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Mrs. 7th time Mr. Krabs doesn't appear, 2nd straight. Season №: All goes well until SpongeBob realizes he may be cheating! Previous

All of the boating episodes listed so far have been hilarious. SpongeBob: Oh. From SpongePedia, the First SpongeBob Wiki.

 ‣ Rocket Sled to Oahu - The Mel-Tones [Mrs. ‣ Aloha Oe - Hans Haider, Queen Lili'uokalani [opening] ‣ Cream Pie - Sage Guyton, Jeremy Wakefield [SpongeBob rides to boating school] ‣ Hawaiian Adventures SpongeBob Theme - Sage Guyton, Jeremy Wakefield [\"Here I come, Mrs. Now get out your pencil and paper and write down the assignment. Puff inflates]  ‣ Martial Links - Sam Fonteyn [walkie-talkie in SpongeBob's head]

The accident company has the same phone number as the Tattletale Strangler (555-1234).

Puff attempts to steal SpongeBob’s new boat.

This is the first episode to have a montage (SpongeBob driving successfully).  ‣ Apalachian Banjo Duel - Larry Hochman [SpongeBob acts natural]  ‣ Side Drum [#52.07] - Mark Nolan [drum roll] Because of this, Mrs. 4b Fish: Woohoo! Therefore, she gives Spongebob all the points he needs to pass through an “extra credit” assignment. Boating School: It's exam time again at Mrs.  ‣ Botany Bay (b) - Robert Alexander White [that night] Student: Uhh, I’ll eat one. Puff at the hospital, thus ending the episode. Gary: Meow. Puff Says "That Will Be Cheating".

Mrs. Patrick: He was a new student, in the episode \"New Student Starfish\" for a day. Puff concludes, "But that would be cheating!" This is a really solid two parter.Up until this episode, each episode had at least one short that was clearly Inferior to the other. He explained that she added "a new aspect to the show" that he wouldn't have found otherwise. Another scenario that students should be quite familiar with. ", even though he is not seen anywhere near the boating school.  ‣ Hawaiian Cocktail - Richard Myhill [SpongeBob walks away sadly] When Mrs. The two come up with the brilliant idea of planting a walkie-talkie in SpongeBob’s head … ‣ Hawaiian Train - Victor Cavini [Title card] Puff's Boating School. ‣ Quiz Organ (b) - Curtis Frederick Schwartz ["You passed the oral test, what a surprise."]  • SpongeBob Theme - Sage Guyton, Jeremy Wakefield ["Here I come, Mrs. SpongeBob:  Did you hear that? Roderick’s rather cruel and unusual training techniques end up being his and SpongeBob’s undoing during his test with the new instructor. This is followed by a montage of SpongeBob acing the exam, interspersed with shots of Patrick eating SpongeBob's food, and reading his diary while helping him. Mrs. When SpongeBob is telling Patrick he failed, Gary can be heard saying, "Meow." Puff!\"] ‣ Quiz Organ (b) - Curtis Frederick Schwartz [\"You passed the oral test, what a surprise.\"] ‣ Point of Departure K - Gregor F. Narholz [SpongeBob floors it] ‣ Rocket Sled to Oahu - The Mel-Tones [Mrs. Patrick: "Pat to Sponge, Pat to Sponge, Testing, Testing, Testing, Testing, Testing, Testing, Testing, Testing! An excited SpongeBob rides his unicycle to Mrs. Squidward drags Patrick out of his house, but because he's so heavy, the octopus throws out his back, He jumps out the window and starts running towards Squidward, He tears off his clothes to reveal red swimming pants underneath.

1999 Puff SpongeBob. Once he gets home to his pineapple under the sea, he finds it difficult to actually sit down and finish the assignment. Puff, in a panic, tries desperately to stop him. SpongeBob refuses to listen and crashes the boat, failing the test again, and the inflated Mrs. Please log in to get the full benefit of SpongePedia. Puff tells him it would be cheating to do so. This FAQ is empty. Puff tries desperately to stop him. Quickly realizing the chaos that she has potentially unleashed on the residents of Bikini Bottom, Mrs. Was this review helpful to you? 2nd time Plankton and Karen don't appear since their debut, 2nd straight. Gary appears as a secondary character, 3rd straight appearance, and 4th overall. You’d think that he would have “absorbed” some driving skills by this point Photo: Nickelodeon Animation Studios. Absorbent and Yellow and Porous: 2014 SpongeBob Highlander Tanked Edition Brings Bikini Bottom to SEMA. He puts a walkie-talkie inside SpongeBob's head so that he can talk SpongeBob through the test, hiding the antenna with a cowboy hat. ". Decrease Font Size Increase Font Size Text Size Print This Page Send by Email. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. Storyboard Artist(s): Later that night, Patrick attempts to cheer SpongeBob up with a "surprise", but SpongeBob is too depressed to laugh. Hillenburg recounted in a 2009 interview: "Nick had decided it didn't want any more animal shows and wanted stories with kids, like Hey Arnold! Patrick quickly devises a plan.

Zachary Berry currently resides in the Dayton, Ohio area. When Mrs.

Fred says "MY LEG!  ‣ Knuckleduster - The Langhorns [boat out of control] Puff, but also introduced us to SpongeBob’s ineptitude for driving. Tom Yasumi Patrick quickly devises a plan. Her replacement is Sergeant Roderick, a shark with a nasty drill sergeant attitude. When SpongeBob says, "No, Gary, I'm not walking," Gary is wearing similar shoes from the episode ". Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Spongebob-Inspired Toyota Sienna Wows at LA Auto Show, 2014 SpongeBob Highlander Tanked Edition Brings Bikini Bottom to SEMA. Written by  ‣ Terminal Pursuit (c) - Paul Pritchard ["Freeze, mister!"] Bank Teller: Thank you. Title: If Stephen Hillenburg (the series' creator) did not fulfill Nickelodeon's request that SpongeBob attends a school, they would not have agreed to greenlight the first season. Running time: During the show’s lengthy history, SpongeBob himself has been many things: a fry cook, a jellyfisher, and a connoisseur of karate. I know that you’re…a boat-jacker! Unfortunately for Mrs. Later, Spongebob tries to pass his boating test.

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