Algeria The first azimuth thrusters, where transmission is sent directly to a pod fitted beneath the hull containing the drive and propeller, were introduced into small craft in the 1950s. Two different propulsion modules ensure that the M-series can be used for multiple operation profiles. The company notes that the M-series is compatible with hybrid solutions, such as SCHOTTEL SYDRIVE. Ukraine By using our website, you agree to our use of cookies, Nippon Paint unveils new tool for diverless hull inspections, LAVLE receives funding from Ocean Zero to boost battery tech innovation, Anemoi Marine and Wärtsilä agree sales collaboration for Rotor Sail solutions, ABS publishes guidance on ammonia as a marine fuel, Flagship Founders launches start-up to help prevent vessel downtime, Silverstream air lubrication tech ordered for 8 HHI LNG carriers. Uruguay Gambia Norfolk Islands Marine propulsion systems manufacturer Schottel introduced its new M-series azimuth thrusters, consisting of several medium-sized rudder propeller sizes covering a … Faroe Islands Schottel powers new SOV for Louis Dreyfus Armateurs, MAN to develop low-pressure 2-stroke gas engine, Design, regulation, classification and surveying, Guidelines to Minimise the Risk of Hydrogen Embrittlement, ABS: GAS AND OTHER LOW-FLASHPOINT FUEL READY VESSELS, MAN ES: Adverse weather condition functionality and minimum propulsion power, Alfa Laval: Commissioning sampling for BWTS, Paris MoU: Temporary Guidance Related to COVID-19 For Port State Control Authorities, Lubricating dual-fuel auxiliary engines: a practical approach, Production Pathways for Hydrogen with a Zero Carbon Footprint, Flexible Injector to Advance Alternative Fuels Research, VLSFO challenge: looking deeper for lubricant performance, Dynamic Torsional Stiffness of Natural Rubber in Shear Couplings Under the Influence of Preload, Amplitude, Frequency, and Rotational Speed, Environmentally acceptable Lubricants: Beyond the label, Measuring Shaft Power Saves Money on Fuel and Maintenance - Datum Electronics, Practical Considerations for the installations of exhaust gas cleaning systems, Benefits of screw pumps in shipbuilding applications, Alternative fuels for an LR1 tanker: Costs and benefits, The need for speed in scrape down oil analysis, The benefits of ballast water treatment during the voyage, Wärtsilä HY: Integrated hybrid power module, A conditionally and periodically unmanned bridge, SEB: No MFO 0.5% shortage in 2020 if price is right, ICS Compliance with the 2020 Global Sulphur Cap, Marine SCR technology: Airless vs air-assisted dosing, New Whitepaper Reveals How Instantaneous Crankshaft Torque Can Prevent Engine Failures, Datum Electronics Announces AI Self-Learning Enabled Condition Monitoring Technology for Marine Engines, Vickers Oils appoints the new Managing Director, Hard working days during Easter after cyber - attack hit DESMI , but operations are up running again, Click here to ensure this message does not show up again, Schottel launches medium-size azimuth thrusters. Puerto Rico

In essence this eliminates traditional shafts and gearboxes and, as the pod can rotate on its axis in any horizontal direction, it also eliminates the need for rudders. Tunisia Turkey

Syria Tanzania Finland Iceland Fiji Moldova Portugal Efficient operation The SCHOTTEL Rim Thruster is a quiet, space- and weight-saving drive. Originally DC motors were used for propulsion but in nearly all cases these have been replaced by AC drives. South Sudan Tokelau Indonesia Schottel has introduced a new series of medium-sized azimuth thrusters covering a power range of 400 to 1000 kW. Czech Republic Panama Austria French Southern Territories Italy

The azimuth modules are available for Z-drives, L-drives and ZY-hybrid drives, making them suitable for horizontal electric, vertical electric or combined direct engine plus horizontal electric motor connection. Swaziland [citation needed] Ships with azimuth thrusters do not need tugboats to dock, though they may still require tugs to maneuver in difficult places. New Zealand Saint Helena Singapore Transformers are used to divide the system into several parts in order to obtain different voltage levels but also for phase shifting. Lao These give ships better maneuverability than a fixed propeller and rudder system. The SRE reduces both fuel consumption and emissions and thereby leads to lower operating costs. It was the passenger ship which had all but died in the 1970s, when the cruise industry evolved, that created a market for much larger and less expensive engineering plants, giving rise to a new generation of azimuth thrusters. Monaco German propulsion specialist Schottel is launching a range of medium-size azimuth thrusters. However the purists could argue that the RAN has already accepted this technology with the introduction of the Adelaide class FFGs. Romania

The thrusters are available in range of various power source options and input directions. The azimuth modules are available for Z-drives, L-drives and ZY-hybrid drives, making them suitable for horizontal electric, vertical electric or combined direct engine plus horizontal electric motor connection. Managing your satellite communications traffic is becoming increasingly difficult.

Vietnam El Salvador Hungary However she continued operations for the remainder of the year using three pods and was still able to make 27 knots, in lieu of her normal maximum speed of 29 knots. French Guiana There has been considerable publicity surrounding a failure of a transformer set on board Choules, the reasons for which remain undetermined.

Aland Islands The M-series consists of several rudder propeller sizes covering a power range of 400 to 1,000 kW.

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