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"[21] Prior to the release, TechnologyTell has predicted her to be "probably be the best character for beginners" as well.[22]. Capcom Design Works: Cover art by Kinu Nishimura. Elena in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike artwork by Akiman. [7] Similarly, GamesRadar chose Elena as one of the 12 most-wanted Street Fighter characters for Super Street Fighter IV due to "wearing almost nothing and acrobatically showing off her crotch at every opportunity" and the smoothness of her animation in Street Fighter III, adding that she was "much more than just a bikini-clad tease with impossibly fluid and graceful movements" and called her a "lot of fun to play" and "the exact polar opposite of Balrog".

The "seeds of sadness" this individual has proceeded to sow around the world have caused the trees to respond with "strange noises," the source of her disquiet.

[26] In 2012, ScrewAttack included her among top ten underrated Street Fighter characters. While not the most elaborate character design to come out of the Street Fighter universe, Elena's fluid fighting style was very innovative in the 2D fighting game realm when she debuted. "[33], She has gained a popularity among the series' fandom as well. Hyper Street Fighter II: Promo art by Bengus. Elena often greets her opponent at the beginning of a match with "Jambo! The last scene shows a close-up of Sakura, which may imply that she was the one who guides Elena in Japan.

All of her attacks use her legs or feet, even the punch button attacks and throws. [11] Her cards are featured in the card game Universal Fighting System. [note 1] While sparring with her brother, Elena feels unsettled by the feelings she senses from the surrounding trees. Elena from ALL ABOUT Street Fighter III page 112. She is able to hear and comprehend various rhythms as well as the voices of the wind and trees.[5]. Furthermore, as head of the tribe, he then commands her (amid protests from her brother) to observe the fighters and thus determine "the truth". Secret File #25: Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. Making Friends, Sparring, Nice People, Ibuki, Elena as she appears in Street Fighter X Tekken.

Her loving father, the patriarch of the tribe, has a doctorate from a French university. [34] She won Gameyaro.com's vote for the most kawaii Street Fighter female. 1 Summary 2 Powers and Stats 3 Gallery 4 Others Elena is a princess from Kenya and fighter in the World Championship Tournament who specializes in Capoeira. Elena appears in the non-canon crossover game Street Fighter X Tekken (as a DLC character in the console versions and as default in the PS Vita and PC versions) making her first 3D debut. With that, she decides to head for her next trip to Japan, where she meets up with Sakura.[8]. Elena (エレナ, Erena) is a character in the Street Fighter series who made her first appearance in Street Fighter III: New Generation in 1997.

She appears in a cameo in the beach stage in Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix and in the London stage in Capcom vs. SNK 2. Games Movies TV Video. Birthplace "[25], On the other hand, Official Dreamcast Magazine UK had listed the "bland" and "a bit crap" Elena among in their opinion the worst aspects of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike at the time of game's release. Elena Standing 6 feet (183 centimetres) tall, Elena is the tallest female to appear in the history of the series. Dudley agrees to accompany her but insists that he return in time for his next bout. Street Fighter III producer Tomoshi Sadamoto recalled: "We decided the country of origin before anything else. Elena was added to the social game Street Fighter Battle Combination in 2016.[10].

Elena is 183 cm tall and weighs 52 kg, her measurements are B83 / W58 / H88, and her birthday is on September 18.

As she says so, she reflects on the fighters in the tournament and recalls her experiences: dancing with Blanka, sampling El Fuerte's cooking, having afternoon tea with Dudley, and taking a photo of herself with a somewhat reticent Akuma. Elena figures were released by manufacturers including G-Dome, Mad Hands, Yujin, and Kotabukiya. In her Street Fighter III ending, Elena ends up being transferred to a high school in Japan as an exchange student, where she has befriended a young Japanese girl named Narumi (ナルミ) and writes home to her parents about her experiences. Street Fighter The Novel Where Strength Lies: Street Fighter III Capcom Fan Club: art by Kinu Nishimura.

Color Pack 2 from Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition. ", Swahili for hello. "[31], Gamasutra's Brandon Sheffield expressed a desire to see her in Super Street Fighter IV, calling her his favourite character. tournament, he then reveals that he has decided to enter her into it. A male would end up being stern, and we already had plenty of stern characters. In it, she ends up being sent to the same school as Ibuki, Makoto, Narumi, and Sarai Kurosawa. Elena Street Fighter III: New Generation (Japanese: ... Elena - An African princess from Kenya who uses the fighting style of capoeira. With that, she decides to head to Japan for her next trip.

It has been determined that "a bringer of death" once walked amongst their people. Register Start a Wiki. Believing that this person is associated with the upcoming S.I.N.

These noises, presumably detectable by those with a strong connection to nature such as Elena and the Shaman, are implied to be the source of her disquiet. Blood Type N/A Elena is one of the playable Capcom-side character cards appearing in the SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash series. Elena art (June 13th, 2000), by Kinu Nishimura. While Dudley was less than thrilled about the journey to begin with, it turns out that Elena's cheerful demeanor helped make it a fun trip. Her story does not change much in 2nd Impact, although she has an additional role as one of Hugo's potential partners in one of his multiple endings as "Elena the Wilderness Warrior", becoming the tag team of "Beauty and the Beast".

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. N/A [4] She has a tomboyish but light-hearted personality, and loves music and dance. She seeks to make new friends. Once we decided on Africa, we felt that a female character made for better style. profile art (no background). Birthdate Profile Making Friends, Sparring, Nice People, Ibuki In 3rd Strike, a year has passed since Elena has left Japan to study medicine abroad in France during the new year. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? It has been determined that "a bringer of death" once walked amongst their people. In her 3rd Strike ending, she was wearing a white high-neck sleeveless shirt, red pants and black shoes. In Street Fighter III: Ryu Final, a manga adaptation of the game, Elena has a small but nevertheless important role as she is able to mystically communicate with Ryu via a sacred tree when he was temporarily knocked out during his battle with Dudley. One of Elena's animations in Street Fighter 3 was traced all the way back to a David Lee Roth music video from the 80's David was pretty crazy in the 80's huh

[30] In 2012, Complex ranked her as the seventh best black character in video games, adding "though not one of the most popular characters in the franchise, Elena has a cult fanbase that adores her and so do we. Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure, https://capcom.fandom.com/wiki/Elena?oldid=120308, Elena's voice actress speaks English with a Japanese-Australian accent, despite the character being Kenyan. A few elements of Elena's story are based on her role in the Street Fighter III: Ryu Final manga, including her choice of Dudley as her partner. Elena is the only Street Fighter character who has the ability to use Healing, a Super Art which allows Elena to regain up to 1/3 of her life energy bar if given the opportunity. "[23] The magazine compared her "incredible" taunt animation to "a particularly smooth cartoon. Kenya Elena has white hair, blue eyes, and dark skin. Elena (エレナ, Erena?) Capcom Database is a FANDOM Games Community.

Elena is always eager to learn more about the world, which is part of the reason for her travels. Elena — The 10 Best Black Characters In Video Games", "12 fighters we'd like to see in Super Street Fighter IV, Street Fighter Alpha Anthology PS2 Features", "Ten Characters We Want in Street Fighter IV", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Elena_(Street_Fighter)&oldid=975111629, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 26 August 2020, at 19:58. Her multi-colored bangles were a good showcase of, A character resembling Elena makes a cameo in, Elena makes light of her unusual accent in. "[3] Electronic Gaming Monthly remarked that her lack of punch attacks make her awkward to use, but she can be an effective fighter for players who get used to her unusual kicks.

She returns in Ultra Street Fighter IV, the final update for Street Fighter IV. Capoeira. Street Fighter III Comic Anthology cover. She also shares character traits and interests with. [6][19] In Ultra Street Fighter IV, she is the only one with both offensive and defensive Ultras, the latter of which can restore half of her health bar.

Elena appears in a larger role in the Street Fighter Legends: Ibuki comic book series by UDON Entertainment. Furthermore, as head of the tribe, he then commands her (amid protests from her brother) to observe the fighters and thus determine "the truth", to which she happily agrees. Unknown [36], Elena was rumoured to be included in the original version of, "機械戦士(めかばとらー)ギルファーやメタルKを描いた巻来功士先生のアシスタントをやった事もあるという経歴でやってきた「森」という男がスト2のサガットを作りモリガンのドットを制作しスト3ではエレナを制作しました。彼の進化が初期から中期の格ゲーにかなりの影響を及ぼしています", "キャラ図鑑047:エレナ | キャラ図鑑 | 活動報告書 | CAPCOM:シャドルー格闘家研究所", "カプコン、PS Vita「STREET FIGHTER X 鉄拳」。「さくら」や「エレナ」など3組6キャラを紹介 - GAME Watch", "Features - Careful, Capcom: Christian Svensson Speaks", "Take a Look at Elena, Poison, and Rolento's Arcade Mode Endings in Ultra Street Fighter IV", "― 「STREET FIGHTER X 鉄拳」,追加12キャラの公式タッグプロローグを全3回で公開。第1回は「エレナ&ダッドリー」と「ラース&アリサ」", "カプコン、『ストリートファイター バトルコンビネーション』で、さくら、いぶき、エレナの3人が可愛くて甘い「バレンタインアーツ」になって登場 | Social Game Info", "Elena ‹ Characters ‹ Encyclopedia - MyFigureCollection.net (Tsuki-board.net)", "Ultra Street Fighter IV [DLC] – recenzja | Polygamia", "Elena Puts On A Show In Ultra Street Street Fighter IV Character Video", "Street Fighter V Review | Reviews | The Escapist", "Street Fighter, Resident Evil Actress Karen Dyer in Cosplay to Launch Kickstarter Campaign for Action Spy TV Series - Press Release", "「ウルトラストリートファイターIV」,"体力回復ウルコン"を持つカポエイラ使いの新キャラ エレナの技紹介PVを公開", "Look at all five new Ultra Street Fighter IV fighters - GamerTell", Top 10 Underrated Street Fighter Characters, "Aurion: the mission to create African video-game heroes | Technology", "African Stereotypes – National Stereotypes", "The Escapist : What if the Player is Black? In Storm's case she has the power to manipulates weather. is a character in the Street Fighter series. Wikis. Street Fighter Eternal Challenge Overseas Cover by Daigo Ikeno. Street Fighter III: New Generation: Unused art by Akiman. Her story does not change much in 2nd Impact, although Elena has an additional role as one of Hugo's potential partners in one of his multiple endings as "Elena the Wilderness Warrior", becoming the tag team of "Beauty and the Beast". "[12] She was originally envisioned to use a long spear.

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