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How many chukkers are there in a polo match?

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You can unsubscribe at any time. What colour shirt is Walt wearing in the iconic desert scene where he is pointing a gun wearing his white underwear?

How many countries are there in the region of Europe?

What percentage of the Earth’s surface is made up o the Atlantic Ocean?

Question: In My Courts & Society Class We Watched A Video From Pbs.com Called The Plea. What is the full postcode of the Houses of Parliament? (Recognised by the United Nations). Round one - film quiz questions 1.Which Alfred Hitchcock thriller is an adaptation of a 1929 Patrick Hamilton play, loosely based on the notorious Leopold and Loeb murder case? What is the smallest planet in our solar system?

Khal Drogo pours liquid gold over his head.

Was Alastair Cook’s England Test batting average above or below 45? 3 letter words BID - CON - CRY - OUT - PRO 4 letter words CALL - CASE - CONS - PLEA - PROS - SUIT

Gouda is a popular cheese originating from which country? The crux of your problem is the why questions. In Monsters Inc. what is Sulley’s full name?

Which year was Daniel Craig’s first Bond film released? (Accept to the nearest 10). Which 1980s band was the Rev Richard Cole a part of? Complete the following famous quote from the TV series Lost in Space: “Danger ____ _____.”.

By entering your details, you are agreeing to Radio Times privacy policy. Name the 2019 winner of the Great British Bake Off.

They are settled through plea bargains in which a defendant agrees to plead guilty in exchange for a reduced sentence. How many actors have played M in the official James Bond film series?

Which country in the world is believed to have the most miles of motorway?

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Who plays the titular role in 2018 superhero film Black Panther? We've arranged the synonyms in length order so that they are easier to find. In which Welsh town did a young Prince Charles learn Welsh? Which popular video game franchise has released games with the subtitles World At War and Black Ops? In which year was the Microsoft XP operating system released? Good luck! Minnie …

Cool Runnings is the story of which country entering a bobsleigh team into the Winter Olympics? We’ve put in the hard graft for you and gathered a list of 55 stellar film quiz questions and answers so you don’t have to lift a finger. Which European city hosted the 1936 Summer Olympics?

That’s Elton John. Who does Dobby serve before he is freed by Harry Potter? food and drink quiz questions and answers, young children’s family pub quiz question’s and answers, 20 James Bond questions for your home pub quiz, 55 film questions and answers for your virtual home pub quiz, 30 film anagram questions for your home pub quiz. How many zeros are there in one thousand? When the Doctor first meets a young Amy Pond after he crashes the TARDIS in her back garden, what food does he ask her for? What is the ancestral home of the Lannister family?

Who is the current manager of Manchester United? What does Tom Hanks compare life to in Forest Gump? Get a BergHOFF cookware set for £183 + P&P. But what are the implications of a system that relies on pleas to expedite justice?

Where is the US Masters golf tournament held?

Which character speaks the first line in the original 1977 Star Wars movie? Who was the last American player to win a gold medal in the Olympic Games Men’s Singles tournament? What temporarily takes over Rose Tyler’s body after she looks into the heart of the TARDIS? The Second World War started in 1935. Pret a Manger is a popular sandwich chain in the UK, but what does the French name mean in English? Which year did the first episode of Emmerdale Farm air? What are the names of Frank and Alice’s triplets? Judicial trial, no jury just a judge deciding, I'd take my chances.

WNET is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. In the Coen Brothers film The Big Lebowski – what cocktail is the favourite of The Dude? What was the name of the tower block where Del Boy and Rodney Trotter lived in Only Fools and Horses? Which two houses were involved in the War of the Roses?

O’Hare Airport serves which American city? Five: China, France, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, United States. What is the name of Tom Hanks’ directorial debut which charts the rise and fall of a one-hit-wonder band in the 1960s? Which rock band was founded by Trent Reznor in 1988?

Recommended. What does the Latin Tempus mean in English? Check them out and mix and match as you please.
So, without further ado, here’s everything you need for the perfect film quiz.

Is this the real life? What actor feels the need, the need for speed, in Top Gun? Name the first actor to play Dumbledore in the Harry Potter films.

Name the characters played by David Mitchell and Robert Webb in Peep Show, Celery, apple, walnuts, grapes, mayonnaise, Albert Arkwright, usually known just as Arkwright. What year did Britain join the EEC, now knows as the European Union?

Which specific form of cancer is Walt diagnosed with? In which year did the original UK version of The Office air? Netflix began as a DVD rental service. Who became the first woman to win a Best Director Oscar in 2010? In 1994 romcom Four Weddings and a Funeral, whose funeral does the group attend? Ray Davies was the frontman on which iconic ’60s band? While some people have taken some time away from quizzing since the UK’s first lockdown lifted, there are a number of people out there who are still busy challenging their friends, family and colleagues every week. What US premium cable network made Game of Thrones?

What is the official name of the original FIFA World Cup trophy used between 1930 and 1970? In which Austin Powers film does Beyoncé make her movie debut?

Carl Froch defeated which opponent at Wembley in 2014? The Magnificent Seven is a remake of which iconic Japanese film? What part of a plant conducts photosynthesis? Who was the first presenter of the X Factor in the UK? Which other alien race are the Sea Devils related to? Already have an account with us? To the nearest thousand, how many words are in the complete works of Shakespeare?

Which character is often referred to with ‘Giantsbane’ in their name?

What is the first word spoken in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back?

Which UK city is situated further west – Bristol or Edinburgh? What does the slang term ‘Tokyo’ refer to in Peaky Blinders? How many elements are in the periodic table? Rafael Nadal has won all four majors at least once in his career – true or false?

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What number is found in reference to their varieties on Heinz products? What score did cricketing legend Don Bradman average as a batsman across his career? Name the 2015 film spinoff to the Rocky series starring Michael B. Jordan. Not to mention that a video call quiz is a fun way to catch up with those you may not be able to see in person right now, due to social distancing, travel restrictions or other complications.

Why go by the car? How many of Henry VIII’s wives were called Catherine? Who won The Match: Tiger Woods v Phil Mickelson in 2018? How many films have Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio starred in together? What was the best selling film soundtrack of the 1970s in the UK? Which actor broke two toes whilst filming The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers?

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