statistics of christians in singapore

Most practised religious denominations are present in Singapore, with the Inter-Religious Organisation, Singapore (IRO) recognising 10 major religions in the city state. Resident Population Aged 15 Years and Over by Religion, Highest Qualification Attained and Sex, 2015 Ministry of Trade and Industry - Department of Statistics / 07 Aug 2019 From 1995, the General Household Survey (GHS) is conducted in between 2 Population Censuses as a mid-decade mini-Census. Statistics on religion are compiled by the Singapore Department of Statistics based … Among the Chinese, however, 23 percent of those aged between 15 and 24 say they don't believe in any religion. Population and Vital Statistics Report (various years), (3) Census reports and other statistical … Statistics on religion are compiled by the Singapore Department of Statistics based on data collected from the Census of Population and the General Household Survey. Highlights of General Household Survey 2015 This means that Singapore is commonly termed as a "melting pot" of various religious practices originating from different religious denominations around the world. Religion. The proportion of Muslims and Hindus remain more or less the same, at 15 percent and 4 percent.

A 2014 analysis by the Pe… Religion in Singapore : an analysis of the 1980 census data Collates and analyses the data on religion as collected in the 1980 Census. Publications and Methodology Visualising Data. The report predicted that our population would reach 7.9 million by 2050. Gives religion by ethnic group, age group, educational level, occupation, income level, type of housing, and principal household language. [Source: Seah Chiang Nee, The Star, May 20, 2001] In 2008, the Earth Times reported: “Ce… They also provided a breakdown of the trends of individual religions.Freethinkers: Decrease from 16.4% to 16% by 2050Buddhists: Face a decrease of 33.9% to 27%Christians: Decrease from 18.2% to 17%Muslims: Currently 14.3%, but will increase to 21.4%Hindus: Increase from the current 5% to 10%.But surprisingly (or not), the main reason for the rapid increases are not due to birth rates, but this: Between 1980 and 2000, the Christian population has increased from 10.1 percent to 14.6 percent , while Buddhism went up from 27 percent to 42.5 percent (at the expense of Taoism which fell from 30 percent to 8.5 percent). Infographics. Religion in Singapore is characterised by a wide variety of religious beliefs and practices due to its diverse ethnic mix of peoples originating from various countries.

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