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While I don't think it's great and I don't think people will be watching this movie over and over again like Re-Animator, I think this is still worth checking out for horror and sci-fi fans, especially Lovecraft fans. This FAQ is empty. Horror and outer space are two different genres with very different plots. Certainly one of the worst incarnations of Dracula in cinematic history, this film places the legendary vampire inexplicably on a derelict spaceship in the year 3000.

In it, a research team on a fictional planet genetically engineers a life form as a food source, only to see it turn into a killing machine. Also known as Mutant, this is another cheap Alien clone, this time coming from legendary B-movie producer Roger Corman. Plus, see what some of your favorite '90s stars look like now. However, unlike Re-Animator, I don't think this movie will be remembered as a classic. Snowy Scares: Horror Movies to Feed Your Winter Need, 12 Worst Transporter Accidents on "Star Trek", Holiday Horror Movies: Fright Films for (Almost) Every Occasion, 20 Insect Horror Movies You Can Stream on Netflix, Point-of-View (POV) and Found Footage Horror Movies, Watch the Skies: The Best Alien Invasion Horror Movies, The 15 Best Horror Movies That Spark Ocean, Water Fears, Vampire Wars: Battle for the Universe (2005).
The Green Slime (Tr. Was this review helpful to you? The outer space horror movie that all others are measured against, Alien is one of the most influential horror movies of all time, spawning multiple rip-offs and three more space-set sequels: Aliens, Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection. Predator, and Alien vs. It's a solid horror movie, but that's about it. And then there is ​Alien vs.

The D-list cast includes Casper Van Dien, Erika Eleniak, Udo Kier, ex-wrestler Tiny "Zeus" Lister and (sigh) Coolio. To their horror, the Gardner family discover that this alien force is gradually mutating every life form that it touches...including them. When a spaceship responds to a distress signal on a nearby planet, it unexpectedly picks up an alien life form that hides onboard the ship, killing the crew one by one.

(2019). On the bright side, they get the definitive answer to their experiment: "How Many Scientists Would Be Slaughtered If Someone Were to Open a Gateway to Hell?". Directed by Richard Stanley.

Corman would later revisit this material in 1990's Dead Space, a remake of Forbidden World that no one really wanted. View production, box office, & company info, October Horrors 2020 – Color Out of Space (2019), The Horror Movies That May Owe Their Existence To H.P.

knock-off! In Pitch Black, a transport ship crash-lands on an uncharted planet populated by nocturnal creatures awaiting an impending solar eclipse.

They are busy adapting to their new life when a meteorite crashes into their front yard. A troubled college freshman, Luke, suffers a violent family trauma. 2012 saw a prequel film made, Prometheus. It premiered at TIFF last year but had a brief wide release this year. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? comes under attack and is forced to crash land on an uncharted desert planet. The acting isn't that great, with the exception of a good old crazy performance from Nicolas Cage. The fourth and final Critters film features dimwitted hero Charlie getting locked in a space pod with two critter (Crite) eggs and being blasted into space, where he goes into suspended animation for more than 50 years, then is picked up by a spaceship in the year 2045. A man in his thirties travels to a remote cabin to reconnect with his estranged father. Only then does the captain bother to tell them that they were carrying a crazy doomsday cult terrorist, who now seems to have escaped. Galaxy of Terror (Fr. I hear the director wants to do other Lovecraft adaptations like The Dunwich Horror and I think that's great. Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. Lovecraft movies are very hit or miss.

(Make sure the kids are in bed before putting these on!). As kids, they escaped a UFO death cult. Looking for some great streaming picks? This is an acclaimed thriller taking place in the near future, in which an astronaut who's been working alone at a Moon mining base for three years encounters a mysterious stranger who makes him start to question where he fits into the company's plans. Aside from the films of Stuart Gordon, like Re-Animator and From Beyond, no one has really succeeded in making a really good one. Now, two adult brothers seek answers after an old videotape surfaces and brings them back to where they began. This time, a space ship is sent to a distant planet to investigate a crash and encounters a creature that uses the crew's own fears to kill them off--much like Event Horizon would do years later. Two rescue ships are sent to investigate a distress signal on an unexplored planet, only to discover the planet inhabited by vampiric alien life forms with mind-control powers. Title: Driven by the nutritional needs of her twin mutant babies, she goes about killing and drinking the blood of her colleagues. But when the experiment succeeds, they are immediately attacked by terrible life forms. Really?

2020 COPYRIGHT © 2020 THE VORE. As if that wasn't bad enough, the planet is occupied by invisible beings that are impervious to their futuristic weaponry. Color Out of Space Legendary Italian horror movie director Mario Bava's only foray into science fiction, Planet of the Vampires is an atmospheric flick whose look possibly inspired Alien--minus the black leather body suits.

How many times can Roger Corman go to this well? This slick thriller plays a bit like an interplanetary version of Dead Calm with a 22nd-century medical rescue ship responding to a distress call from miners on a comet and picking up a dangerous stranger who smuggles aboard an alien artifact that exhibits strange powers. A dark fairy tale about a gang of five children trying to survive the horrific violence of the cartels and the ghosts created every day by the drug war. Disappointing but not without some entertainment value, particularly if you enjoy seeing Ice Cube scowl. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.. Best new Nepalese Movies in 2020 & 2019 (Netflix, Prime, Hulu & Cinema List), Best new Uruguayan Movies in 2020 & 2019 (Netflix, Prime, Hulu & Cinema List), 250+ Best new Foreign & American movies in 2020 & 2019 – Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu & Cinema, Best new Space & Alien movies in 2020 & 2019 (Netflix, Prime, Hulu & Cinema List). Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

Unfortunately, he's Vin Diesel. The mysterious aerolite seems to melt into the earth, infecting both the land and the properties of space-time with a strange, otherworldly color. Two astronauts wake up in a hyper-sleep chamber aboard a seemingly abandoned spaceship with no memory of who they are and what their mission is. 14 of 18 people found this review helpful. Add the first question. He's discovered in the year 2455, a time when Earth has become so polluted that humans have abandoned it for another planet. Oft-maligned director Paul W.S. , however, a green alien blob hitches a ride off of the asteroid and mutates into tentacled beings that emit electricity to kill the ship's crew. Despite the outlandish title, it's one of the better, more serious-minded monster flicks of the decade. © This silly Japanese production has attained a level of camp acclaim over the years, telling the tale of astronauts who, in.

In horror movies, going into space seems to be the equivalent of a sitcom adding a cute little kid to the cast in a last-ditch effort to revitalize the series. Also, a lot of the imagery in his stories is intentionally impossible to visualize. Top space movies to watch on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime & other Streaming services, out on DVD/Blu-ray or in cinema's right now. One of many Alien retreads, this one takes place on one of Saturn's moons, with a research team (not to be confused with the A-Team, which would be far more entertaining) uncovering a canister holding a "creature" that proceeds to kill everyone on the team. He then resurrects his charismatic childhood imaginary friend Daniel to help him cope, not realizing how dangerous Daniel is. This underrated, intelligent sci-fi horror film is set on the planet Sirius 6B in the year 2078, a time when war is raging between a group of miners (the "Alliance") and their former employer, NEB. In the film, Jason is captured by the government and ends up cryogenically frozen during an escape attempt. Mark H. Harris has written about cinema and horror films since 2003. . We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The enchanted lives of a couple in a secluded forest are brutally shattered by a nightmarish hippie cult and their demon-biker henchmen, propelling a man into a spiraling, surreal rampage of vengeance.

List of the latest space movies in 2019 and the best space movies of 2018 & the 2010's.

This ho-hum Sci-Fi Channel movie takes place in the year 2068 when Earth has depleted its natural resources and has ceased to be inhabitable. His work has appeared on PopMatters.com, Vulture.com, and Ugly Planet, among other online publications. Yet another horror movie franchise is jettisoned into space, this one the most ridiculous of the lot, as the evil leprechaun boards a space ship to "rescue" the alien princess whom he plans to marry. The Alliance has created subterranean, artificially intelligent weapons called screamers, which develop the ability to self-replicate and evolve into anthropomorphic form, setting their sights on eradicating all humans. Best Sci-Fi Movies of 2019 (And The Worst) 2019 is one of those movie years that sees cosmic superheroes, unstoppable syndicate assassins, and crime-solving pocket monsters with regularity, making it harder for science-fiction films to dazzle us with their subversions of the norm.

In this competent video game adaptation, a research colony on Mars unwittingly opens a doorway to Hell through which a host of creatures invades. The movie actually kind of sets up a possible Lovecraft cinematic universe that could be worth exploring and I will gladly watch out for, but I still don't think this movie is the masterpiece that Lovecraft fans have been waiting for. A group of old war veterans put their lives on the line to defend a young woman taking shelter in their local VFW post, who's running from a deranged drug dealer and his relentless army of drug addled punks. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. The people who discover him are, of course, young, nubile students who prove to be perfect victims for Jason's 25th-century rampage. That, and his stuff has tons of casual racism in it, even for the time it was written. Bloodsuckers (Vampire Wars: Battle for the Universe, 2005). Lovecraft, WatchMojo: Top 10 Horror Movies of 2020 So Far. Color Out of Space is one of the better Lovecraft adaptations out there.

In this cheap but efficient Scottish offering, a crew of Scottish mercenaries aboard a space ship (sadly, none of whom utters, "I've given her all she's got, Cap'n!") Just as relations begin to thaw between the trio, some strange and frightening events take place.

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