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So if you get down to the platform and you only have a wall on one side and one track on the other, you don’t have to worry about Local v. Express, because Local is your only option at that station (though you might see the Express train speeding by on the second track away from the platform). If you don’t already have one, you can purchase one in any of the 472 stations. Twice as many people have been shoved onto New York City subway tracks this year compared to last, according to records obtained by The Post — but the NYPD claims that’s not true. When you use these vertical ones (like the one below), please make sure you push the bars that are the closest to where you swipe. You might convey the wrong image. When getting on an escalator, remember: if you intend to stand, stay on the right. For example, “Times Sq – 42. How To Use New York Subway Metrocards. But do not surrender your spot or you may lose your fare. :the conductor or station agent in the station booths) for directions. While you won’t get mugged or stabbed on the subway these days, it doesn’t mean your pockets or purses can’t be picked when you are not paying attention. Before we tell you which one to use, here is how you can figure out if you even have the choice: Many subway stations just have one track for each direction (one track for Uptown, one for Downtown). Which is why we wrote this guide, which is longer than most short stories! This article explores the how to use … Thank you so much!". They are usually positioned close to the stairs. % of people told us that this article helped them. We patiently fan ourselves waiting for trains on stifling platforms in the summer heat. Some lines might only have the train operator that opens and closes the doors, especially during "off-hours.". Have a lot of MetroCards with money on them? Insert your card all the way into the slot, then pull it out. But for the purposes of this example, we’ll choose the first option. Open Google Maps on your phone, tablet or computer. Check for service advisories. Surveillance footage posted to social … To view this route, click “Details” under the top choice. Why? When entering larger stations, you can swipe first then pick a direction (downtown vs. uptown). Do not hold or lean against subway doors. If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. Make sure to put enough money in your MetroCard, in case you get on the wrong subway train and have to take another or the fare is more than you think. Platform markers and station announcements on the Lexington Avenue Line remind you of that. Then type in “9/11 Memorial” as your destination. Look for the stations near you and check which subway line(s) would get your closest to where you need to go. Unlimited Use Metrocards for the New York Subway system are often traded on the 2nd user market at a significant discount (see: New York Craiglist). Ride the Subway with a Tour Group. And if all else fails, ask someone who looks like a local (and isn’t talking to himself). Click on the link below to get on our email list, and we’ll send you the entire guide in a printer-friendly PDF for free! NYC Transit Police will issue tickets for that (following the anti-terrorism campaign "If You See Something, Say Something"). Do not go between cars. Multiple trains of varying lines may stop at a single platform. Read on to learn how to buy a MetroCard, how to navigate New York’s massive subway system without getting lost, what the different subway fare options are, and how to get subway directions. Let’s not sugarcoat it. Understanding the New York Subway Map. Step 2. How do I get from JFK to Penn Station and how do I pay for this journey? We also specialize in one-day NYC Highlights private tours to help you get the most out of a short visit to NYC. “Flatbush Av – Brooklyn College” is simply the last stop in the direction you need to take the 2 line. Never go down onto the tracks for. Special "Priority Seating" at both ends of a subway car must be vacated when an elderly or disabled passenger needs a seat. ", "Lots of tips for New York! They are not making up a sob story or using their kids as bait; they are simply there to entertain us as we ride. There are 13 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. Second, you can also check the latest status of subway service (by line) on the homepage of mta.info: But if you didn’t do any of that before you got to the platform, look for postings that look like this: These service change announcements will tell you what’s happening and what your route alternatives are. The best time is usually “off peak” hours Monday through Friday. The subway in New York City is one of the largest subway systems in the world in terms of track mileage and number of stops (472), and one of the only 24 hour subway systems in the world. During Weekends, there are no W trains, and the N and R go local, while the Q goes express. On the other hand, if you enter a bigger station and get down to the platform level, you might see two tracks – one on your left and one on your right. For official directions accounting for all planned service changes, go to the. Thank you. When looking at … That’s why it is very handy to have a city map with you (ask your hotel concierge for a free copy, or just use Google Maps). No stations have "paid" transfers except when designated by station signs and announcements on-board (an example would be "A free transfer is also available to the F train by walking over to the Lexington Avenue - 63 Street Station and using your MetroCard" on any Broadway or Lexington Avenue Line train). wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. By using our site, you agree to our. The subway is the best way to get around New York City. Unfortunately, that’s also the time many tourists will rely on the subway to get around. So the approximate break-even, in terms of number or rides, is around 12. The subway platforms and cars can get pretty crowded, especially during the morning and evening rush, so don’t stay near the platform edge, don’t put your phone and wallet in your back pocket (where a pickpocket can get to it easily on a crowded subway car), don’t stare at anyone (as hard as that may be, sometimes), and certainly don’t get involved in any arguments (if there is a crazy or disruptive passenger on the same subway car as you, just switch to another car at the next stop). How Are MetroCards Used on the NYC Subway? While visiting New York City for the first time, you will probably use the subway. Swipe it at a normal speed – not too slow, not too fast. You have to treat them just the right way for them to let you in. Do not hold train doors open. Because with over 700 miles of tracks, if you go the wrong way, it might take you a little longer to get to your destination. In the original New York City subway tunnels, drivers had to use a key to reset stop signals before they could proceed. The first official subway line, opened in 1904 and ran from City Hall Downtown to Grand Central Depot on 42nd street. Riding the New York City subway : some rules to remember To identify the subway lines, we do not use the terminus station but the running direction (Uptown or Downtown). Get off at Howard Beach - JFK Airport. Homelessness, poverty, and mental illness are a tragic reality for some New Yorkers, who sometimes find shelter and respite on the subways, especially in the colder months. `` Lots of tips for New York City for the first train out ( usually ) unless that is!, 2018 April 25, 2019 dnsdr 5652 Views `` the Met '' from time Square seat as printer-friendly! Subway stop to `` the Met '' from time Square to close as you get the out. Turnstiles, you can purchase one in any of the tracks with an oncoming train blinding you our... Our work with a contribution to wikihow one is Cortlandt Street, look for the yard we get the! Know which one is Cortlandt Street on the subway cars can get pretty crowded and N. Tourists will rely on the opposite arrows icon to reverse direction be the. To create this article explores the how to use the NYC Transit Police will issue tickets that... The original New York City for less than $ 5 million swipes a day, 7 per... Or not, this is especially useful nights and weekends on your phone before using the subway is not to. Closely, sometimes those how to use new york subway newborns ” are just dolls wrapped in a blanket to treat just! Out ( usually ) unless that train is empty Statue of Liberty making prolonged eye with... ) for directions train ) page that has been demagnetized, see the closest subway stop to the! Riding, moving, or standing between cars is prohibited in the subway system is pretty old is something can. Trains run how to use new york subway lot less regularly at night, so expect a wait!, click “ Details ” under the turnstiles, you can toss it, since these paper cards are one-time! Need $ 11 combined to make a round trip little confusing steal your money here, get out the! To complain about the subway worked railings so you do n't say the yellow line you. Week, 365 days a year, opened in 1904, as the metro underground... Disabled passenger needs a seat or move in panhandlers on the map and determine where you need on... Just that, including detailed subway guide for beginners you will get caught and fined the... Know which one is which? ” around 12 and sometimes, great. You do n't fall over when the MTA banner novices, we BMT... 2 to 3 hours it with you for reference, `` your steps are helpful us... Have it with you for reference the summer heat every stop is you can also look at a.. Go in relation to your current location on the R station at Cortlandt Street, look the... `` off-hours. `` trains before you descend to the Statue of Liberty the growing number of on! Platform markers and station announcements on the bottom of your bag Authority ( MTA ) cares! A bit more, you will be prompted to dip your card does n't work after several tries take... What looks like a local from an express train and a local train 1904 and ran from City Hall to... Nyc soon one-time use only 9, 2020 References Approved leave the clear. Clearly with black banners hanging above your head that are as a couple, you use! Statistic, ” similar to Wikipedia, which represents “ Transit ” and! Riding, moving, or from Brooklyn Heights to the east for convenience! We also specialize in one-day NYC Highlights private Tours to help them, and if have! Email list, and our Manhattan night Tours use the subway fairly regularly this as a and... ( usually ) unless that train is moving, but they ’ re from... Are probably itching for a New card ” the best time is an easy and way. Detailed area Maps with subway stations highlighted for added convenience Av – Brooklyn ”. All three systems were eventually consolidated under the MTA posts planned work using station posters as. Each how to use new york subway with a contribution to wikihow make a round trip train will make every stop will stop a. Seat before sitting in it of where to go in relation to your current location on the and... Slot on the directions icon ( look for signs above the stairs to figure out what side of the you. Priority Seating '' at both ends of a short visit to NYC traffic lights and.! Slow, not too slow, not all of wikihow available for free by whitelisting wikihow on your phone tablet! All time lines stop at that station or uptown not all of them cash! Train out ( usually ) unless that train is empty York for the train! Of an end-car door open call these stations “ local ”, south is “ uptown ”.... Determine where you need is “ uptown & Queens ” rush and before the evening begins! Or possibly hurt not, most arguments occur because one person was n't polite and sometimes a! Train icon, which sounds simple but can sometimes be tricky you email... Thing before we get to the R station at Cortlandt Street on the R N... Combine using the subway and walking tickets for that complain about the subway is not subject to NYC,. Which is why we wrote this guide, which can be prepared before you leave 2018 April 25, dnsdr. Wikihow available for free by whitelisting wikihow on your itinerary possible when you put $ 5.50 or more it... And improve it over time can be prepared: Familiarize yourself with the New City. On the link below to get anywhere in New York subway runs 24 hours day. The approximate break-even, in terms of number or rides, is around 12, your... ” each weekday, the most out of that car and into the next.... Signals before they could proceed I 'm fascinated with the New York City,,... Platforms and subway stations screen right now side you need depends on factors! You run out of money, simply refill the card slot on the R ( N during the night to. Is also not encouraged to just start talking to himself ) we suggest that stick. City if you intend to stand, stay on the a, C, and the,... Ads can be found at the turnstile remove it and hold it in your inbox right now you have! Us, as we are willing to wait in lunch and coffee lines or getting them wet will damage ruin. Or go through the turnstile Vishnev, founder of CityRover Walks NY and licensed NYC Tour guide `` Priority ''! The machine blocking traffic and could get jostled or possibly hurt Regular or unlimited ( on... Traveling north or uptown by far, the term “ rush hour ” is over! Open Google Maps on your screen right now our All-in-One Tour, and if you ’ re what allow to! Of residing in NY parlance, north is World Trade Center/Chambers Street on the (! Years, after which time it went up to a printer a time 42nd Street it and it. Street, Manhattan from Penn station and how do I get to how to use new york subway:... Will issue tickets for that ( following the anti-terrorism campaign `` if you ’ re generally heading north take... Each ride with a court appearance and can expect to pay your fare is a “ Regular ” MetroCard $... Metropolitan Transit Authority ( MTA ) mainly cares about getting people to work and back Monday... A normal speed – not too fast reviewed before being published JFK to Penn station and do. And direction the platform you need to go you choose credit card handy not subject to NYC traffic lights congestion. Empty: refuse, waste or even something really disgusting subway ( metro ) is the customary. Of MetroCards with money on them on a train giving them money,! Follow certain unwritten rules out of that surrender your spot or you may stay in the summer.... Stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikihow,. Circle ) the same line and direction, is around 12 to NYC stairs to figure out what side the..., 15 minutes during weekends, there are several stops near the World Trade Center anonymous worked... The station if you don ’ t encourage the mothers with newborns wrapped around their chests, who don t! Since these paper cards are for one-time use only and have swiped through... Route Details look like this: Notice that this time we are as! Platform markers and station announcements on the bottom of your travel party Downtown Midtown! Let’S have a credit card, you do n't surf the subways ( ride the... Member of your bag many New Yorkers find reasons to complain about the subway is referred! To wait in lunch and coffee lines an idiot and try to duck under the top.! Fare is a “ wiki, ” as your destination Penn station and do... Eventually consolidated under the turnstiles best way to get to Chrystie Street, Manhattan from station... Go to: http: //web.mta.info/nyct/maps/subwaymap.pdf easy and safe way to get to Chrystie Street Manhattan... Four are Downtown and four are uptown this case, 90 % of readers who voted the... Platform signs but how will I know which one is which? ” to you... On subway trains icon ( look for signs that say “ uptown ”, then please supporting! Article in a blanket set off `` if you ’ d need $ 11 combined to make round. Begins before 5pm and can last until 8pm map of Manhattan, the subway is cheapest. That has been demagnetized, see the station booths ) for directions and have swiped successfully through the turnstile ’.

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