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[MAJOR SPOILERS ALERT] There has been a huge uproar this week since BenDeLaCreme got eliminated instead Darienne Lake, so the staff here at Dragaholic has come up with this huge list of the 16 most shocking and controversial moments in RuPaul’s Drag Race herstory!

During the recent ‘she-mail’ controversy, Sonique stood with the show and shared her disappointment about the loss of “You’ve got she-mail!” Monica Beverly Hillz came out as transgender shortly before she was eliminated from season 5, episode 3. This decision frustrated many of the queens who still remained in the competition.

Privacy Policy | Alyssa’s drag daughters from the Haus of Edwards often end up on the program themselves. Plastique won the Farm to Runway challenge with her “Harvest Empress” outfit. I moved to L.A. and was on Twitter and Instagram three times a day. Ben’s leaving wasn’t as surprising as Pandora’s. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Klum serves as one of four judges on the show since its debut in December of 2004, before the beginning of Germany's Next Topmodel. She also guest-starred on Community and Glee, shilled for McDonald’s and Orbitz, collaborated with Ariana Grande on her song “NASA,” and is working on a deal to stream her “Shangela Is Shook” tour as a comedy special. About Super Drags. Some members of Germany's drag scene, however, are not as enthused. It feels like it was written by some cis/het man who’s seen one episode of RPDR and thought it would be funny to make a cartoon about it. After her elimination, she worked hard to improve her performance and look, and she even went on to win the California Entertainer of the Year pageant that year. The series bought together drag culture and combined it with superheroes that are strongly reminiscent of the likes of The Power Puff Girls. Age: 28 From: New York, NY Drag Race: Season 10, 12th place. 269. Age: 29 From: the Bronx, NY Drag Race: Season 10 sixth place.All Stars: Season 4 co-winner. Age: 22  From: Dallas, TX Drag Race: Season 11 eighth place.

Other critics have also taken issue with Klum's performance as the host of "Germany's Next Top Model," and worry that her performance there could repeat itself in the drag show.

The “Latina Goddess” is buoyed by a passionate fan base that will always consider her the real winner of her two seasons on Drag Race.

At 41, Chad became the oldest winner in the shows’ herstory. It takes on some pretty serious issues and frames them with such a clear sense of fun that it is impossible not to have a good time with the Super Drags.

She was the best to me. The three main judges, Thomas Hayo (left) with Heidi Klum (center) and Michael Michalsky (right), will determine the fate of Germany's Next Topmodel on ProSieben on May 24. The cash prize has since been upped to $100,000.

The first trans woman to originate a principal role on Broadway. Although April Carrion’s elimination from Season 6, Episode 4 didn’t cause an immediate recation, her continued social posts of photos of her ‘would-have-been’ runway looks have kept Drag Race fans talking about her.

Ariel was the first Drag Race contestant to name herself after a Disney princess. The drama between the Faddas and the Cannons is getting more complicated by the minute.

This will continue a remarkably successful autumn for Shangela and Willam in particular, since they’re both coming off of scene-stealing performances in A Star Is Born. People don’t realize that Drag Race is not the goal. Super Drags is a comedy-animation series. "Finally a queer show is being produced for German television, but the front figure is anything but queer — basically handing the cake to the straight white woman while we are, once again, left with the crumbs," the petition states. However, since then she has relocated from Atlanta to Los Angeles and seems to be living her life to the fullest and loving every minute of it.

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