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—Library Journal"Friedman recounts the harrowing trials and tribulations he experienced while wearing his uniform. From stories of his numerous arrests, the shooting of his Transit Authority brother and the mugging of his Mother, you will feel as if you are there. —The New York Post"This book reads like a fast-paced novel that readers will find hard to put down. —Charles Brandt, bestselling author of I Heard You Paint Houses"Detective Friedman took me to a place in New York that I had only heard of, either from the newspapers or television news. I'd been weight training for years and was in top shape, still following my no-booze, no-cigarettes, no-drugs policy. He was involved in numerous shootouts and arrests both on and off-duty. Street Warrior should be required reading for anyone who wants to understand the real world of street policing. —Ret. It goes against all logic that Ralph is still standing. From former upper middle class the South Bronx, known as the contemporary Fort Apache, is an atmosphere compared to the former Wild West of social conflicts. I asked. 4 kills. At 10 PM, the sun was down, but it still had to be in the mid-90s. Please try your request again later. The sergeants backed their cops, and cops wanted to please their sergeants. I considered this. However, it lacks many dates of crimes and names of criminals, making it difficult to decipher the time line that Friedman relates. He blends his personal and professional experiences with humor and solid action to keep the reader turning the pages; and when arriving at the end of the book, wishing for more. A few of my friends were joining, and most wound up in Vietnam. As Seen On Discovery Channel's "Street Justice: The Bronx" 2,000 arrests.

The road we were on was a straight quarter mile trench situated between twenty-foot walls, an overpass on each end. But it was a bitch waiting to start, sitting in your car with the air-conditioning turned off to add off-the-starting-line thrust and with your windows rolled up to reduce the drag coefficient. True, I wasn't a cop, but I was on my way to being one and was identified with the job by the uniform. Locking lips with an unconscious stranger while trying to breathe life into him can be hazardous to your own life.

My parents knew I had the car but had no idea about the racing, and I wasn't about to share. Funny and gritty, this book is a great example of why we respect those honorable men in blue." Having started in Law Enforcement in a different major city about 8 years after Ralph Friedman, I found myself nodding and cheering him on as he discussed the mindset, processes and beliefs that officers operated under back in the day.

The races went very quickly. Wow! He looked more like a biker than a cop. ―Ret. These incidents didn't happen often, but when they did I wasn't shy about kicking some ass. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on May 3, 2019. —James Biberi, actor, Drive, Analyze That"The toughest crime fighter in the history of NYC didn’t leap tall buildings or drive a Batmobile. I was eighteen and still pretty much aimless, but that was about to change. Rain was forecast; therefore, I didn't consider drag racing. ―Merry Jane"I've known Ralph Friedman for almost forty years, since the first day he walked into Big Joe's Tattoo Shop. Rodman's Neck was a self-contained operation with dining facilities, expansive firing ranges, and numerous Quonset-hut classrooms. Good value and delivered when advised it would happen. It gives you a newfound respect for the incredibly difficult job police officers face every day, but even more so back in '70s. These are not the performance statistics of an entire NYPD unit. "Street Warrior is a must read book.
. 15 shootings. Indeed, growing up during the same timeframe as Mr. Friedman, life in the Bronx was gritty and rebellious.

The cops had a lot of freedom, did their jobs, and had leeway as to how they performed their duties. * I fully expected to spend my trainee time in the Four-Four, but after seven months was abruptly transferred to police headquarters at 240 Centre Street in Manhattan with the advent of the new 911 emergency system. Street Warrior is a true crime rarity. The memoir is filled with war stories and anecdotes about the bygone era of policing, a time when cops didn’t have to wear body-cams or worry about being politically correct." Members save with free shipping everyday!

Author of Practical Homicide Investigation Vernon J. Geberth, Reviewed in the United States on July 27, 2017.

The narrative provides insight into what is [sic] was like to be a cop [in the '70s]. It gives you a newfound respect for the incredibly difficult job police officers face every day, but even more so back in '70s.

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