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Microwave couch gag The title of the episode is a satire of The Beatles' movie, song, and album Magical Mystery Tour. He eventually tried to ruin Mozart's life to benefit himself in becoming the best composer, but, to his horror, was replaced by Ludwig van Beethoven, played by Nelson. Weinstein: Back then, we were writing because were allowed to write for ourselves and what made our friends in the room laugh! She filed the dismissal just days before their scheduled divorce hearing. As Henry marries Anne Boleyn, the Archbishop of Canterbury (Reverend Lovejoy) alters the Sign of the Cross by saying, "In the Name of the Henry, the Hank, and the Holy Harry.

The librarian tells Lisa that there are no more books, the library is now a 'multi-media learning center for children of all ages, but mostly bums'. Sister: Antonio SalieriUntalented Brothers: Randy, Jermaine, and Tito from he Jackson Five Oakley: The script always changes after the table read , and I know there were tons of changes and cuts to this episode because Selma and Troy are both such slow talkers, but in this case, I think the musical was done verbatim from what was in the room that day. Homer says that the person who played Mozart also starred in Animal House, and he sings the theme from that film over the credits. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was an Austrian composer in the 18th century. Antonio Salieri was the envious rival of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, played by Lisa Simpson in Marge Simpson's story. Cardi Takes the Papers Off Offset, Dismisses Divorce.

Simpsons TV Show. The King retorts that he will start his own Church. Clausen: What I try to do is to get the original source material to listen to, and once I have that, I dissect it. The nuance was, “Bigger! Homer recalls that Tom Hulce starred both in Amadeus and in Animal House, and he sings an inaccurate rendition of the Animal House theme over the epilogue. You gotta hear this!” People don’t usually do that. A herald (Sideshow Mel) announces the entrance of Henry's wife, Queen Margerine of Aragon (Marge), who tells him to stop singing. Weinstein: On a personal note, it’s one of my favorite things ever, because it’s The Simpsons firing on all pistons. Brittany is manufacturing drama for the show, and it’s unfair to Yazan and the other couples sharing this season with her. When he was singing this part of Dr. Zaius, he came up with the voice, and once he can get into character and get behind the voice, he will work as hard as it takes to get the tune right. The memory of the show’s fictional Planet of the Apes musical has lasted the 21 years since it aired as part of the episode “A Fish Called Selma” in season seven. Once I get my adrenaline pumping, I have to figure out something that’s actually my own. I didn’t have to approve anything.

Weinstein: I believe [supervising producer] Steve Tompkins had the original concept of Planet of the Apes as a musical.

The only items they find in the children's center is "Everybody Poops" the video and Yu-Gi-Oh! Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Bart) is a big hit in Vienna, playing sonatas on the grand piano and pushed along by his overbearing, money-hungry father (Homer).

Marge, the kids and Milhouse go to the library where they find there are no longer any books on the shelves. Their father (Homer) panders to Salieri who he considers to be untalented and their mother (Marge) while not believing the same as her husband, being a woman and following her instincts trusts Mozart more to keep them in luxury. The next day, Salieri visits the Emperor's court to submit her musical work, but the court is already focused on Ludwig van Beethoven (Nelson).

It’s a critical success. Henry's new Church grants him his divorce, yet Margerine's lawyer (the Blue-Haired Lawyer) orders Henry to give half of his kingdom to Margerine; he rips a map of the British Isles in half, giving her Ireland. At Mozart's flatulence-themed opera, The Musical Fruit, Salieri serves the Emperor (Montgomery Burns) drugged wine. Sacagawea gives them many tips on how to survive the land, including how to scare a cougar, but quickly becomes fed up with Lewis and Clark's stupidity. But I think it was also just funny. A fragment from the movement Lacrimosa from Mozart's Requiem can be heard while Mozart is dying.

You have to be as good, legitimately, in order to make fun of it. "A Fish Called Selma" It’s one of those things that has ten crazy elements but it all comes together beautifully. We were writing because we liked it, but now we’re meeting adults who were kids back then who grew up with The Simpsons, so what Mad Magazine did for us, we got to influence people’s senses of humor. First appearance

There was no Twitter. The opera had been a success until the crowd heard the Emperor snoring in the balcony which since the other attendees mindlessly followed the emperor they began sleeping too. I was in editing on another episode and when I came back, this whole thing had been concocted and there was a whole room filled with breathless writers going, “You gotta hear this! It’s a slightly weird line in that sense. She encounters a cougar, but before it can attack, Lewis and Clark save her using the advice she gave them. Weinstein: We used to joke all the time about the song “Rock Me, Amadeus.” That was a running joke in the early ’90s among me, Bill, and our friend Paul Sims who did NewsRadio.

She calls the movie completely inaccurate, explaining that Mozart worked hard on his music and that Salieri was a celebrated composer in his own time. Between the three of us, we constantly say things like, “Thank you, Amadeus.” After we came up with the idea of a Planet of the Apes musical, I said randomly, “Thank you, Dr. Zaius.” Maybe somebody else may have said it, so I don’t want to claim full credit for it, but somebody said it like the “Rock Me, Amadeus” song, and then it clicked in and people started pitching lyrics. However, one of his great bailiwicks is big-band and show orchestra — jazz and stage orchestra — which fits right into the Broadway mold.

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Meg Tilly (born Margaret Elizabeth Chan; February 14, 1960) is an American actress and novelist.. For her role in the 1985 film Agnes of God, she won a Golden Globe Award and was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.Her other film roles include Psycho II (1983), The Big Chill (1983), Masquerade (1988), and Valmont (1989). Unable to execute Margerine because her father is the king of Spain, Henry attempts marriage counseling. The thing I learned early on was that the more I could talk to them from an acting POV, the more I could talk to them about character, and those shades rather than pitch, the better. This is one of several Simpsons episodes that features mini-stories. Mozart's opera "The Musical Fruit" is a satire of both The Magic Flute, and the children's song "Beans, Beans, the Musical Fruit," while the opera is sung to the tune of his composition Eine kleine Nachtmusik, which also plays over the closing credits. Salieri (Lisa) is resentful of her brother's talents, especially when Mozart wins the award for best composer.

Ledesma: I can’t sing Hank Azaria’s praises enough when it comes to his ability to pull off a song.

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