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The Tamaranians have generally been a peaceful race, never being the ones to instigate war. Starfire Weakness I’m trying to write a Titans au, but I can’t think of a weakness for Starfire. Making it so she has constant willpower means 2/3 turns she will be coming at me in force! A tie up could serve a good use here as well since she’ll have to deal with that and when she does she can’t immediately come after you a couple squares away. She was a Tamaranean princess who fled to Earth after enduring torture from the alien conquerors, the Citadel. Justice League Dark Vs.

( Log Out /  Thousands of years ago, the Tamaraneans migrated to the planet of Tamaran from Okaara, the thirteenth planet in the Vega System. It was a result of cooky science experiments performed on her by the Psions. Exploiting Starfire’s Weaknesses They can absorb stellar radiation and convert it into energy for themselves. Starting with the dial top we are looking straight at 2 TAs – Quintessence and Titans. Like the X-Men TA, she is able to heal an adjacent friendly who also has the Titans TA and the cost of potentially dealing herself damage. Let's check out 10 things DC fans should know about this Teen Titan's home! After Starfire was enslaved for over six years by the Gordanians, the Omega Men led a revolt against the Citadel Rule.

Starfire's race resides on the planet of Tamaran which is approximately 26 light-years away from Earth and resides in Sector 2828. Those are 2 of the best movement powers in the game. The mid-dial ESD is problematic; if she is in hindering it is even more worrisome. This betrayal drove the Tamaranians close to extinction. The Tamaraneans have a lot of special abilities aside from superhuman strength and agility, of course.

For HSS, she has Starbolts which grants Energy Explosion. There are other things to worry about on the other team so timing this could be difficult. If you came here from a link, please go back and correct the link for one of the heroes listed below. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. . Back in the days of Streets of Gotham, we had what was arguably the best Starfire for the points we ever had. Starfire and Raven’s power sets were explained to audiences early in the show during the episode “Switched,” wherein the two girls traded bodies ‘Freaky Friday’-style and had to adjust to each other’s abilities. I’m trying to write a Titans au, but I can’t think of a weakness for Starfire.

Preferably one based on her ability to absorb the suns energy? That was until Blackfire, Starfire's elder sister, betrayed the Tamaranians by leaking top-secret military intel to the enemy. Change ), – Move and Attack powers that combo strongly.

We could perplex up our damage or use an object to help move past the power or if you are able to get Battle Fury and Exploit Weakness going at the same time you get exactly what you want. Man, can't the Tamaranians catch a break?

It is probably best for us to go with a. and those close attacks will be hard to land on a natural 18. while on RS clicks can be some easy ways of dealing damage or placing her where we want her for follow up attacks while also not having to necessarily roll dice. Underneath these royal families come other influential families in the hierarchy of power. The Gordanians agreed to a truce only if they would give Starfire up to the Gordanian slavers. From a range perspective, Psy Blast and Pulse Wave are really the only good options. Not many people know that the Tamaranians are actually the descendants of the feline species. (the opposite of EE) we can limit her effectiveness. However, all that changed after their planet was invaded. Yes she is a flier but she will lose IM: Hindering while on this click due to Earthbound.

DC: 5 Marvel Villains That Starfire Would Get Along With (& 5 She Couldn't Stand), The 10 Most Dangerous Planets In The DC Universe, Ranked. Interestingly, Starfire's ability to fire star bolts is not because of her race. Are you picking up on the mixed vibes?

Starfire explained that her powers come from her emotions, with a different positive emotion fueling a different power. Aside from the name, how much do you truly know about your favorite extraterrestrial Titan's home planet?

Leadership Skills: Starfire is a skilled and experienced leader, and has effectively lead the Teen Titans into tough battles. The Tamaranians have several weaknesses.

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Keep in mind HSS, Running Shot, and Charge are all POWER so when she moves using those it WILL NOT trigger this ability. What we have here is a Starfire that was designed in the same vain and is why I have 3 and my buddy has 5!

Doesn’t she usually have to recharge her powers after using them intensely? Making it so she has constant willpower means 2/3 turns she will be coming at me in force! Prob Control may even be our friend here as she has such high stats to keep her safe that any little bit will help make damage stick. Tamaranians are actually pretty humanoid in their appearance. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. If we play our cards right, we can hit her past these clicks if she started at 100 points. NEXT: Justice League Dark Vs. She hails from a distant planet named Tamaran and often talks a lot about her home culture and way of life. Some other options are Incap when she has 2 tokens already, Poison on the last half of the dial, or Force Blast while on RS clicks can be some easy ways of dealing damage or placing her where we want her for follow up attacks while also not having to necessarily roll dice. Charging in from 4 squares out and hitting with an 11/4 Flurry is painful. It is the eighth planet ... Young Tamaraneans are trained from the very start to be tough and never to show any signs of weakness in public. If you have smoke cloud, place some under herso she can only charge 2 squares coming out of hindering. Battle Fury will get rid of that Shape Change but will make it hard to deal with the Invulnerability. Starfire has always been one of the more intriguing members of the Teen Titans. Best ways of staying safe are using blocking and elevated terrain to block her lines of fire. What makes this really pop though is the trait. The problem here is being able to spread out initially and then bunch up as we hit her. With no other option, the Tamaranians decided to invade the Gordanian home planet, Karna (sweet vengeance, indeed). At 50 she starts on these RS/PW clicks so that isn’t an option for us.

She mentions the Blorthog festival that is held on her home planet where friends exchange gifts to honor their bond with each other. We can mitigate this in some fairly easy ways. – TAs + Trait RELATED: The 10 Most Dangerous Planets In The DC Universe, Ranked. The Tamaranians actually fear the particular point where friends start to drift apart. So she gets to play nice with her other Titans and keep them going. So, it wouldn't be wrong to assume that they're pretty savage and fierce in battle. The Titans ability is a standard addition to most Starfires. As portrayed by Starfire's amiable character in the animated series, the Tamaraneans hold a firm belief in the foundation of friendship. I can’t outwit anything she has to make my life any easier so I just have to deal with stuff in a less traditional sense. However, that too got destroyed later on. If we play our cards right, we can hit her past these clicks if she started at 100 points. Fortunately, the remaining Tamaranians managed to defeat them with the help of the Teen Titans. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want.

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