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John M. Borack is a veteran music journalist who currently serves as a contributing editor at Goldmine. Of the 44 original A and B-sides that make up The Singles Collection, 29 were not included on the group’s U.K. albums at that time. A clear contender for the silliest entry in The Beatles’ back catalogue, the Goons homage You Know My Name (Look Up The Number) is testament to the fact the band’s tongues were often not too far from their cheeks.
The sleeve and labels for “Let It Be” are from the U.K. Of particular note is the Israeli sleeve for “Something” b/w “Come Together,” which not only flips the Abbey Road cover photo (so The Beatles are walking to the left, not the right), but crops it so only John Lennon is visible on one side, with the other three Beatles on the reverse. Apple includes some sleeves from countries that are not represented in most fan’s collections such as Argentina, Belgium, Turkey, and Israel. I would have packaged each single in replicas of the original Parlophone bags (sleeves) for all of the Parlophone discs except for “Strawberry Fields Forever” b/w “Penny Lane,” which had is own custom sleeve. As a historian, that is what I would have done. It’s just kinda weird seeing the Tollie single and hearing the song without tambourine. Kevin Howlett provides liner notes that put the singles in proper context. These singles would have been matched to the appropriate Parlophone bag used at the time the single was first released. Also included is a 40-page booklet boasting photos, ephemera and essays by Beatles historian Kevin Howlett. But this approach means that some iconic sleeves are not included. Even though The Singles Collection is limited to the original U.K. singles issued from 1962 through 1970 (plus a bonus disc pairing “Free As A Bird” and “Real Love”), Apple recognized the international appeal of The Beatles. Pepper-era Beatles gracing the sleeve. Review: The Beatles – The Singles Collection SHOP FOR THE BEATLES THE SINGLES COLLECTION NOW C ompiling The Beatles’ recording career across 22 singles, plus a new-to-vinyl double A-side 7″ that scoops up the Anthology -era ‘Threetles’ encore, this limited edition boxset has been remastered for vinyl at Abbey Road from the original mastertapes. According to the website Analog Planet, three unspecified singles from the box were not cut from tape due to degradation, and this writer noticed some audible distortion on tracks such as “Things We Said Today,” “Rain” and “Lady Madonna.” Overall, though, the vinyl is quiet, and the sound is particularly dynamic on the later period singles. I played all the discs in my set and all sounded great, with absolutely no surface noise. These cookies do not store any personal information. While all the tracks were mastered from the tapes of the single mixes, there has been some consternation regarding the sound quality on some of the tracks.

It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. The collection is packaged in a blue box matching the style of the stereo and mono album boxes. I would have used red Parlophone labels for the first two singles and black Parlophone labels for the others. But that’s not really the point. The “A Hard Day’s Night” b/w “Things We Said Today” (Netherlands) and “Help!” b/w “I’m Down” (Belgium) singles both utilize not-often-seen stills from their respective films, while “She Loves You” b/w “I’ll Get You” (Greece) and “Ticket to Ride” b/w “Yes it Is” (Spain) both feature the same black and white portraits of The Beatles, with the cover design changed up just a bit. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. With most of The Beatles’ original 1960s UK singles issued in desultory plain sleeves, Apple have looked elsewhere for design flair and given this collection an international flavour. I Love You” 45 on Tollie Records), and West Germany. I also would have pressed some singles with a small center hole and others with push out centers, just like it was done in the sixties, and all would have been pressed with the slip guard serrations.

Effectively, it’s the narrative arc of 60s British pop in microcosm – from the beat boom years through to the emergence of psychedelia and incorporation of World music influences to an eventual acceptance of classicist songwriting principles. Under Apple’s approach, we get to see unique sleeves and labels from 20 countries in addition to the usual U.S. and U.K. sleeves.
But taken for what it is, make no mistake, this release is another first class project from Apple and Universal. The discs are further protected by white inner sleeves.

© 2020 Active Interest Media All rights reserved. And what of the music? The Turkish “Paperback Writer” b/w “Rain” sleeve features the front “trunk” cover photo from the Yesterday and Today LP cover and the Austrian “Can’t Buy Me Love” b/w “You Can’t Do That” sleeve is one of the more garish in the collection, with a bright red illustrated faux mop top placed over a photo of the Fab Four. Your email address will not be published. Compiling The Beatles’ recording career across 22 singles, plus a new-to-vinyl double A-side 7″ that scoops up the Anthology-era ‘Threetles’ encore, this limited edition boxset has been remastered for vinyl at Abbey Road from the original mastertapes. “Hey Jude” sounds majestic. That makes the collection fun.

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