strangelove dunks on feet

A White midsole and Pink translucent outsole round out the main features of the shoe. Feel free to tag me/send me your QCs and I'll be happy to help :), Appreciate the guide already got the kickwho in hand Wasn’t lucky to get retail so for now These will do. Slated to make its debut next month, here is an on-feet look  at the StrangeLove x Nike SB Dunk Low. Take a look at his spreadsheet which covers the flaws pretty well. Check for swoosh shape.

Kickwho H12 Batch, the price was $148 USD shipped, H12 batch is currently the best on the market from what I heard for these so yes, What size is your gf asking cause I want to buy my gf some, Hi she ordered us5.5 for this one, fits snug. As easy as it sound, “check if the color is correct” cannot be done by just looking at pictures on your phone. ️ ️ ️NIKE SB DUNK STRANGELOVE GUIDE ️ ️ ️ ... Also, since most of the small details are unnoticeable on foot, focus on the following: Make sure the color is right. There's no reason to keep a $1000 shoe, U can still see that on fakes the toebox is very wide. This sub can be too picky sometimes.

Giving it even more of a collaborative feel is the StrangeLove branding on the tongue and graphic printed insoles. Stay tuned for a confirmed release date. When they came out back in February, I was fortunate enough to win a raffle at a local skateshop and I got a pair.

More posts from the Repsneakers community, Reddit's Largest Replica Sneaker Discussion Board - A community for posting of reviews of replica sneakers, Press J to jump to the feed. For everyone wondering what exactly the toebox flaw is, here are pics of my retail pair's toebox and a fake pair's toebox: Since there are no perfect fakes right now, LCing these shoes is fairly easy. If you have the shoes in hand, in natural light, they should really stand out. My girl having the Strangelove Dunk on feet that is from Kickwho, delivery took around 10 days. Thanks for putting this together. Since the best reps are .85-.9:1, you can't be too picky with your QCs unless they're very bad. I'm making this guide to help all of you with the following: ****This was made on a laptop, so for those of you on mobile swipe to the left to see the rest of the table below****. StrangeLove Skateboard and Nike Skateboarding are connecting for an upcoming SB Dunk Low collaboration that will debut for Valentine’s Day. I'm selling my retails and getting a pair of H12s. REVIEW. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Yes but it’s not 1:1 yet. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Even though no batch is perfect, the best one is Kickwho, so definitely go with that batch. Make sure there is no toebox flaw. Make sure the tongue is very thick. Would be nice if you can get KW’s batch so you can do a side-by-side. I try to get home and my neighbour bitch ass Lawrence got close to my feet, snapped a picture and sent that shit to the biggest fake busting page, lowkey run by yeezy busta and travis scott themselves!!! Check that the NIKE SB logo on the insole is stamped on (can be rubbed off/you can feel the texture if you touch it). The StrangeLove x Nike SB Dunk Low is designed by legendary artist Sean Cliver and Todd Bratrud. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Are you satisfied with the batch? Kickwho is definitely the best rn, had someone get defensive when I said that the other day, but those other batches have toeboxes built like the off white dunks. As most of us know, up until very recently, there were no good fakes for SB dunks. Is the Godkiller batch on Kickwho's site the best batch? Cookies help us deliver our Services. On your average day out, how many people do you think you’ll run across that can QC strange loves? Make sure that the suede's color is correct (should be more of a peachy pink).

Which batch and how much were these including shipping? Utilizing Pink suede on the overlays while Pink velvet is applied to the panels and toe box. Most of the batch flaws are very minor and unnoticeable on foot. This collaborative version of the model starts off with a Pink suede upper complemented by the velvet on the panels as well as the contrasting Red accents on the Swooshes, lining, and laces.

Also, since most of the small details are unnoticeable on foot, focus on the following: Even though no batch is perfect, the best one is Kickwho, so definitely go with that batch. How did they turn out? From what I've seen, on fakes, the logo is printed onto the insole and it can't be rubbed off.

This is from a comparison posted on here a few days ago, top is h12. But you nailed every point. Now all the city knows who i am am, and my fake ass shoes. Check for thick swooshes. Always glad to see good people contributing. She wears US6 for Yeezy 350, New to this and these look great, do I just order from their xyz website or? You’re - Real/Fake comparison pictures are completely different angles. Nice guide! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

This Nike SB Dunk Low is designed by artist Sean Cliver and Todd Bratrud. Lol I didn’t know that was part of Asian thing, I am but this cloth is from the previous Italian owner though, Lol, I dunno mate, they are from the previous house owner, These look great on feet’s enjoy your purchase, Yeah kind of, just tiny bit tight at toe, so maybe half size up would be good too, lookin’ good! Nike SB Dunk Strangelove **UA Review And On Foot** - YouTube Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Swooshes are nice and thin, but the swoosh tips are too curved and look weird, On most pairs, one of the skull's eyes is bigger than the other, Skulls are very inconsistent, they could be too small on some pairs, too big on others, or just completely misplaced, NIKE text on the heel needs to be shorter, Lace holes closest to the sock liner aren't punched in neatly and the distance between each hole isn't the same, Red velvet is too shiny and it reflects too much light. On-Feet: StrangeLove x Nike SB Dunk Low Slated to make its debut next month, here is an on-feet look at the StrangeLove x Nike SB Dunk Low.

No release date has been announced but the StrangeLove x Nike SB Dunk Low is slated to drop sometime around Valentine’s Day. i got the same size from KW, waiting for them to be shipped out ☺️, Yeah they actually shipped out before they gave me the tracking, and the tracking Number was wrong too, So i kind of received this as surprise. https://i.imgur.com/nc1J3XB.jpg, I would add the sole color is slightly more peach on kickwhos, but most like you said is not noticeable. That being said, the best of these are still probably sitting at .8/10, with the swooshes, red velvet colour, skulls, sole colour and the text flaws on the sole. However, now, with their popularity rising (and because of Travis Scott), sellers are finally perfecting this shoe model. Most of the batch … Also from what I’ve seen including my own pair, the swoosh material is more shiny cause it’s a different material than what they use on retails. Hopefully this guide can help, and if you still have any questions feel free to ask me. Thanks’ ❤️, Yeah you can and contact the sales team once order placed, I mean there clean but I don’t really see the point of buying from kick who when u can just buy from ddd shop tbh, More posts from the Repsneakers community, Reddit's Largest Replica Sneaker Discussion Board - A community for posting of reviews of replica sneakers, Press J to jump to the feed.

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