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I think it’s a matter of being honest with the songs. Hope you enjoy them, and see you soon. It really sounds like you all are friends and enjoy being around each other. and is met with appropriately puzzled looks. We are the awesome ppl in SEEK who use scratch.

It was never a decision to leave out lyrics; we just never felt the need to put them in. It’s inevitable that these reference points are going to come up in the songs. When Peek-A-Boo decided to put out our first record, our producer was like “We’d love to put it out, but you guys would have to tour” and we were like “Have to? The music is definitely varied, and there are a lot of songs that are in straight time. © game-game - gratuit jeux flash en ligne.

That’s certainly something that I’d like to develop more. Songwriting is a lot easier, and it gives us so much more scope to work with. I think I have over 100, and at least ten of them are Xiu Xiu shirts.

Your tours often incorporate several other musicians.

We are experiencing a disruption with email delivery. I hate white people fucking with hip-hop. Check Always open links for URL: Roblox Protocol and click Open URL: Roblox Protocol in the dialog box above to join games faster in the future!

The recordings, the concerts, and the music itself all come from his current interpretation of his own ideas. I like having people on tour with me because it frees things up – I know what songs would sound like if it were just me playing them, but that’s not exciting for me or for anyone to know exactly how they’re going to sound night after night. SuperSuper Awesome Squad is a group on Roblox owned by Anonymous_Knight27 with 46 members.

By nature of the circumstances – I was alone in a hotel in Nevada – it was done mostly by myself. That’s what I listen to, and I really like hip-hop and rock ‘n’ roll and metal.

I want to represent that in some fashion. Is that something that happens consciously? Please enable Javascript to use all the features on this site. Golly gee, let’s go! But I’d still do it. Il est juste une souris, mais très dangereux.

Yvonne: Josh and I saw a documentary on Leon Theremin in 1999, and we both found it very exciting and liked the instrument’s history. Are you doing anything special to commemorate it? I guess I’d like people to “get” it. People actually liked them, and so we got really happy and said “If we ever play a gig in America, we’ll all legally change our names to Campesinos!” We didn’t expect anything to actually happen, but lo and behold, it has happened, but we’ve not [officially] changed our surnames. There are people on it, but it’s a much more solitary record than the others. All the layers and sounds that get put into a Battles song really intrigue me-how do you write music that’s so complex? Josh: Sometimes a whole group of people will show up with masks. Jokes and Scudder puns welcomed.

It’s because the base of our music is upbeat and danceable and they like the more intense stuff, so they feel sort of angry toward us and like they need to defend their music. It cuts out need for conversation and just moves right to a mutual recognition of a shared interest.

is not one of these people. Toto’s like my brother.

I spent a lot of time with a tape recorder and headphones trying to mimic classical pieces that I was familiar with. I end up in places like Providence, with no goddamn idea what I’m doing here, barefoot in the rain, asking people for maps and trying to find the coffee shop my friend works at. I wasn’t even in the band when they came up with the name, but don’t think we thought we’d get anywhere or that anyone would care about us. Danger Mouse Here on our blog you'll find our interviews of bands we like, musings about what we listen to, and some other stuff thrown in for panache.

SuperAwesome is making the Internet safer for kids. Josh: I guess we could make it happen.

Toto: We just went through a mask phase. After installation, click Play below to join the action! By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. We went to church together. And more people to talk to if you fall out with somebody. Turns out this is the wrong one. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. Ceci est le résultat d'une mission secrète très difficile. We played a gig in Eugene a couple days ago, and although we didn’t play particularly well, we had such a good time.

It’s a weakness and a little bit of trying to be more interesting by wearing interesting bands’ t-shirts.

It’s sort of a hangover from that, I guess. Other than the scope you said they provide, is there anything else about the specific instruments the band uses that you think adds to the overall effect? If Aretha Franklin had a song out right now that was in 5/4 people would say “Oh, she’s math rock, or math something” just for the simple reason that the song was in an uncommon time.

I was really quite drunk, but I do remember being heckled to take my shirt off and I did.

After discovering crazy-awesome British indie pop band Los Campesinos! Composed of husband and wife duo Yvonne and Josh Lambert, friend Toto Miranda, and beloved newcomer Ryan Figg, the band produces a unique blend of wordless electro-pop with crazy instrumentation and a whole lot of reckless abandon. Luckily, for those of us who like our beats eccentric and danceable, The Octopus Project is on the national circuit for keeps. Increasingly, I feel like bands these days are very well-rehearsed, doing their thing the same way night after night, and that works for them. Aujourd'hui, il doit remplir une autre mission et vous pouvez devenir son assistant.

Sophie likes strums. If we’d expected to get anywhere close to where we are now, we probably would have tried to come up with a better band name. Because when I did it I would just get light headed and fail miserably. I like loud guitars and big beats.

This is as far as I’m interested in pushing my music in that direction.
It marginalizes what musicians do. Plz don't use real names unless you have permission to use that person's name.

It’s not a turning point or anything significant. When you’re just guitar, bass, and drums, you can’t go much of anywhere. It was neat to use that to expand the palette of songs.

When people come to shows and like it, we feel really good.

All those different environments night after night really force you to figure out what’s going on specifically in your music. We’re working on new stuff at the moment with more instruments.

We overshot our aims, which is a really good feeling. I noticed during sound check that Tom is wearing a Deerhoof shirt. Il vient de sortir d'énormes robots dans les rues de la ville et le héros doit les neutraliser. As both an isolated phrase and a song title, I think “Copying Soup Onto Sexy Birdy” is one of the best combinations of words I’ve heard.

So I told Neil that I was going to go to a practice, and all we had were these post-rock songs, which needed something else. Josh: I’ve actually never seen them. At the end of the day, that’s what captivates me, so it’s a natural progression and not a conscious pursuit.

Please enable JavaScript to experience Vimeo in all of its glory. Played in San Francisco on their last tour.]

And say hi-we love being loved. Initially, it was Neil, Harriet, and Ellen just jamming together. And in terms of the music, you really do like following them, as opposed to say Xiu Xiu, who I know you are a big fan of. Toto: He gives us cred. It's about an hour north of here.

Your live show involves a lot of switching instruments. We go to a lot of shows and talk about a lot of music. Jokes and Scudder puns welcomed.

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