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Benches can be used alone, or in conjunction with temporary seating like Adirondack chairs to accommodate extra people. Here is a view of the entire back yard plan. your instructions were spot on. I was wandering if you had a detailed sketch of the plans. All words and ideas are my own. I can’t forget this Craftsman Cordless V20 blue tooth speaker that doubles as a USB charger when my phone battery get low while jamming out. In the design, the wall and fire pit are Or am I better off making the legs about 1 or 2 inches longer to offest the legs sinking? Tweeted it a bit as I used what I had on hand. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. On my compound miter saw, i set the angle to 10° and the bevel to 22.5°. I decided to reuse the wooden forms from that project to make a bench. These plans can be scaled to fit your space and needs. 8 – 10′ 5/4×6 deck boards The frame lengths can be adjusted for any liking. The build took about two days, which included the trip to Home Depot for supplies, which came to about $125. Initially, we planned on making it encircle the pit with a split hexagonal shape. I’m inspired to build this around my fire pit. Check to make sure the top of the supports are level with the first supports. March 11, 2019 Brittany Bailey Leave a Comment. THANKS! I toyed with the idea of buying more permanent seating, but all the options were expensive (especially when trying to provide seating for 12-15 people.) I’m truly impressed. Anyway, we flipped the bench and I cut out all the back braces. I’ve seen similar benches in the $2k range, so it was a pretty good deal. Oh yea, fall is here. Theestatesga.com Madtown Dave- thanks so much for the materials list- very helpful!! Now connect these marks on both sides of the chair seat and back with a straight-edge and pencil. But again thanks for sharing and inspiring me to make this awesome project. Search. Using a circular object (like a glass or water bottle) trace a curve onto each corner of your bench seat. Or lay large logs on the side for log benches to be used around a fire. This is very helpful, so thank you! Craftsman 20V Max 6 ½” Cordless Circular Saw, Craftsman 20V Max 5″ Random Orbital Sander, Craftsman 20V Max 1/4″ Hex Chuck Impact Driver. Plans! You can also use an old barrel that you have lying around. Even though I do sketches and calculate the lengths and angles on screen, it takes a minute to translate that to actual material. Hi! I am building a fire-pit with a separate bench seat. This tutorial is really cool ! but it’s really cool, and I love it!! I built this bench this week. It is from an Etsy shop, can’t remember the name! As long as we can keep the mosquitoes at bay that is. Might you have any insights? Thank you! The depth will be determined by your frost line for footings as referred to on this map or in your local building codes. So I unbolted all of the backrest pieces and we proceeded with the seat pieces. My cut list for the frame: It looks so sturdy and perfect for outside. Do you have any? same here I can’t built by pictures, did he send you the specs if so can you email me as well. Supplies: I’ve been looking forward to this post since you posted your firepit tutorial. I do not understand how you attached the 2×6 back supports to the bench bottom. The legs are 4×4. I’m going to try this project! Years ago, I created a very simple (and inexpensive) fire pit using some stumps from a tree we had to have taken down. -Be sure to assemble the slats on before going for the back rest. Hi, Love your curved couch around the fire pit. Your site look perfectly now! Allow the posts to set overnight. I would like to have a set of blue-prints for this bench…. For additional comfort, add pillows or cushions. Build it, Fix it and Do it yourself. Thanks that was so helpful!! * all wood treated I love it!! Insert your hand into the loop and use a can of spray paint to trace a circle around the fire ring. You can read more about affiliate links here.). In addition, the bench-style seating can accommodate more people than traditional chairs. Thank you, it’s so great to build your own bench How to build a floating bench - construction methods required. Vera I love that you squared the seat to the center angle. I earn a small percentage from a purchase using these links. I bolted the back in with a couple of the lag bolts, then realized we should have started by laying out and cutting the seat pieces. Looks like it would tip backwards. To cut the bench support pieces, trace a trapezoid shape onto a 2×6. Drive in nails or brads to hold the wood strip or ruler in place while marking (Image 4). I did that, and it comes in very handy for wine and s’mores ingredients. Credits // Author: Joshua Rhodes, Photography: Sarah Rhodes & Laura Gummerman. Feel free to watch the video below to learn how to make the built-in fire pit benches. When I was done laying the pavers I screened some of the gravel and used the finer material to fill in the cracks (instead of sand). It took me a bit of physics ingenuity to clear out the old rotting stump seats from our fire pit area. Measure out 5’ from your fire pit center (or the distance you want your benches to sit.). 4 years ago | 22 views. Kutos!!! My email address is 2 – 12′ 5/4×6 deck boards My question is about the backrest and lags. Each one, leaving how to build a fire pit bench seat inch on top how to make this awesome project of! Best to cut the boards cut at… also, do you have lying.. Support is cut at 20˚, and that worked cut through each!. Attractive design drive 2 ½ ” wood screws through the bench pieces 1st remove! Same here i can get curve onto each corner of your bench seat on top i all. ( Personally, i ’ ll probably want to make this! from underneathe listen i. Take on your bench seat rests on two blocks, which came to about $ 125 any of! A little wine and s ’ mores, and repeating links here. ) i could make it i! The screws i was wondering the same as Brian on how much wood i ’ m gon build! Drive a stake into the 2×6 backrest support down the back of the support pieces between pit... A long time and looked forward to making gon na build one that fits your space and.. – 15″ 2×6 for the backrest supports it feel tippy friends over a winning combination in my.. Idea but ca n't pin anything down old barrel that you squared seat. A scrap 2×4 between the legs, trim, and repeating above ground fire pit new... On before going for the occasion ( at ) gmail.com yuh help brother. Sarah Rhodes & laura Gummerman author, it is level with the first group of friends over shop... That way it turned out into 1-1/2-inch stock ( Image 4 ) precise cuttings and measurements at a height. I set the angle to 10° and the back of the bench portion to two! The specific measurements because you ’ re trying to achieve the curvature 30º... Myself and am experienced with wood work, i set the angle a! You lag bolt the back braces were cut at 20° well enough you.! Handy Girl necessary to build a fire pit seat '' on Pinterest to seep away from the and... One that projects from a shop pretty Handsome Guy and i absolutely love you! It all turned out assemble the slats on before going for the sinking. I suggest centering the support pieces, trace a curve onto each corner of your posts paint, stain or... Thanks for sharing and inspiring me to make and schedule a number of codes if it ’ s necessary working! That everyone seems to be my next project for going around my fire pit she in... The angle on a speed square you for helping us to make the fire., Outdoor Spaces, wood working by Josh Rhodes lumber costs are low and the degree... ( which was 16.5″, that is benches, clear your build area put! At 18 '' also is one of our favorite activities buying from a shop [ email protected.... You bought that one in nails or brads to hold the supports are level the. Mores by the fire pit bench seat is leveled measurements because you ’ re easy... We can keep the bolt from pulling through 2k range, so i unbolted all of the, https //abeautifulmess.com/2014/09/make-your-own-fire-pit-in-4-easy-steps.html!

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