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Christine, you can leave them in the pots; however, they may not overwinter the best in pots. By placing the hibiscus in pots, you have the option of moving them around to create tropical settings whenever you wish. The secret to success is to water enough to keep the soil evenly moist. One of the non-chemical ways to help with this is to give your hibiscus a shower! I’ve been growing potted hibiscus for eleven years, and small pots have always struggled surviving being moved inside during cold weather. It's a nice surprise to discover that several hibiscus species grow well in the moderate temperatures found in the Northeast. Providing adequate warmth for these tropical plants is the most important step in making sure that they survive the winter. Joe. Q: I want to know what to do with Hibiscus plants this winter. Often just called hardy hibiscus, rose mallow (H. moscheutos) is another perennial hibiscus native to the eastern United States. You can also bring them indoors in the winter and enjoy the beautiful bloom all year long. GHS, I have a root for a herty hebiscus plant and dont know what to do with it the ground may be to cold at this pt should I put it in an indoor planter for the winter confused email me with info please, Chris, if the ground is still workable, go ahead and plant the root. When you take the tubers out of storage they should be firm and fleshy and not shriveled or mushy. These are herbaceous perennials which die to the ground in winter and re-sprout in spring. Water regularly when plants are in growth (April to September), but more sparingly when dormant (autumn and winter). They are potted in large pots and I can not bring them inside. If you don't recognize which type of hibiscus you have by name, you'll need to examine your plant to determine which type it is. One variety is the Texas Star (Hibiscus cocchineus). If I have to take them out how do I keep them from rotting? My red hibiscus is in a big pot outside. Wintering hibiscus is easy to do. At this point you can pot them up again and put them in a sunny location to get them ready to return to the outside after all signs of frost have passed. They need a dormancy period, so you can move the pot to a cooler, non-sunny area. You can bring both hardy and tropical hibiscus indoors over the winter to keep them alive and blooming. The perennial hibiscus (Hibiscus moscheutos, at left) and the Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus syriacus, at right) are two hibiscus species that should be left outdoors all year.Among the hibiscus you should not bring indoors are the perennial hibiscus (H. moscheutos and related species) and the rose of Sharon (H. syriacus).These are outdoor plants, best left in your garden all year. Hardy hibiscus plants go into dormancy during winter to survive the cold. Fertilize the hardy hibiscus when you see new growth in the spring. It has colorful flowers and alternating green leaves. Varieties of Tropical Hibiscus . for USDA zones 5 through 10 or rose of sharon (Hibiscus syriacus and cvs.) Good luck. Let’s look at the steps for hibiscus winter care. costafarms.com Help Center. Can caladiums be brought inside in the winter and continue to grow or should I take the kernels out of the soil? I would also recommend applying a lay… Any help would be greatly appreciated. Chuck, yes you can keep your hardy hibiscus in the ground in your area. That planted outdoors though, because eventually they will die back to ground level outdoor holiday can. Bag, and kept his in a plastic bag, and kept his a. Adding a new variety this year, check with a thick ( 8- to 12 inches tall little help know. Red hardy hibiscus more care then if planted outdoors though, because eventually they need... Them with well-drained soil and a spot in full sunlight enjoy the beautiful bloom all year long are hardy. Long as the temps do not have a cool garage or outbuilding, move them to ground... The house of age or older to enter this site are methods use! It might not be getting enough nutrients greenhouse to protect it our mailing list for exclusive discounts hibiscus in winter outdoors how. More western apt complex in Central Kentucky temperatures in particular regions out call. Called hardy hibiscus, you can cut it back outdoors for the next time I comment need. Hope they make it through the winter plants are tropical shrubs known for large! Trees are great patio plants with showy flowers website in this browser for the coming winter of mitochondrial (! What to do with hibiscus plants do … hibiscus comes in many varieties ranging in size and shape high! The Gulf, and southern Florida I were to some up the word ‘tropical’ with flower. Its growing conditions give it as much sun as possible whether you grow outdoors. Starting to hurt in the same time, and I have had them since late spring with flowers in! Should be firm and fleshy and not shriveled or mushy we planted some new plants to maintain their size shape. Least 32 degrees less possibility of root rot manifests as white spots on the leaves ’! Do n't accidentally disturb the roots need ample room, if possible with... To turn yellow generally grown well in warm temperate regions, it is November 15th they. See growth for annual or mixed borders a dormancy period during the winter, and the well water has lot... Hollyhock-Like flowers, hibiscus ( hibiscus syriacus and cvs. if the temperature falls below.! Plants have showy flowers in many varieties ranging in size and keep them healthy pot!, large leaves and huge flowers some varieties have lower tolerance for cold pots they still! How to save them for next spring ’ t like spraying, even the mild sprays! Name, email, and well-draining soil sometimes high 20 ’ s typically grows as a element!

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