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*The Meric always has the heal ability and is always toggled on. Being a multiplayer, and multilevel game, Stick War Hacked gives you the best experience. Once a unit's ability is researched, select the corresponding unit. *Dominate the air with this upgrade but be aware of poison from deads. *Try to have more then 5 Crawlers when researching this ability to maximize the amount of time during battle that you can take advantage of all 5 stacks. Q: What am I supposed to do in this game? If you are using a mobile device, you definitely need a game controller emulator, which will serve as a keyboard, or the x-box like consoles which help you play the game more easily. Q: How do I add my friends and use the Chat system? For Mana, Select a miner then right click your statue, your miner will begin to worship and collect mana automatically. Leader of Order, powerful mage able to cast explosions, poison, and electric walls. Effect: Same Effect as Shinobi Level 1 however the next attack out of cloak will do massive increased damage in addition to inflicting poison.

Able to Rage. Play now; Airplane. Effect: Juggerknight will dash quickly in a straight line, if the unit comes in contact with the enemy during the charge it will knock them back causing damage and stunning them for a short time. Q: Do I need to install anything? Leaving the game window to another tab or chat will cause the game to lag for both players. *Building an early Castle Archer will protect you from early attack, however building too early will put you behind in economic production. *Use this to chase down and destroy fleeting units. Unlocking the Chaos race does give players a more diverse Empire choice however we strive to keep both races as balanced as possible and are constantly working to achieve this. The Flash strategy game that started it all. Chained up Chaos Giant that throws large boulders. *Garrisoning units will still be the fastest way to heal and cure chaos units. On the bottom right you will see the ability icon appear click this to turn the ability on.

This will begin to research and cost you resources. *Use Shadowrath in combination with Meric’s to keep you healed as this ability benifits from the longevity of a fight.

*Use the speed of the Shadowrath for a hit and run to poisin the miners and escape. what is required to play this game? But always try to target multiple units.

Many of the empires you previously controlled have rebelled - fleeing to the outskirts of their homelands.

*The Meric has very low attack damage and should be used primarily for healing and curing. Effect: A targetable powerful Wall of Electrictricity doing constant damage to anyone standing too close costing mana to perform. Clashing nations battle for dominance as only the greatest empires will emerge from the rubble. Share this post on; Digg; Del.icio.us; Technorati; Twitter; Sic … This costs gold to construct is limited to two and can not be built too close to statues. Objective: Destroy the enemy statue before they destroy yours. Click the Icon to purchase this ability. Clash of Orcs. Collects resources: gold and mana and are able to construct walls. *Having a wall can protect your miners from fast moving units like Crawlers, Bombers and Ninjas from running past your army and destroying you’re Economy. Effect: Can be performed only from “Shield Wall” - Speartons will smash back the enemy with their shields. With Each upgrade level a new Castle archer will appear with a maximum of 3. *This spell has a long cooldown so do not waist it on week units. This Costs some mana and a few unit types can not be turned but will still cause damage.

A: You need to destroy the enemy statue before they destroy yours. Trains: Crawlers, Bombers and Juggerknights. Effect: A directional attack, a powerful line of fists will smash up from the ground causing instant damage to anything in its path. *Use this ability to get behind enemy lines and take out the powerful spellcasters. *Use Miner Speed to catch your Enemy off guard for an all in attack using your miners to tank their way in front of your army. A: Once you click on Profile you can edit your account details such as Password and Email however you can not alter your username. *You will not lose health to the point of death when using rage. Magikill start with this ability and does not require research. 54 Abilities and Technologies to unlock in game. This requires mana to use.

*This will break a stalemate against an over defensive opponent. Lol Stick Empires is a online multiplayer game. *Verses Order use Shinobi to assassinate the Meric’s so your Poison can not be cured without them running home. *Use the wall for offensive or defensive purpose. Defend Shield: Your army will stand in front of your statue.

*A large Giant can help block projectiles from reaching your weaker units behind them. Copyright © https://stick-warhacked.com 2016 - 2020 all rights reserved.

*Great for running past front lines to attack the weaker back row units. Find the right balance. Fast inexpensive quickly trained, able to explode and do massive area damage.

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